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  1. Samrat J. Patil

    Calls / Meetings:The most useful part of its utility is taking meetings / calls when working from home. The mic seems decent for indoor use.Being untethered and still aware of the surroundings is quite liberating e.g. I’m able to have brief conversations with my wife in the room without having to remove the device to hear her, like in case of headphones / earphones. Also at nominal (sufficiently audible) volumes it doesn’t disturb people in your vicinity, it probably would sound like some open-back headphones.I’ve stopped using headphones for taking longer calls from home these days.Comfort:It’s a little heavier but extremely comfortable, I sometimes forget I even have it on for hours on end.Battery:Quite good. I have used it for a few hours on calls and music and it’s never gone below 50%.Build:Is quite sturdy and seems like it may be able to withstand some abuse over a couple years.BT Connection:I’ve used it with android devices (Oneplus 8 pro, Samsung galaxy tab) and Sony Bravia tv (without the supplied transceiver puck) and never had any connection issues whatsoever. The range is pretty generous too.Sound quality:Music:It’s better than average, but it’s nothing groundbreaking.The soundstage for stereo tracks is muddled, below your face.I was hoping their dsp would trick the sound as if it’s emanating from in front at some distance, but no.Orchestral scores sound better than EDMs etc.Haven’t tried surround sound tracks, it’s a paid ordeal if you want to use the 360 songs that Sony’s peddling in their apps.Movies:Movies / Netflix sound better than music, but it’s not going to replace good surround sound setup or even good earphones.It’s fun to watch Atmos demos on YouTube, they do add some spatial affects, but it’s just novelty and wears off quite fast.Since these are based on Bluetooth, they don’t have the bandwidth to transmit more than 2 channels and hence they’re left to the mercy of apps that usually send a signal meant for stereo.Pairing it up with Sony’s Bravia A80j was fun, but again, it’s more of a novelty. You may use it if you don’t want to disturb people in your house with the speakers, but this has its limitations.App:Pretty basic with minor calibration options and eq.Value:For the sticker price ~24K it’s way too expensive to recommend.

  2. Doctor Vicky

    Updated review after 6 months of regular use. ?The primary reasons why you will buy this product:1. You do not want to use over ear headphones as they become heavier and sweatier after prolonged use.2. You do not want to use in ear – ear buds as they cause ear pain & irritation after prolonged use. Also ear buds fitment is a big issue with many people.3. You want to use the speakers mainly indoors and do not need active noise cancellation as your usage is only or music, movies or games.So if you are someone like me who wants a bluetooth speaker with acceptable sound quality which could be used easily, comfortably and something that rests on your shoulders around your neck and can be used for longer period of time without giving you any pain to your ears, no sweat, or irritation then this product is best for you.I also possess the Sennheiser Momentum 2 & Jabra 85t – but I will not compare their sound quality with this one. Those products are in a different league and far more superior in bass reproduction and sound quality than the NS7. Comfort wise they are useless for me.You can use these speakers for connecting to your iPhone/iPad/Mac mini/Macbook, android tablet/phone very easily. The 360 surround sound is not available then as it’s only limited if you use this speaker with a compatible Sony Bravia TV.When I knew it won’t offer me 360 surround spatial sound in normal Bluetooth connections and I don’t have a Bravia TV why did I spend so much money then? Well. The answer is very clear to me. I purely bought it for Sony’s design, the convenience it offers and the overall comfort of use.It is an expensive buy and the cost does not justify the quality of sound. Many other bluetooth speakers will offer you superior bass & sound quality and are available at half the price.NS7 is either pure indulgence or a thoughtful purchase if comfort and convenience is paramount to you. If sound quality is paramount don’t even think about the NS7 unless you have a Bravia TV to extract its full potential.Pros:Resembles a travel pillowSony’s ergonomic design & build qualityFits securely around your neckAcceptable audio qualityMultipoint connection – pair 2 devices at onceDecent battery life10 minute of charge gives you upto an hour of extra play timeIts fabric finish and silicon neckband are soft & easy to cleanUSB C charging portLightweight & comfortable to useGood & easy hands-free calling experience with optimal microphones placementIPX4 – Splash-proofWireless transmitter – Optical cable & USB cable is provided in boxDue to open ear style – you are still being aware of your surroundings.Cons:Very expensiveIt’s bulkyCompatibility issuesMediocre bass responseSony app is required to set upBest features only available if paired with Bravia XR TV’sNot fully waterproofUpward facing speakers are highly localized – if you move your head to left or right the sound dissapears.Some people of larger build might find them uncomfortable to wearMy verdict: An unconventional niche product that you can use with any Bluetooth source, but pairing it with a Sony Bravia XR-series TV only enables the unique surround-sound experience. For me a decent audio is an acceptable trade-off for comfort. A personal speaker solution you wear around your shoulders. It fulfils my requirements exactly!

