Sony SRSWS1 Wireless Wearable Speaker

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Sony Wearable Neckband Speaker System

Experience Television movies and games as never before with the immersive wearable speaker Simply place the speaker on your shoulders and surround yourself in the sound and vibrations as if you were there Because it rests on your shoulders you can still hear your surroundings allowing you to join in conversations with family and friends.

  • IMMERSIVE AUDIO Full and clear audio with reactive vibration channeled directly towards your ears
  • MIMICS SOUNDBAR Personal dynamic and cinematic sound without isolating you from your surroundings
  • SOUND YOU FEEL Low frequencies translated to natural vibrations and can be set to high low or off
  • MINIMAL AUDIO LAG Employs RF technology to ensure what you see on screen is exactly what you hear (Not Bluetooth)
  • ALWAYS POWERFUL Personalized listening that delivers high-quality sound even on lower volume levels


Genuine cover for SONY SRS-WS1 Can be washed with water CKS-SRSWS1 Japan
Genuine cover for SONY SRS-WS1 Can be washed with water CKS-SRSWS1 Japan Condition:NewFor those who are concerned about the dirt on the RS-WS1 body Genuine SRS-WS1 dedicated caseUses a material with good sound quality that does not impair sound quality even when attachedThe SRS-WS1 main unit can...
New SONY exclusive genuine cover CKS-SRSWS1 from Japan
Brand: SONY Condition: New Model: CKS-SRSWS1 Size: 13.2 x 23.4 x 3.3 cm Weight: 60 g Ship Handling time within 5 days FREE shipping to via SAL (No tracking, 2-4 weeks) ★Mexico, South America and Africa : $7 - Other shipping options - e-Paket w/tracking : $7 Returns Return only be accepted for...
SONY wearable neck speaker sound vibration function SRS-WS1 USA Ship Fast
SONY wearable neck speaker sound vibration function SRS-WS1 USA Ship Fast. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground.
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SONY Wearable Neck Speaker Final Fantasy VII Remake EDITION SRS-WS1/FF7R W/Case
Purchased from Sony official website. Shipped from JAPAN. A gift from my friend. But I am not a big fan of Final Fantasy. I never use it and it is new. Item in California. Only 1 available. Personal sales, not commercial.


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Sony SRSWS1 Alt - My Theater Wearable Neckband Bluetooth Speaker Universal, White (EM-W100UWH)
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3 new from $79.00
as of February 27, 2021 8:13 pm
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Sony SRSWS1 Alt 2 - My Theater Wearable Neckband Bluetooth Speaker Universal, Black (EM-W100UBK)
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3 new from $79.00
1 used from $61.05
as of February 27, 2021 8:13 pm
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Sony SRSWS1 Wearable Speaker System: Wireless Over Neck Speaker for Home Theater and Gaming - Personal Neckband Headphone System with Reactive Vibration - SRS-WS1
in stock
17 used from $105.00
as of February 27, 2021 8:13 pm
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// Specifications

Sony SRSWS1 Wireless Wearable Speaker
released on November 18, 2019

// Company Profile – Sony

Sony is a Japanese electronics and entertainment company that was founed in 1946, and is known for their televisions, gaming systems, and music production. Sony is known in wearable technology for a number of products, including their headphones. – View Profile


14 Reviews for Sony SRSWS1 Wireless Wearable Speaker

  1. sunflower0731

    It is a product that can be enjoyed at home.

  2. zdserre1


  3. Quay Hu

    These wearable speakers have been quite an enjoyable experience. Playing COD with these on is life-changing to say the least. Every time I get hit I feel it. It’s surprising how much bass comes out of these speakers.In the box comes with all the cables you need. 2 plugs for the chargers, audio cable, 2 usb cables and audio cable that connect your phone to the speaker.Listening to music on these speakers sounds great as well. The highs, mids and lows are just enough and not too overbearing. I also took a phone call while listening to music and it sounded great. The caller had no issues hearing me and said I sounded clear.

