These Eye-Tracking Glasses Lets You Share Your View in Real Time 1

These Eye-Tracking Glasses Lets You Share Your View in Real Time


How long will it be before we get to quite literally share every second of our lives with other people? In short, how long will it be before the term “walk in another man’s shoes” actually means just checking out his live stream. Well, with AR-enabled eyeball hitting the market will full thrust, thanks to Google’s Glass, that future is practically upon us. Here is another astounding piece of tech that actually quite handily outsnazzys Google in that department. Ladies and gentleman, get ready for the future of our society, and the future of reality TV.

When we last reported on Tobii and their attempts at creating eye-tracking glasses, they had a lot of work to do. The company just announced the fruits of their labors. They are calling their new specs the simply named Tobii Glasses 2, as in the sequel, since they already announced the first iteration. What makes these so interesting is each pair is embedded with a seriously high quality video camera, allowing for real-time HD streaming of what the user sees in glorious 1080p. The specs also come packed in with software that analyzes what it is you are looking at all of the time, for the coolest part of the futuristic tech, better directed advertising.

Well, yeah these are pretty darned cool. I for one wouldn’t mind staring out of George Clooney’s eyeballs all day. However, they are beyond pricey. One single pair of these simply named glasses will set you back $14,900. That’s a whole lot of pizza slices. Actually, it’s almost 7,500 pizza slices.


// Tobii Company Profile

Tobii, founded in 2001 in Stockholm, is a company that specializes in eye tracking for computers. Tobii is known in wearable technology for their eye tracking glasses. – View Profile

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