Huawei’s TalkBand B1 Brings Hands-Free Talking to Fitness Tracking

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Smart watches and fitness trackers are certainly cool. They can read text messages, check out your vital signs, import all kinds of shameful information to your phone or computer and, oh yeah, tell the time. Can’t they do more stuff, though? When will they be able to shoot Tupac holograms into the air or make gigantic pizzas out of tiny freeze-dried discs? Also, there’s a little matter of the hoverboard which should exist right now. Well, all of those things are probably a long ways off, but here is something cool. Here is a forthcoming armband that offers hands-free talking, so you can gesticulate wildly with your free hands. Yes!

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has just unveiled the TalkBand B1. You can tell what it is just by looking at the name, an armband that lets you talk(No, it doesn’t actually talk. Artificial intelligence tech just isn’t there yet.) In addition to offering hands-free talking, the TalkBand also keeps a healthy eye on your vitals to ensure you aren’t being a total shmo and sitting on your bed eating cake after cake after cake. It integrates with Bluetooth for the talking portion and also comes with an affiliated headset. It’s also water resistant, just in case you find yourself falling into puddles a lot.

The release date hasn’t been firmed up yet, but the company has stated it will be available “soon.” As far as pricing goes, it’ll cost about 99 euros, or about $136. So, what are you waiting for? Get those hands ready to gesticulate wildly.


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