This High-Tech Mouthguard Can Sense Concussions 1

This High-Tech Mouthguard Can Sense Concussions


Sports are pretty fun, getting a ball from one place to another place and all of that stuff. However, sports-related injuries are an all too real threat to players of all shapes and sizes. Nothing would end your football career quicker than a brain killing concussion received when some big ole dude knocked you over on the football court. However, not to worry, wearable technology seems a natural fit to handle some of these sporty issues and, well, that is exactly what it is doing. Here is a nifty piece of wearable tech that can help identify concussions before they become a problem and ruin your day, your month or even your year(you can count on wearable tech.)

It’s called the Mamori mouthguard. Upon first inspection, it’s a mouthguard like any other. However, when you start to see what this thing can do you’ll see it is fairly astounding. Not only does the Mamori act as your typical mouthguard, guarding said mouth as you conduct sports-related activities, but it can also help identify concussions in ye olde noggin. How in the heck does it do that? It is outfitted with a series of sensors, of course. Once it discovers something, the information is beamed to a related application on a doctor’s PC, where it can be analyzed and a diagnosis can be formally given. You’ll be back on your feet and knocking other people off of their feet in no time. champ!

The Mamori isn’t out yet, however. It’s still undergoing tests, but word on the field is that it won’t be too long before professional sports organizations get their hands, and mouths, on some of them.

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