Photo of Samsung's Forthcoming VR Helmet Leaks 1

Photo of Samsung’s Forthcoming VR Helmet Leaks


It won’t be long now until just about every company out there will have their own virtual reality goggles out in the marketplace. Once Facebook bought Oculus for billions upon billions of dollars, the financial floodgates opened. There are all kinds of neat products forthcoming, some of which are being produced by reputable companies. One of these reputable companies? A little mom and pop electronics manufacturer called Samsung, who you may know from building your television, your computer, your watch, your phone or, uh, yeah you get the picture I am trying to paint here. In other words, the company is one of the big bricks that make this house we call technology.

It is no secret that Samsung have been quietly slaving away on virtual reality goggles to rival that of Google’s Glass and/or Oculus’s Rift. The question, however, has been what in tarnations will it look like and what will it do. Well, there have been rumors swirling as to the various functionalities the goggles will have, but nothing permanent yet. However, there is now something permanent regarding how the dang will look. A photo has leaked! The photo has watermarks all over it but if you squint you can catch a glimpse of the thing that one day may be a permanent fixture upon your face. Cool? Cool.

The image was unearthed by SamMobile, who are no slouches when it comes to leaking information(in other words, it is most definitely legit.) The finalized name has also leaked. It will be called Gear VR. This was already suspected so its no big surprise. Also, it will officially be unveiled at the 2014 IFA conference. More on this as it develops.


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