  4. StarvingPhotographer

    We have a nice TV and a pretty good speaker system. The only trouble is I sometimes have a difficult time hearing the dialogue when there are a lot of the sound effects and dramatic music. With this device sitting on top of my shoulder, that problem is completely solved. In addition, I can control the sound coming off the SRS-SW1 independently from the volume of the TV which is a God-send. I can now watch TV without disturbing the rest of the household. This device doesn’t use bluetooth to communicate with your TV. It uses radio-frequency. This means less communication issues and cleaner sound. It’s a win/win!

  5. J.N. Silva

    Right out of the box, the speakers were very simple to set up, I was able to get my set up and running in a few minutes. I love that once connected, the TV volume is independent of the speakers, so you can have your TV on silent while the speakers are full blast.I’m a passionate music lover so I binge music live sets and documentaries non-stop, and I’ve never experienced such crisp, balanced (yet powerful) sound like these speakers bring. There are times at night when I can’t blast my TV speakers full volume (lest I wake up the wife) and having the option to put these on at full volume without waking her up in other room is a godsend. Additionally, the bass vibrations make it feel like a live venue at times, and after a while you even forget you’re wearing the set and it just feels like you’re immersed in an actual music set.Would 100% to any music lovers out there!

  6. Santos R

    Excellent sound devise for the money. Very easy to install, very clear sound, comfortable to wear. Great use for television and music apps. Great product. Bought as gift and she will not take it off long enough for me to use it.

  7. Mtndawg54

    I have been using these for 2 weeks and they fit my need very well. I like being able to easily up the bass level. I listen to a lot of live online music and the range of quality with those signals very greatly. I’m able to configure about all of them to my preferences. I also like them as a better sound source then the Oculus Quest puts out. If I’m stationery I use the wireless. If I’m moving around I use the supplied cord to attach to the Quest. Battery life seems very good. I like the wireless much better than bluetooth.

  8. holmerefarm

    Will not pair with my Blackberry Motion and no help on the Sony website and it is very heavy. Most shoulder speakers others do not hear the sound you do but this is plain to everyone.

  9. yousefshah

    if you are into gaming its fantastic

  10. I_Hackit

    Great for personal listening. You can still hear things around you and understand what is being said on the tele. The vibration is there, however, it adds little to the listening experience.

  11. Boris

    The first thing you need to know before buying is that this is an experimental technology, this is the first iteration, we are basically are the first real consumers testers.I am a huge audiophile and i get into a lot of problems about my music being to loud, i bought this to see if this would solve my problem, and it DIDNT. If you are look for something to not make noise or to not bother people this is not it.Audio Volume and Quality. (for MUSIC, Audio Only)if you are like me that likes to listen music so loud (Very Loud) while retaining the quality this is not for you. The volume is not loud enough for me and the quality is poor in my opinion. for me its like putting two small speakers close to your head and you would get the same result.Audio Volume and Quality. (TV, Gaming)If you buying this to use it while watching tv, movie or series or gaming, this is the Perfect device. This is so good with the tv, the amazing bass makes the experience even better. Trust me, if you dont care about music, and just want something to use with your tv while not bothering others with the volume get this right now, you wont regret it.Bassoh the bass is amazing, the over the top but good, if you are into bass, over the top bass, strong bass not caring too much about the quality then this is for you. the vibration you get its amazing, you feel immersed into the audio.Overall my opinion.- Not good to listen to just music- Not loud enough for music (if you prefer loud sounds)- poor quality to listen to music- not portable enough to use with phone or any other Bluetooth devices+ Easy Setup+ Great for TV – Gaming+ Amazing Bass and vibration.Workaround if you want to use this device for listening to music if you an audiophile like meLike i said on this review, this is not ideal to use just to listen to music, the quality and the volume its bad, it will be enough for some people but not for me, i need the best quality and the best volume possible for my musics.But there is another way that you will enjoy using this for music, what you have to do is Play the music simultaneous from two devices (example: Use the this device while also letting the sound coming off the tv or the device you using, doing this you quality changes like crazy, its amazing, its difficult to express the feeling, but i am telling you, thy doing this. Let the sound come of from your tv and this sonny device simultaneously (at the same time) since the audio on this device is independently from the device it is connected.If you using pc and want to do this (linux only)Use the Aux cable that comes into the box, connect it to the RF device and the other end connect to your pc. Now after doing that, you will notice that the audio is only coming off the Sony Device, if you wanna play the audio on linux through more than one output (audio devices) you need to do this.Install pulseaudiothen install paprefsafter that kill pulseaudio and start again.then go to your volume and you will se a option to play the sound through multiple output devices.If you on desktop your audio card has probably more than one audio output, so you connect the sonny device and your speakers on the other output, and enjoy the immersing audio experience.if you on laptop, you probably gonna have to buy an portable usb audio card and use it to have more than one audio output.I hope this review will help you guys.On, and i have only used this device for 2 days, its not for me. Peace.

