Today in Glass - Google's Eyewear Device Banned From UK Movie Theaters 1

Today in Glass – Google’s Eyewear Device Banned From UK Movie Theaters


Google Glass just may be the ultimate in wearable technology. It is absolutely the most “futuristic” of all the currently available gadgets, that’s for sure. It’s so futuristic, however, that it is ahead of the curve regarding what is considered acceptable behavior in society. As such, some bars have banned Glass as other businesses. The issue here is privacy. If Glass can record stuff without people knowing they are being recorded, which it can, then feathers tend to get rustled. There is a new tragedy in the mission of Glass users to wear the device 24/7 in all aspects of their life: The humble local cineplex.

Britain has made the opening salvo in society’s fight against Glass! British movie theaters have officially banned Glass from use. Dunzo. This counts for any and all movie theaters, be they first run or the ones where you sit on a couch and drink a beer as you watch the flick. This comes merely a week after Glass formally went sale for residents of the UK. That is some swift justice right there! Why are they so up in arms? It’s not as if recording a video of a person in the dark is anything to write home about. It all comes down to paranoia regarding movie piracy. As one could surmise, Glass could make one heck of a piracy device. It’s even instantly at eye level, although the camera isn’t exactly the greatest(yet.)

So yeah. There is no telling if theaters in other countries around the world will follow suit, but my guess is yes. We have quite the uphill struggle here folks. We don’t want to pirate! We just want to look at Facebook during the boring parts! Is that so wrong?


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