Today in Glass – Google Finally Unveils Snazzy Frames


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Google Glass is a real and it aint going away. Sure, it has its share of naysayers, saying something about “privacy” or “looking like an absolute dork in public.” But they can all go suck an egg because it’s not what Google Glass is now, it’s about what it represents for the future. This kind of tech is absolutely necessary to nudge society into an awesome dystopian sci-fi future and therefore it must succeed splendidly. The privacy issue is a multi-faceted one, and we aren’t ready to get into it right now. However, the looking like a dork thing should absolutely be addressed. Well, Google is finally doing something about that. They’ve just unveiled some snazzy sets of frame that will take you from utter dork to sort of dork. Cool!

These frames have been rumored to be coming for a while but we got a formal unveiling today and, you know what, they look pretty cool. They’ve even partnered with luxury fashion brand DVF to make these shnazzy frames a reality. Diane Von Furstenberg has long been a proponent of Glass and now her fashion company gets to put their money where mouths were, or something. It’s not just frames you’ll be buying. You’ll be buying actual editions of Google Glass with the frames already attached. Finally, high fashion and technology can walk hand in hand like the two old lovers they were always meant to be.

These new frames consist of a pair of aviators, gray and elderberry-colored librarian glasses, and a very 80s-looking pair of “orchid mist” colored reflective specs. They will formally launch on June 2nd at a suggested retail price of, gulp, $1,620. Hey, that’s actually only $120 more than the average pair so that’s not so bad when you think about it. Google sure needs to get that base price down, however.

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