  3. Daniel Lee

    Wearble neckband speakers are nothing new, but Sony has outdone themselves with the style of this product. Compared to other similar products, it looks stunning!. The gray mesh-like fabric is sleek. The silicone underside is easy to clean, and at 318g, it is comfortable to wear. The neckband is quite stiff which spurs confidence for its durability, but it is a… novel experience having to slide the neckband from the nape instead of opening it up like a headphone.On the right side of the neckband, we have a power button and a mic toggle button. The power button also acts as a bluetooth pairing button once you hold it down long enough. On the left side, we have our volume controls with a multi-function button smack in the middle. It’s a strange placement and I have mistakened it as a volume-down button multiple times, but it may be a design choice that fits a larger audience so I won’t discredit it too much.The biggest praise I’ll give is its bluetooth connectivity. It pairs ridiculously quick and I can listen from anywhere from my house without the audio cutting out. I haven’t used their puck-sized wireless transmitter, so I have no doubt that their bluetooth stability is outstanding. There have been other reviews complaining about connectivity issues, but I haven’t experienced such problems so far. Using Sony’s LDAC codec is a different story, but doesn’t really matter once I’ve given a critical listen. The sound quality is just terrible.As other reviewers point out, the bass is lackluster. The first 30 seconds of 44 More by Logic gives a low rumble with a thick slam around the 14 second mark. This neckband does not reproduce those bass notes adequately. Subbass is nonexistent which is the body of the song. Midbass is audible, but again, it lacks depth. One quirk of this neckband is the passive radiators. It replaces the subbass with a discernible rumble which I appreciate. Speed and impact is decent.The midrange is a bit strange in this neckband. It is the most audible in the frequency range, but the timbre is off. 5000 Watt Power by Hiroshi Kubota makes use of the Electone. Percussion, brass, electric guitar, and electric organ all lacked clarity. Hikari by eill is my go-to song for female vocals, and her voice sounded so nasally. This tells me that there is some heavy dynamic range compression in the neckband. This may have been done to prevent shouty vocals. Nonetheless, it was not a pleasant experience.Treble is uninspring as well. Most upper harmonics live in the upper treble and given how nasally the midrange was, the treble is not technically great. Summer Flower by Yellow Zebra (my favorite touhou song) has a vocalist with some of the worst ear-piercing siblance I’ve ever heard. On this neckband, it was tolerable. Overall, it is non-offensive because of how muted the treble region is.Despite the awful tonal frequency, what this neckband excels at is soundstage and imaging. Neon Jungle by Soda Island starts off with guitars and what sounds like bubbles popping in a far away distance. On this neckband, it sounds so spacious and ethereal. I was absolutely surprised just how wide the placement of the instruments could achieve. I’M IN (yunji remix) by GIRIBOY also displays a wide soundstage with its background sound effects. The vocals does sound like it comes from the neckband itself, but I could pinpoint the rest of the background noises with relative ease. The soundstage was so impressive that I tried playing FPS games like Overwatch, CSGO, and Apex Legends with it. This neckband has got to be one of the best audio devices to use for gaming.I understand why this product is marketed towards home cinema users rather than music lovers. I can’t blame Sony too harshly since this product is aimed towards a different audience. In fact, it’s not even a bad sounding device. If I lift the back of the neckband by just an inch, it sounds so much better. Suddenly, there is clarity in the vocals. Treble is richer and exciting. There is more depth to the bass. Yes, the compression is still there, but the sound is so much more enjoyable. The speaker design is not the issue; it’s the focal placement. Hell, I can’t even turn my head without losing what little enjoyment exists that is the sound. The sweet spot is very small. If there is an aftermarket product that lifts the neckband by a couple of inches, I would wholeheartedly recommend this product. As of now, I can’t find myself using it occasionally. If you plan to use this product to listen to music, please look elsewhere.

