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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 tracks activities and communication.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. LTE Unlocked. Sleek and durable.

- Stylish design
- Accurate fitness tracking
- Long battery life


- Limited app selection
- Expensive Logo
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Galaxy Watch Active2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is Samsung’s latest smartwatch. It’s very sleek, and light enough to wear anywhere comfortably. It comes in aluminum or stainless steel, and with a variety of watch faces, bands and finishes you can truly make it your own and match it with anything. Get more out of every movement with the Galaxy Watch Active2, its advanced sensors keep your pace and help you better achieve your run goals. It automatically tracks your most popular activities, from cycling to swimming. You can also manually start tracking additional exercises, so your watch is working harder for you. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 offer hands-free communication and quick access to data, no matter where your are. With advanced sensors, customization capabilities and it support, Samsung wearables are valuable tools to enhance your productivity and communication.

  • LTE Unlocked (carrier agnostic) – with LTE connectivity, you can leave your phone behind
  • Samsung Galaxy watches feature the Tizen OS. Samsung’s proprietary OS is flexible. If your organization has a mix of Android and non-Android smarphones, the Tizen-equipped Samsung watches will be compatible with all devices. ch Active2. Its advanced sensors keep your pace to help you better achieve your run goals.
  • Comfortably sleek the Galaxy Watch Active2 is light enough to wear anywhere comfortably. It comes in aluminum casing and with a variety of faces, bands and finishes so it goes with anything.
  • Keep your beat. You can see if your heart rate is where you want it with Galaxy Watch Active2. Get automatically alerted if your watch detects a high or a low heart rate. This Device and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease
  • Battery built for endurance The Galaxy Watch active2’s long-lasting battery can go for more than a Day on a single charge, and you can always get a quick boost from your compatible Galaxy phone with wireless power share. Works with Qi compatible Samsung


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SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2-LTE, 40mm, Stainless Steel- Black-...
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 SM-R835 40mm Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Case...
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 SM-R835 40mm Gold-Tone Stainless...
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 SM-R820 44mm Aluminum Case AQUA BLACK
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 SM-R820 44mm Aluminum Case AQUA BLACK


Stay ahead of your fitness goals with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It is more than just a watch. With its cutting-edge features, it allows you to monitor your workouts, track your heart rate, and even receive calls and texts without having to check your phone. With its sleek design, you can wear it all day without any discomfort. The intuitive display makes it easy to navigate all of its features. The Watch Active 2 also boasts an improved battery life, so you can wear it all day without needing to recharge. Plus, with Samsung's innovative SmartThings app, you can even control appliances in your home. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the perfect companion for those looking to stay connected and focused on their health and fitness goals. With it, you can stay motivated, organized, and on top of your game.

  • LTE Unlocked (carrier agnostic)
  • Tizen OS
  • Comfortably sleek
  • Keep your beat
  • Battery built for endurance


    SeriesSamsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44MM
    BandSport Band
    CompatibilityAndroid / IOS
    OS CompatibilityAndroid / IOS
    SensorsHeart Rate Monitoring (with 8 Photodiodes), Electrocardiogram (ECG), Accelerometer (measure up to 32g of force), Gyroscope, Barometer, Ambient Light
    Water Resistance16m Waterproof with Corning Gorilla Glass DX+
    Screen Size1.4"
    Screen Resolution360 x 360 pixels
    Display TechnologySuper AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen
    Touch Screen SupportYes
    Built-in Storage4GB
    Bluetooth5.0, A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
    Battery TypeNon-Removable Lithium Ion
    Standby TimeUp to 131 Hours
    Package ContentSamsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch, Wireless Charger, Quick Start Guide
    Screen Size1.4"
    Date First AvailableDecember 06, 2019
    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
    released on October 10, 2019



    The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a sleek and stylish smartwatch that packs a punch when it comes to features and functionality. This latest offering from Samsung boasts a range of features that are ideal for fitness enthusiasts, including an upgraded heart rate monitor and the ability to track a range of activities such as swimming, cycling and running, with built-in GPS. The watch also includes an ECG sensor that enables users to monitor their heart rate and detect any abnormalities. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a variety of features that assist with day-to-day life, including mobile payments, messaging and call capabilities, automatic workout tracking and sleep monitoring. The watch is powered by Samsung's proprietary Tizen operating system, which is known for its ease of use and reliability. Users can customize their watch face, and the watch also includes a variety of third-party apps that allow for even more customization. With its durable and lightweight design, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the perfect choice for those on the go who want to stay in control of their fitness and daily life.