  12. ryan c.

    Was influenced by a youtube review and picked up…. no idea what that dude was thinking. I love sony and love the concept, but these weren’t good at all. Any literally any headphones are better. Does not deliver the quality or immersive sound thats advertised. The vibration is barely noticeable. I bought strictly for gaming bc the idea i think is pretty awesome, but was just all around disappointed. The price on top of all that is ridiculous. Its really not even worth 50$ or any money really in my opinion bc it just doesn’t offer anything that isnt done better with headphones or normal speakers which saddens me bc like i said i really am a fan of the concept.

  13. Michael C. Rockwell

    I have several headphones, in-the-ear, on the ear, and over the ear, and they all effective in different situations. But they are isolating, and my ears tend to get hot and feel uncomfortable with time in use. One situation is problem in our home, I like to listen to television much louder that the rest of the family, especially rock concerts which I love, but don’t think that I will get to go to one again for a very long time due to the pandemic. My solution, the Sony SRS-WS1 Wearable Neck Speakers. These are not headphones, no Bluetooth, but they do come with a wire so that they can be plugged into a standard audio jack. Instead, they come with a transmitter which plugs into your television via a digital optical cable (included in the box). Also included is a charging cradle for the Wearable Speakers. Once you get your digital audio set to PCM output, the wearable speakers work to provide a personal audio experience while letting you still hear and converse with others in the room. The audio is set low coming out of the television for others in the room and amped up for me. On the left inside of the wearable speakers is the volume control which are easy to use, and on the right side is the power button and vibration control button. Yes, there is vibration to enhance the experience. The sound comes up from the neck speakers so if you tilt your head left or right the audio volume changes. The advantage for me are that I get an amped up audio experience, they do seem to have a limited usage scenario which is basically television watching and game playing, and this is just fine for me. They are a light color and I do worry that in time they could develop a ring around the color, time will tell. My best analogy for the wearable neck speakers is a personal sound bar. It was very easy to setup and comes with all the connectors, cables, and power supplies needed.

  14. Ashley637

    I received my Sony immersable wearable speaker and immediately had to test it. The unboxing is very easy and there is no hard plastic to cut. The set up was also surprisingly easy too. The instructions were easy and concise to follow. Only a few steps to set up, charge your speaker and be ready to rock! I have a mother who is hard of hearing and I thought these would be great for her. You can wear them without having something in your ear to further block your hearing when someone walks in your room and wants to talk. No need to take out headphones! They are loud enough to hear the tv and it doesn’t bother anyone in my house. The clarity on the immersive wearable speaker is awesome! I have had no issues what so ever. I have personally hated headphones. The ear buds never stay in my ear and they get uncomfortable, and regular over the ear headphones start to make my ears hurt from wearing them too long. These are going to make a great alternative to those. Personally I think the weight is fine. You don’t want something too lightweight so they feel flimsy, these feel great! I have watched regular TV, movies and have a great experience so far.

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