  4. Kalem C.

    As a speaker but I came across these and had to try them being it was something different then the norm…. so I had these for about 2 months and tested them in about 100 ways, my results are… by themselves they’re ok, I mainly use sound for games and movies, they mimic some dolby effect like moving around you and some what of a distance from you its a interesting effect and will sometimes feel like a speaker is sitting right were the sounds are tricking you into sound like they’re coming from, but at then end of the day I’d use a pair of headphones over them as a stand alone unit, u just get more clarity and perscison from a good pair of headphones BBBUUUTTT….. here’s were they truly shine and I hope to see them implemented into other products especially sonys, when you run them through optical they can be daisy chained with other optical devices running at the same time, basically if u have surround sound or some speakers or a sound bar u can use these at the same time, THIS IS WHAT THEYRE MENT FOR, it adds a entire different sound field u keep your surround effects with your other speakers but these will add a close range surround with them, for example maybe you reload a weapon and the bullets shells fall or your uniform has some medals jingle while running or a zipper zip up and down, basically those “close to you” sounds will truly sound like they are on you. It a incredible effect, I used them with a bose 900 sound bar with surround speakers, a Sony a7000 sound bar with surround speakers, and also The Polk MagniFi Mini AX with surround speakers with a desk setup. ALL of wich sound amazing with these especially the SonyA7000 being they both use the Sony 360 sound tech, it single handely changed all of the sound bars into a completely better experience. Iv never experienced this with any speaker set up before, the Sony a7000 a sound bar set up is almost 2000 dollars so the fact that these little couple hundred dollar speakers can take such a high end product and some how make it better is something in itslef. None of the sound bar setups over powered these either, I heard exactly what I needed and where I needed to hear it, its almost like a vr sound scape if something excsisted. My only complaint is the battery life and the pc app interface for setting up eqs, I have faith in a few more gens of this product it will completely change the sound system market.

  5. Michael Brooke

    I listen to A LOT of Spotify. And when I mean A LOT, I mean 5 to 6 hours a day. On top of this, I exercise by watching videos on my iPad. For years, I’ve had earbuds and headphones on my ears. Nothing, and I mean nothing, prepared me for the experience of this incredible product.I know that some people on Amazon overstate how great a product is. I am not sure why they do this. But I absolutely can tell you this neckband speaker is worth the price. I am LOVING the experience. Music just seems to open up…songs I know off by heart and brand new tunes sound so incredibly rich and detailed.I know Bose had a product like this a few years ago, but it was discontinued. Apparently, there wasn’t a big demand for it. This is too bad, because this is a completely enjoyable way to listen to music.No more earbuds and no more over ear the phones. I don’t want to stop using this product. It’s THAT good.On the downside, you need to have a special Sony TV to enjoy additional aural experiences and you have to subscribe to Amazon Music Plus to enjoy enhanced listening. They are not connected to Spotify (yet) but that’s ok. The sound is good enough right now for me…and probably 95% of users.People around you will hear the sound coming from this speaker. But, they will not be hearing what you are hearing.I know this is a big ticket item but if you listen with ear buds and worry about them falling out, this solves the problem beautifully.Truly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made on Amazon.