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    34 Reviews for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

    1. Joshua

      The device does not calculate calories burned correctly. I contacted the company and they acknowledged this is an issue. I find it absolutely unbelievable that they just released a fitness product that doesn’t correctly calculate calories. it’s absolutely mind boggling. It’s such a shame because this watch is awesome for everything else. I have had Samsung phones for years. I was so excited to try this watch. One would think that if ACTIVE was in the name, it would work as a fitness device. Unreal.Here is a snip from my chat with the first Samsung rep:Me: I just got my new Active 2. I love it so far; however, the calorie count for workouts is very wrong. When I researched a little bit, I found that this is apparently an issue your company has had with several of its watches. Is there a fix for this?10:12 AMSorry for the experience. Unfortunately for now the bug isn’t still fix.After expressing disbelief, she passed me to the next rep:Me: So, you’re telling me you released a fitness product that cannot correctly calculate Calories?10:35 AMI’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.10:37 AMBut I want to inform you that we have no such reported issues yet. (Which is opposite of what the first rep said and is proven to be false for their watches as you just have to google calorie count issues and samsung to see all of the complaints.)This was horrible. I might actually have to switch to apple products which makes me want to puke.DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE UNLESS YOU DON’T CARE IF THE FITNESS INFORMATION IS CORRECT.Funny note: When I got a copy of the transcript emailed to me, they deleted the part where their employee said they were aware and it was a bug. Just mind boggling.

    2. Sage

      Love my watch and it does seem a little behind on calories burned but you just have to turn on the work out tracker when you’re working out and also set up your correct body measurements. Then it’s usually spot on. I’ve had the Apple watch too and it’s the same issue. The stairs that you’ve climbed never seem to be accurate but do I really care about that? No. The steps are spot on as well. I visually watch it count my steps on the Samsung health app. What is awesome is now the new bezel feature… Which allows you to quickly access other apps and change the volume with music. The music is awesome too because I connected it to my Spotify account and it will play your Spotify music on the watch when you’re away from you phone. The only downside is bixby… Samsung has really gotta work out the kinks on that one… Terrible voice recognition. However, overall I love it! Lots of improvements compared to the last one 😄 P.S. I’ve boycotted all apple products and couldn’t be happier.

    3. usped_i4vh8

      Upgraded from a gear S3 and this thing is amazing. Battery life and the design are the two biggest improvements for me. Can very easily last me 4 days. Better heart rate sensor and I’m enjoying the blood pressure. Totally recommend this to anyone on Android!

    4. hounddog

      This new Galaxy Active 2 watch does it all!! I’m not a fitness fanatic, so I will not comment on the accuracy of the calorie count or heart rate monitor. I’m happy to know my daily steps taken, be reminded to move when I’ve been sitting too long at my computer, know my ticker is still tick’n, and receive kudos when I’ve reached my daily goal.First of all this is a stunning piece of technology, very sleek, and looks great on any wrist. I replaced the pale pink silicone band with a slim black leather one so it looks very sharp and professional. The Pink Gold color keeps the watch looking slim, not bulky (although the Aqua Black was intriguing), and blends well with most skin tones. I chose the 44mm for better battery life – yes, I get 3 days between charges. I also like the larger screen for easier interaction with the touch screen, which by the way is very clear, bright and easy to see even in sunlight!LOVE LOVE LOVE, that I can receive and respond to texts and calls. I have found that the 30 foot maximum distance to my phone requirement is actually conservative, my phone has been further away from me than that and I still receive texts and calls. I work in a showroom where I cannot have my phone with me; I can now react immediately when I’m contacted. For texting, I can use voice to text and even edit my response after I have spoken it using my voice again or hand writing on the screen. There are endless emojis I can reply with and I can send and receive texted images. I can ANSWER THE WATCH, if my phone rings. There is a mic and a speaker on the Active 2, and the voice clarity is perfect. I can also reject a call right from my watch and send a text back instead, like letting the caller know that I’ll call them back in a bit.The Galaxy Active 2 also gives you detailed quality of sleep feedback. It does a great job breaking down time spent in REM vs the other sleep phases. And with the ability to fully charge in about 2 hours, every 3 days, you can absolutely wear the watch to bed every night to benefit from that useful information.The watch is completely customize-able. You can choose what notifications you want to receive on your watch and how (vibration, sound, or both). With the Do Not Disturb feature, you can also schedule hours at night that you won’t receive any notifications at all. You can arrange the widgets in any order, add and subtract Apps, and navigate by scrolling between them or use the digital haptic bezel. The digital bezel adds a bit of class to the watch and works flawlessly. It’s responsive and brings back that rotating functionality that the first Galaxy Active lacked. I have uninstalled the Apps I did not find useful to conserve battery life and added a couple, including Alexa.YES, ALEXA!! I added the Alexa App, called “Talk to Alexa” In the companion “Galaxy Wearable” App. You can find it in the App section: Discover>Top Watch Apps>Categories>Lifestyle>Top Paid. I can ask Alexa to answer questions, things that I would typically Google on my phone, in addition to finding out the weather, set timers, and control my smart home, RIGHT FROM MY WRIST! I have tested various requests using my Active 2 vs asking Alexa in my home. The responses were identical. The first photo below is of Alexa ready to listen, and you can program her to launch when you double tap the Home button.This is an amazing Smart Watch, get it, you won’t be sorry. Now complete with Alexa, this is a perfect alternative to an Apple Smart Watch if you are an Android/Samsung phone user… I have been using it since the day of its release and it is a fun watch to use and a wonderful companion. Click below if you found my review helpful. I purchased this watch at full price and was not compensated for my review…

