Blocks is a Nifty Modular Smartwatch Concept Design


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Modular technology is an interesting beast. As a quick primer, the technology involves the ability to piece together your own technology using pre-existing units. Sort of like LEGOs. You want a phone with text messaging capabilities but a camera doesn’t appeal to you? Just don’t buy the unit with the camera functionality. Essentially, in theory, they allow us to build the exact piece of technology we want without having to pay for extraneous junk we don’t need. If you imagine how one builds their own PC from pre-existing parts, it works on a similar concept only for other kinds of technologies. Of course, modular mania is coming to the wearable tech arena. Here is a modular smartwatch.

The Blocks smartwatch brings modular technology to the smartwatch. Essentially you build your own perfect watch by stringing together, well, whatever you want. The watch concept includes nodes for just about everything you can imagine, from pedometers and gyroscopes to GPS functionality. The sky is the limit or, rather, the manufacturer’s imagination is the limit. Also on the docket? Cameras, thermometers, cellular radio connection and the list goes on and on. It will also, according to the makers, work within the Android Wear framework, meaning that Block users won’t suffer from a lack of software. This is always a good thing.

Of course, you may have spied the word “concept” in the previous paragraph. This is only a concept design for now, meaning the makers have no concrete plans to bring it to maker. Of course, this is a neat idea so expect that to change in the near future.


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