  6. The Fonz

    I paired it with my TV and like the sound of it better than my Samsung soundbar due to the effect it has- the sound seem closer, and somewhat like in the movie theater.Played normal music on it and although the sound is decent, I find that my earphones and some external speakers give better quality.Watching movies is where it really shines, in my opinion.

  7. Carol Crawford

    My 91-year old husband is hard of hearing even with expensive hearing aids. Watching TV with him was difficult because he had to have the TV volume on max. This Bluetooth neckband has had a wonderful impact on all of our lives. The TV is now at a normal volume, and he can hear every word on the TV. We did not realize before that he was not hearing all of what he was watching. When he first put that neckband on, the look on his face was as if he was hearing for the very first time! It brought tears to our eyes! This device is comfortable and easy to use. Worth every penny!!

  8. Customer

    Good sound quality listener who don’t need ear health because theatre sound is very closer to your ear.Windows 10,11 , samsung old model tv bluetooth connectivity issues.

  9. The Fonz

    I paired it with my TV and like the sound of it better than my Samsung soundbar due to the effect it has- the sound seem closer, and somewhat like in the movie theater.Played normal music on it and although the sound is decent, I find that my earphones and some external speakers give better quality.Watching movies is where it really shines, in my opinion.

  10. Vikrantl

    After 20 days of usage..As compared to Bose Sound Wear, I do notice plastic sound.. i mean as if the speakers are placed deep inside a plastic container, i can wear Bose for 2 hours, but can’t wear Sony for 1 hour for music.Windows11 has made a custom effect for all the headphones, one needs to reduce the cheap base also for zoom callsAs compared to NS10 from SonyThis unit has moreVolume and more bass at much higher volumeYou can’t enjoy music in office space unless you pump up the volumeIf I manually keep the unit close to my ears, the sound is better at lowVolume and then is not audible to others_-_——_Both neck band’s sound a very good stereo effectBut NS7 makes a fool of us if you expect a Dolby Atmos effect…The simulated Dolby effect by NS7 is just a surround sound with a different algorithmNS10 with 25% real extra bass would have been an better option———Day#1Bulky, too much cheap plastic at the bottom, slippery, certainly not like Bose neck wear in durabilityButtons for volume are difficult to useSwitching mobile & TV connectivity is a problemDrum sound appears like phata-dhol, not like any good wooferAt 20% battery, some weird limit on pairingDid not get any software ungrade yetCan’t hide inside your shirt like Bose or NB10

  11. Leadshank

    I really like everything about the Sony Neckline speaker except for not being able to use it while it charges. My husband is unable to get around and spends a lot of time watching TV from his recliner and his hearing is not the best. He has to recharge it quite often and it takes hours. I probably should have returned them, but he does enjoy them when they are charged.

  12. Sara Curtin

    I bought this for my husband and a Father’s Day gift last year. He uses it all the time to watch tv in bed – our baby’s room is located close to our room so we never want to watch tv to loud at night. So he turns this on and can listen to it at a normal volume and even if I’m lying down next to him in bed I can barely hear it! If we want to listen together we just place it between us and lay down and we can both hear but but it’s still not too loud for the kids to hear. Really good sound quality and comfortable to wear.

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Sony Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

Revolutionize your home theater with Sony's SRS-NS7 neckband speaker.

Sony Neckband Bluetooth Speaker: Personalized 360 sound, wireless TV adapter, 12-hour battery life.

- Portable and lightweight
- Hands-free calling
- Long battery life


- Limited sound quality
- Not waterproof


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The Sony SRS-NS7 Neckband Bluetooth Speaker is a game-changer for home theater enthusiasts. This innovative device incorporates Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer technology to provide an immersive audio experience that will transport you to the middle of the action. With its X-Balanced speaker unit and passive radiator, the speaker delivers crystal-clear sound quality that will elevate your entertainment to new heights.