    5. sanunde57

      Softest watch about a month ago and it is an absolutely wonderful watch haven’t had one single problem with it cuz it always work

    6. stubb_earl

      Pro – good connectivity to my S9, Major Con – battery life is, in a word, terrible. Cannot make a day and half without having to charge. A watch is not useful if it dies and you cannot tell time.

    7. ethanmac4

      This watch is the best Android smartwatch that I’ve tried. I’ve used a few Wear OS devices over the years, and this watch easily outshines them all. There’s no lag, the battery is great, and the touch bezel is simply awesome. I am using this with my Pixel 3, and while I don’t have access to some apps like messages and email since I don’t have a samsung phone, it hasn’t been a problem for me since I get all the notifications and can reply to them that way.

    8. bassnbux

      This item is comfortable and easy to use right out of the box. Great smartwatch and I would definetily recommend. I have used Garmin and Apple products and I believe this is much better than anything I have used before.

    9. josgolds-0

      You couldn’t ask for a better smart watch. Fitness tracking is extremely accurate. The watch is waterproof for up to 150ft so it will even track swimming activities. Watch faces are quick and easy to design and can be personalized for any outfit. Calling, texting, browsing Instagram, even watching YouTube on this watch is flawless. Samsung has an app for about anything you could possibly need on a watch. The battery life will last easily for 3 days with bluetooth, wifi, NFC, a bright display, and tracking my heartrate every 10 minutes. Bixby assistant makes any request easy. She can text, make calls, set alarms, play music and most other general commands. I definitely recommend this watch to anyone.

    10. abk2avw

      Have been using this watch for a couple of weeks now and have been impressed by everything about it. Getting 2 to 3 full days of battery life, call quality is clear, and health tracker has a lot of features. Definitely recommend.

    11. kq7761

      I bought this smart watch for my wife as a Christmas gift. The watch works perfectly as intended. Easy set-up must download your watch app onto Android phone. Watch paired instantly contacts are downloaded easily there are 4 gigabytes of memory to download music which is very easy to do display is crisp and Clear workouts work as intended and the watch itself it’s very easy to handle. Very light weight with a sturdy strap. Battery life was quite impressive as well has full charge lasted approximately two and a half days.

    12. treat2014

      Love this watch. Everything works good on it. No problems at all. Just what I wanted. When I talk on the phone with my watch, my wife can’t tell whether I’m talking on the phone or my watch. Same thing when my Wife calls me. She has the same watch. Great sound quality for something so small. Excellent!

    13. decryptnet

      Great display screen. Excellent battery life compared to other smartwatches when using all features available. NFC, Bluetooth and LTE works great. Clear and loud speaker. Bixby Voice responds quick and works fine with basic commands e.g. making calls, text messages, weather update etc. It’s great to have the option to turn off/on features to suit your needs. So far this watch has been helpful.

    14. b-a-96

      The product came without warranty card and instructions for use

    15. nihoo_7123

      I was worried about buying this watch off of ebay but I received it today and it’s awesome! Does exactly what it says and doesnt have any Mark’s on it. Packaged well and all!!! Could not be happier with it! Just downloaded the app on my phone and paired the watch and was able to send and receive calls, texts, and facebook messages. Super happy with it!!! Highly recommend this for anyone looking!!! I have small wrists and it doesnt look super huge and its light weight!!!

    16. jnixson3

      I upgraded from a Samsung S3 watch, which I liked but the battery life was getting to be less than a day’s worth. After reading about the Active 2, I decided to try it out. Battery life is at lease twice as long for me (2 days before recharging) with wifi, bluetooth, and GPS turned on. The screen is bright and easy to read. Lighter than the S3, very comfortable to wear. Looking forward to when the ecg is turned on… I recommend this item.

