Wear Mini Launcher Adapts Smartphone Commands for Smartwatch Use


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Here’s the deal. Many smartwatches try to emulate just about every facet of their big brothers, the smartphone. This makes sense from a certain perspective, given that most smartwatches are tethered via Bluetooth to the phone so, hey, may as well make the most of it. However, there is an interesting and obvious downside to all of this. The smartwatch’s screen is much, much smaller than the screens found on smartphones. In short, there is really no way to do everything in the same way on both devices. You are liable to get carpal tunnel syndrome or at least suffer from what is popularly known as “thrown watch against wall syndrome.”

Google is working on it. Their recently unveiled, and launched, Android Wear platform seeks to unify varying smartwatches(and other wearables) under one operating system. The company is also keen to this notion that all devices are not created equal, at lest in regard to screen real estate. To that end they’ve just unveiled Wear Mini Launcher. What does it do? It uses voice commands and swipe-friendly icons to launch watch-friendly versions of your favorite phone-based applications. In short, it could end up making a big difference in how we end up using these gadgets.

Wear Mini Launcher is already available. As such, you can download it from ye olde Google Play as we speak. You go guys! Also, it must be noted, performance will vary according to your device.


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