LG's KiZON Lets You Eavesdrop on Your Kids 1

LG’s KiZON Lets You Eavesdrop on Your Kids


Having kids can be a frustrating process. Not only do they not appreciate us and call us “dorky” and “out of touch” but they also steal our cars whenever they want to go to Bobby Castele’s house to do drugs and watch adult entertainment! Wait a minute. In any event, teenage rebelliousness withstanding, the real frustration about having kids is the endless pursuit of keeping them safe. It can be a dangerous world out there, so anytime technology can show up to help us keep them alive, kicking and happy until they are of the age to do it themselves is a good thing. Here is a device right now.

LG, who you may remember from having their collective hands in just about every thing ever, has just announced their ridiculously named KiZON armband system. These armbands are intended to go on the arms of your precious little ones, whereupon you are able to quite literally spy on them via a related smartphone app. The armbands don’t include a camera, but they do include a microphone, meaning you can listen in on their conversations whenever you want. Hopefully you won’t hear them telling a dirty joke or, even worse, spoiling episodes of Game of Thrones for their friends.

That’s not all it does, however. The device itself has a single button on it which enables kids to call whoever the button is programmed to call. This is great for checking in. Also, you can keep an eye on where your kids are with this thing as well. It even lets you know if the power is low, as that is one less thing to worry about. There has been no pricing announced yet but as far as the release date, LG says look for the KiZON sometime this fall.


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