Hicon Social Bangle Uses Primary Colors to Check Your Notifications


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One of the main features of this upcoming wave of wearables is the ability to shave minutes off of your day by allowing you to check your smartphone notifications without going through that time consuming process of pulling said smartphone out of your pocket. OK, to some that doesn’t seem like a lot of help, but to others the time saved can actually be quite significant. Is it enough to spend money though? That is the question we’ll all be asking as these items slowly drizzle to market. Here is yet another one, although this one is on a completely different aesthetic level indeed.

Introducing the Hicon Social Bangle, a bangle that you wear socially and it gets you high and then cons you. Wait, that isn’t right at all. In actuality, it is a primary color-laden armband that helps you check all of your various social notifications and obligations. You just push the Facebook button to get information Facebook, the phone button to get information on who has called you and so on. All told, the phone has room for a dozen interchangeable buttons. Did I say interchangeable? Yeah, you can add whatever buttons you need and more will be added to the device as more applications enter our already cluttered world.

The Hicon isn’t out yet but they’ve taken to popular crowdsourcing site Kickstarter Indiegogo to ply their wares. You can pre-order your very own social bangle for the low, low price of They’ll even throw in a free paring knife(just kidding.)



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