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Google Glass has gotten a lot of flak lately. Places are beginning to ban the device citing some nonsense about ‘privacy’ and ‘consent’ or whatever. The most recent institution to ban the gadget was the San Diego Comic Con(SDCC.) It wasn’t banned throughout the event but it was banned at any of the closed door conferences. The worry is that people would film it and post it online, thus ruining the best laid plans of a mega-corporation. It’s not all bad news, however. Some institutions are welcoming Google and their novel eyewear device. One such institution is Stanford University and their medical school.

Word on the street, and by street I mean an actual press release from the college, is that medical students have been using Google Glass as they conduct bona-fide operations. The idea here is that they can automatically film it so they can go over it later, like a baseball player watching plays from a game that just happened. Also, even more important, is Glass allows the students to stream the operation in real time to their professors, so the professors can intervene if they are about to plop in a third kidney or something. Anything more than two and you are just asking for trouble.

So, yeah, Google Glass may continually be getting shunned by the comics community, but at least they are getting embraced by the medical community. Who needs superhero movies when you have modern medicine? Yeah, that’s the ticket! In the meantime, if you need an operation and would like it streamed live to a bunch of people, Stanford is your ticket.

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