Jawbone's Latest iOS Update Doubles Down on Weight Loss 1

Jawbone’s Latest iOS Update Doubles Down on Weight Loss


SONY DSCFitness trackers are great for so many reasons. They help motivate us to get off of the couch and out there into that thing that some people refer to as ‘the world.’ They also keep track of how much exercise we are undergoing and, once in a while, just how much quality sleep we are getting. One thing they don’t tend to do, however, is keep an eye on what we are eating. This is something that the occasional iOS or web app handles, such as Weight Watchers. It makes perfect sense, though, for fitness tracking companies to jump on this idea. As such, here comes popular company Jawbone to do just that. Yay Jawbone!

Their brand new iOS app does exactly what the aforementioned paragraph described, namely keeping track of all of the junk and not-so-junk you are forcing down your piehole. Their newest update allows users to set a weight goal, which then takes your vitals(height, sex etc) into account in order to come up with a plan for how you can achieve said goal. Then they’ve developed an elegantly streamlined system for users to input what they’ve been munching on, allowing for batch adds and even a sort of predictive text that suggests foods you may have eaten based on foods you did eat(think bacon and eggs.) It all adds up to one nifty feature set.

The new iOS is available right now, so go get it. However, it is only for iOS devices at the moment so you Droid-heads are going to have to play the waiting game for a while longer. We’ll let you know when that changes.



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Jawbone is a wearable technology company and audio company that is best known for the Jawbone Up, a fitness tracking bracelet, and for their Bluetooth headsets. Jawbone aims to provide people with the best wearable technology on the market. – View Profile

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