Law Enforcement Tech: the Top 5 1

Law Enforcement Tech: the Top 5


The world of law enforcement is experiencing a technological upheaval, with cutting-edge wearable technologies helping officers to protect and serve like never before. These technological advancements are offering police departments greater functionality, greater access and greater safety – and the US stands to benefit enormously from these sophisticated new gadgets. Have a look at the top 5 wearable technologies changing the face of US law enforcement.

Google Glass

The development of Google Glass has opened up a universe of possibilities, not least within the law enforcement sphere. Set for use in police departments across the world, including the NYPD, this ground-breaking head-mounted technology will work as an elegant and innovative surveillance tool – and is already proving its worth within the police force. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton confirmed earlier this year that the department were using Google Glass in practice, “field testing [the] technology in a variety of circumstances”.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Utilising cutting-edge smartphone technology in a compact, watch-like package, smart watches like the Samsung Galaxy Gear pose an array of benefits for police departments and the armed forces – and are set to take these respective worlds by storm. The hands-free functionality of wrist-worn computers are sure to benefit officers in the field, while the instant communicative abilities of this technology offer a vital and valuable solution to traditional alternatives. Upgrades include a pedometer, heart rate sensor and stress level monitors to keep officers’ health in check.

Wi-Fi Enabled Clothing

The ability to monitor police officers’ vital signs is one function sweeping the wearable tech world right now. Being able to track an officer’s movements in real-time with an uninterrupted stream of communication will soon allow a level of autonomy and awareness within US police departments. The textile waveguide antenna used in this Wi-Fi integrated clothing can be repurposed in just about any item of clothing, making this an incredibly versatile piece of technology with some great and promising implications – not least for the force.

Body-Worn Cameras

Surveillance is the name of the game in today’s law enforcement, with police departments across America riding the ‘body-worn video’ wave to a new level of public safety. These wearable cameras allow officers to discreetly and effectively record all incidents, with additional evidence management software helping departments to export and access recorded footage with speed and ease. The ongoing integration of these body-worn cameras promise to drastically reduce civilian complaints and even cut crime across the US.

The Motorola HC1 Headset

The impracticalities of using laptops or even handheld computers in the field have paved the way for innovative hands-free devices like the Motorola headset. With a micro-display that equates to a 15-inch virtual screen, video streaming, sophisticated voice recognition and even ground-breaking head gesture control capabilities, the HC1 is the ultimate data access solution for officers working in remote and dangerous locations. The next stage of the Motorola HC1 headset will see the ‘connected law enforcement officer of the future’ system fully integrated, giving officers access to camera feeds that help them to see around corners – and avoid being ambushed.

Only time will tell how and to what degree the US stands to benefit from these exciting new technologies – and what the next generation of digitally integrated law enforcement has to offer.

Tori Atkinson is a content creator for Reveal Media USA, providing police departments throughout the US with powerful and protective body worn video solutions.

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