Designed to pair seamlessly with Sony BRAVIA XR TVs, the Sony SRS-NS7 Neckband Bluetooth Speaker requires the WLA-NS7 transmitter (sold separately) to work. This wireless neckband speaker is perfect for long listening sessions, thanks to its comfortable design. It’s also IPX4 splash-resistant, making it suitable for use in any environment.



  • Wireless personalized home theater audio
  • 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer technology
  • Wireless TV adapter included (WLA-NS7)
  • Crystal clear sound with X-Balanced speaker unit
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free communication
  • Comfortable design for long listening sessions
  • Multi-point connection
  • IPX4 splash-resistant design
  • // Q & A

    So you can not watch tv without the wireless adapter?

    If your TV has Bluetooth, it will work. If it doesn't, you use the included transmitted but your TV then must have an Optical Out. If your TV has neither, it will not work. You will only be able to enjoy the 3D sound if you have the Bravia XR line (pretty much 2021 model and onwards)

    can I sleep with this? I like to listen to rain while I sleep.

    You can! But there is chance of uncomfortable if you switch either side.

    Is there a way to use this for low latency pc gaming? the transmitter works well for my tv, but there is a delay when connecting to my pc's bluetooth.

    Yes as long as you use supplied optical transmitter. Very close to zero lag. Most people won't notice any lag at all but there must be some. With regular Bluetooth you'll always have a noticeable lag but that's any Bluetooth. This unit with the supplied optical transmitter is the best possible gaming experience in my opinion. Maybe add a subwoofer on the floor if anything.

    Are these comfortable for wearing while lying down in bed?

    If propped up by pillow, it is comfortable. I don't find it comfortable lying flat on my back or on my side.

    Can someone else watch the same TV and listen while I use this? I have a recent model Sony Bravia.

    Thanks for your interest in Sony's SRS-NS7, Josh! Absolutely, yes. You can use this Wireless Neckband Speaker and the TV speakers of your Sony TV at the same time. To output sound from both the TV speakers and our SRS-NS7 Wireless Neckband Speaker, you will need to connect its supplied transmitter to the digital audio output port of the TV. For more details, please visit the help guide (can be found in Sony's support website) of our SRS-NS7 and search for "Connecting the transmitter and a TV." Tailor your Dolby Atmos® experience in combination with SRS-NS7 and BRAVIA XR™ and enjoy 360 Spatial Sound. This wireless neckband speaker creates atmospheric personal cinema that surrounds you for a whole new way of listening. Should you need more technical assistance or information with our product, please follow the steps below for ways to contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist you. Unfortunately, due to the current Amazon phishing protocol for your protection, we cannot provide a direct email or phone number for customer support as of now. Please find Sony Electronics' Support information: Go to our support website > click on “Support” > scroll down click on “Contact Support” > click on Portable Audio > click on “Email Question.” Hope this helps you, and thank you so much for choosing Sony. - Romeo

    // SPECS

    Product Dimensions7.32 x 9.6 x 2.08 inches
    Item Weight11.2 ounces
    Country of OriginChina
    Item model numberSRSNS7
    Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
    Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
    Date First Available2021, October 4
    Origin Country: China
    Model #: SRSNS7
    Discontinued: No
    Sony Neckband Bluetooth Speaker
    released on October 4, 2021

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    Sony SRS-NS7 Neckband Bluetooth Speaker with personalized home theater audio, Built-in mic, 12...
    Sony SRS-NS7 Neckband Bluetooth Speaker...
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    The Sony Neckband Bluetooth Speaker is a wireless audio accessory designed for convenient portability. With high-quality sound and easy-to-use controls, it's perfect for on-the-go music or hands-free phone conversations. The neckband design allows for comfortable wear while the built-in mic and speaker provide crystal-clear audio. It's compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices, making it a versatile addition to anyone's tech collection.

    // Sony Company Profile

    Sony is a Japanese electronics and entertainment company that was founed in 1946, and is known for their televisions, gaming systems, and music production. Sony is known in wearable technology for a number of products, including their headphones. – View Profile

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