Valve Also Has Its Own VR Headset in the works 1

Valve Also Has Its Own VR Headset in the works


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Once upon a time the biggest battle in wearable technology was that for supremacy over the smartwatch market. Sure, that battle still rages on, but now there is yet another skirmish. The battle for overlordship(new word?) of virtual reality goggles is on like a virtual Donkey Kong. Oculus may have been first out of the gate, and still market leader(if you can call it that.) However, Sony and Samsung are hot on their heels. Now, a new competitor has entered the ring, Valve. These guys are some of the kings of gaming, having created the Steam service on PCs and more award-winning games than you can shake a stick at. They are also heavily invested in futuristic technology. In other words, they have a pretty good chance of upending this whole thing.

Information is scarce on their headset, but we do know that the visuals are in HD and, according to testers, it produces no lag whatsoever. Lag is the biggest hurdle for these kinds of goggles, being as even the a minuscule amount can make you, uh, throw up your lunch.he unit’s two screens combine for a resolution of 2,160 x 1,280 which is a stellar resolution if you ask us, and being as how you are reading this you are implicitly asking us. A Reddit user who used the device went as far as to actually say that real life was a “let down” after using Valve’s goggles. Dems fighting words.

Now this was just a working prototype and the real thing is still a whiles off. As such, we have no pricing or availability information to impart. We don’t even know what it’ll be called. It sure will be cool though. Also, Facebook is highly unlikely to buy it. Here’s a related video on the future of VR to keep you placated until we get more information.

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