Cmoar Smartphone Goggles Seeking to be Universal Solution 1

Cmoar Smartphone Goggles Seeking to be Universal Solution


First there was one. Once upon a time only Google and their remarkable(and remarkably expensive) Glass goggles were the only kids on the VR eyewear block. Nowadays, however, every big tech company on Earth is developing their own pair of nifty AR/VR glasses. A lot of smaller companies are also getting in on the act, servicing a newly formed section of the market that seeks to turn your ordinary smartphone into an enabler of said device. These smartphone VR goggles work similarly. You basically plunk your phone inside of it and then put the goggles on. Voila. You see everything you would normally see on your smartphone except, well, closer to your eyes.

A new contender for this throne just emerged. Introducing the unfortunately named Cmoar, the AR goggles that, uh, let you see more. These are unique in several ways, however. Where many of these goggles are limited by what phones can be placed inside of them, the Cmoar system seeks to be something of a universal that fits nearly all smartphones. It also comes with plenty of different lenses, to suit whatever need you may have of the device. You can view your smartphone in VR, AR, 2D or 3D modes. Wow. That’s a whole lot of modes. Can my eyes even handle it?! Yeah. They probably can.

In any event, don’t go down to your local smartglasses store looking for your very own pair of Cmoars. They aren’t out yet. You can preorder a pair, though, by parking your web browser at their recently installed Kickstarter page. How much will it cost? Only $117 or so! Wow. You’d need to buy 15 pairs to equal just one Glass. Uh oh, Google. Uh oh.


Features: Mobile Integration
Technologies: AR / VR
Tags: Cmoar, Goggles

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