This Amazing Suit Allows Underwater Exploration Sans Submarine 1

This Amazing Suit Allows Underwater Exploration Sans Submarine


Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the, wait, that’s not right. Is space even the final frontier? Maybe before we go traipsing into space we get our own house in order. After all, much of the planet’s oceanic depths remain criminally under-explored. This is due to the fact that, well, a lot of it really deep and really dangerous. Still, intrepid explorers still do their best to map the dang thing, one coral reef and terrifying sea creature at a time. Here is a new suit that allows for aquatic exploration without the use of those annoying submarines!

The appropriately named Exosuit, designed by a team of scientists, could be a boon to you would-be Cousteaus out there. It has all manner of useful feature, such as thrusters to allow you to jet around the deep blue sea at will(swimming is so overrated.) Also, it contains a multitude of joints, allowing for great maneuverability. The suit can go all the way down, as in 1,000 feet below the ocean. That’s more than enough distance to find some kind of Lovecraft-ian sea beast.

The suit will soon be piloted by explorer Michael Lombardi, who will be teaming the suit up with a device known as a ROV, which is essentially a super powerful underwater vacuum. He’ll use it to suck up fish to observe their behavior. Don’t worry. He will no doubt be using the same device to blow the fish back out of captivity.

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