Forget the Hoverboard – Here are the Rocketskates


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When we talk about the future we tend to talk about what we don’t have instead of what we do have. Sure, we don’t exactly have the Holodeck yet, but we do have Oculus Rift which shows a whole lot of promise. Sure, we don’t have self-actualized artificial intelligence yet, but we routinely carry around supercomputers in our pockets(and on our wrists.) Finally, we may not have access to something as zippily cool as a hoverboard yet, but we will soon have access to something nearly as neat, the humble and not-at-all dangerous Rocketskate.

Rocketskates, created by Acton, promise to bring the future to you, at a blistering 12 miles per hour. Why that speed? Well, that’s the max speed of said skates. That may not seem like a lot on first blush, but when you think about it, it’s not actually so bad. It’s actually pretty zippy, when you compare it to walking or even regular rollerskates. Also, it must be noted that 12 mph is the top speed of your average Segway device. Changing the world, one pair of feet a time.

As far as technology goes, it contains four motor hubs to keep you moving along. They also work without a remote, so you can race around the driveway with your hands free to check your smartphone or flip your neighbors the bird(rollerskaters are pretty rebellious.) Rocketskates aren’t out yet, but they’ve taken to Kickstarter to raise finishing funds. You can pre-order a pair of your own for around $400. That’s kind of a lot but, well, the future?


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