    17. chris

      Great piece of technology

    18. Ashley Kitchen

      Absolutely love it

    19. T Smith

      I love the physical monitoring…

    20. douglube11

      There are multiple smart watches available on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is an improvement over previous models as the physical moving bezel has been recreated as a digital bezel. Very simple to use and navigate. Paired with your phone, the watch is easy to update, change watch faces, etc. Would buy again.

    21. stefano60

      Even though it is refurbished and came without box or original charger, the watch was in perfect condition and looks like new. I am now trying to learn how to make good use of all its functions, this is probably the best “smart” watch on the market today. I am not sure I can completely replace my analog watches with it, but it is very handy on my travels. I bought an original charger (those non OEM ones are not great) and a new band to spiff it up.

    22. trey4385

      (Upon arrival) The watch came earlier than expected, also the condition of the watch is in like new condition, barely any blemishes. It’s early, but so far the watch seems fully functional. I’ll edit my response if anything changes, but other than that, 5 stars.

    23. darscart1

      First of all I already have a Fitbit Versa 2 – with metal band. The Fitbit Versa 2 – Not so great on calls & messages. For Christmas I got my husband a Black Samsung Active 2. He really likes it – especially to check messages, phone calls & emails. Answering a message or a call is also easy. I was not sure that I would like the SIZE of this watch. I put on my husbands watch to get used to the size. Debated the size because it is BIG, but I have 50 year old eyes. The large dial is definitely easy to read; therefore liking the size. Also, I am female and I did not like the colors of the basic ones. This watch is shiny GOLD TONE and looks really nice. I will be ordering a metal band for this one as well, to match the gold bezel. This was “easy set” up because we had already done my husbands in December. Really – like the watch but have not figured out all the features yet. But love the ones I do. I love the fact I can activate it with my cell service – because it is LTE / phone not necessary. If you are on the fence – this one is Quite Nice for an Samsung/Android fan. 🙂 Sorry…not an Apple fan 🙁

    24. trevant-0

      This is my third samsung smartwatch, and my favorite. I had a galaxy watch 46mm, but, it was very thick, and not a super modern design. This watch is slim, has enough battery life, looks good, and will most likely get the EKG feature Samsung had promised. The watch was almost 500$ new, with tax, in my state. So, yywireless selling it for 180, plus 18 in tax seems like a good deal. I loved it so much I bought another for my mom.

    25. blacktyed

      The watch looks and feels brand new, I was able to sync in with my Samsung Note 8 with no problems.

    26. Andrew

      Kinda upset that it didnt come with the original charger. Everytime i put it to charge it says “Use original charger” in red letters. Any way i can get the original small circular pad sent?

    27. jo-155158

      I absolutely love this watch. I had been looking around for a while for a new smart watch and had the original Gear Fit until it stopped working. The features on this watch are great and it was really easy to set up. I would highly recommend this product.

    28. studa8

      It came in it’s original packaging and 2 charging docks. Looks brand new like I bought it from T-Mobile.

    29. Lupe

      Just received the watch. Will review again on battery life. There were no scratches at all! Worth paying $100 less instead of a new one.I do get the message about using original charger but it charges well with the one it came with.

    30. ising2013

      This is my first time purchasing a name brand smartwatch. It was worth every penny. I don’t have any complaints whatsoever. I would recommend this watch to anyone

    31. Don

      Does not have apps for smart home while other android watch devices do. Only option for streaming music is spotify. I pay for youtube music and pandora, but I cannot use either. The messages require you use a specific messaging app on your phone and watch. So again, I cant use the watch to message. This thing is useless.

    32. modmillstev

      I have only had my Active2 for a few hour and I love it! I can do so much more than I could with my Gear Fit2. I wear my watches on my inner wrist and I bought a different band, it looks awesome.

    33. Ismael Arellano

      This watch is so freaking amazing i highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stay in contact when you don’t have your cellphone on you cause the LTE version comes in handy plus my son always has my phone cause he loves to watch videos on YouTube all day but since I have my galaxy watch active 2 I can answer my texts messages and emails now with out taking my phone back from him cause he doesn’t understand all the time cause he has Autism.

    34. John Bell

      I was concerned that it would not be packaged well (as if I had purchased it from Samsung) but it arrived packaged great, it did come with the leather band (an additional $79.00 if bought from the Samsung website) and my husband was so pleased. This watch has so many features but it has booklet instructions as well as videos you can watch. It also came with the charger that you lay the watch on top of and charged super fast. Hope this helps!

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