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Avantree Torus Wireless Neck Speaker

Avantree Torus delivers wireless 3D surround sound with comfort.

Wireless neck speaker, hands-free, high quality sound, ergonomic design, retractable earbuds.

- Hands-free convenience
- Immersive sound experience
- Lightweight and portable


- Limited battery life
- May not fit all neck sizes

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The Avantree Torus Wearable Wireless Neck Speaker is an innovative product that allows you to enjoy your music without the hassle of wires or earbuds. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this neckband speaker delivers a 3D surround stereo experience with full-range speakers on both sides of the neck speaker.

The Avantree Torus is designed to provide a high-quality audio experience that is unmatched by other wireless speakers. Its proprietary aptX-HD processing technology preserves sound data for a better-than-CD listening experience when paired with a mobile device. This advanced technology ensures that you can enjoy your favorite music with crystal-clear sound quality.

The ergonomic design of the Avantree Torus ensures that you can wear it for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort. The retractable built-in earbuds provide an alternate option for privacy or when you don’t want to disturb others.

The Avantree Torus Wearable Wireless Neck Speaker is a unique and innovative product that delivers high-quality audio with a comfortable and ergonomic design. With its advanced technology and features, it is a must-have for anyone who loves to listen to music or watch TV/movies without any interruptions.


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Sony SRS-NB10 Bluetooth Neck Speaker - Charcoal Gray
Sony SRS-NB10 Bluetooth Neck Speaker - Charcoal Gray
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Sony SRS-NS7 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker -,,
Sony - SRSNS7 Wireless Neckband Speaker - Black
Sony - SRSNS7 Wireless Neckband Speaker - Black


The Avantree Torus Wireless Neck Speaker is a must-have for anyone who loves listening to music on the go. This innovative device allows you to enjoy crystal-clear sound quality while keeping your hands free for other activities. You simply wear the speaker around your neck and connect it to your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The Torus Wireless Neck Speaker offers a range of benefits including exceptional sound quality, compact and lightweight design, and long battery life. With up to 10 hours of playtime, you can enjoy your favorite tunes all day without the need for frequent charging. This device also features intuitive controls and a built-in microphone for hands-free calling.

Ideal for use during workouts, outdoor activities, or while traveling, the Avantree Torus Wireless Neck Speaker is a versatile and practical investment. Say goodbye to cumbersome headphones and enjoy the freedom of wireless listening with this top-of-the-line device.

  • Hands Free, Ears Free
  • High Quality 3D Sound
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Retractable Built-in Earbuds


    Manufacturer: Avantree
    Item model number: BTSP-NB05-BLK
    Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
    Date First Available: 2019, September 20
    Avantree Torus Wireless Neck Speaker
    released on September 20, 2019
    on phone calls, does the other person complain about the quality of your voice?

    I am returning it because the person on the receiving end of the call complains of hearing his own voice as an echo...the feedback is really annoying and does not goes away no matter what I do (calling back, asked to be called back, walked away from the phone or get close to it...) I was hesitant on asking for a replacement, unsure if is just a malfunctioning unit or a problem with all, but not taking any chances. Also the call volume is lower than the other cheap bluetooth speakers I have.

    Will Avantree neck speakers connect with Wirefree mate transmitter it’s 2.4 technology.

    No, it cann't.

    The volume control buttons only control the source audio volume but not voice prompt volume. Is there any way to reduce its voice prompt volume?


    Vibrations feeling be shut off?

    Currently, the vibrations can't be shut off, but we will raise this concern with the team and see if we can have an update in the future.

    In your illustration the guy is watching tv wearing this avantree speaker. do i need additional attachment?

    Your TV needs some kind of audio out to connect to the speakers. One of ours had a digital audio out that connected with no problem. The other TV only had Bluetooth as an option so I purchased a Bluetooth adapter to connect between the TV and headphones. So you might need something just depends on what outputs your TV has


    Panasonic SoundSlayer WIGGS - PC Gamer

    April 18, 2023 - PC Gamer


    The Avantree Torus is a wireless neck speaker that allows you to enjoy music without covering your ears or disturbing those around you. With a unique design that rests comfortably on your shoulders and directs sound towards your ears, you can enjoy high-quality audio no matter where you are. The Torus is also lightweight and has a long battery life, making it perfect for outdoor activities or on-the-go use. Its Bluetooth connectivity and built-in microphone also allow for hands-free phone calls.


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    8 Reviews for Avantree Torus Wireless Neck Speaker

    1. Alex Beyer

      FIRST AND FOREMOST THESE FIT, I have a huge neck at something like 22in and I have tried half a dozen of these speakers and I was afraid that this was going to be another hard plastic premoulded thing, it’s not. The center is flexible (not crazy, but not rigid either), meaning they hug my neck securely without choking me.This is the second product I’ve bought from them, a brand I knew nothing of or about, just went off of an image looking for a tiny soundbar for my laptop, which by the way, the Avantree Torpedo Plus is amazing, and then saw this was offered as a suggestion too. Curious, I picked it up. I am so glad I did.Pros:-They fit as I’ve said, have had issues with that in the past, was also a huge issue when shopping for tethered earbuds since I’m not a cans person. Thankfully truly wireless earbuds are now a thing. They fit and are comfortable. I think these could fit up to a 25in neck circumference.-Sound is pretty great in speaker mode, and they get very loud. To the point that they’re a little overpowering to your hearing. Great bass that you can feel, literally, like neck massager levels, so that might turn some people off. This device was also the only one I’ve tried where I got a message from my phone telling me to switch the BT codec to get the best audio quality out of it, and I didn’t notice much difference, but the phone knows that these aren’t normal BT audio devices.Cons:-In speaker mode the sound quality seems to ONLY be at its best when at max volume, then drops off when decreased. It gets weird sounding like echoie/airy, it’s interesting.-Earbuds also seem to drop the quality a bit, but doesn’t suffer from the quality loss when the volume is decreased. While on the topic, the switch for the earbuds is hard to find and hard to toggle, which is good and bad. I like that it can’t easily fall into earbud mode, but also, means you have to stabilize and support the speaker to toggle it.Conclusion:At 3.33x less than the bose offering these are quite nice and in my opinion a superior offering. I can’t wait to do work around the house now. Since I actually don’t know what happened to my bose as I’m typing this. Also, with these you don’t have to pull back the fabric covering to reveal the charging port. A little warning, don’t put them on your dog, he’ll freak out, I did not see that response coming out of my Coon Hound. So, yeah, I might buy more of these and will definitely be buying more from this company. Glad I found them.

    2. Kompleksowy

      Not worth the money. Lg HBS W120 – my best ones , have them around 3-4 years . Compare the two of them Avantree is not same league – sound very poor always I hear humming sound like old amplifier waiting for signal to boost. Yes the battery much longer will have the power but is much bigger unit compared to LG . If you looking good quality of sound I’ll choose LG again. To operate the Avantree is difficult. Change track or volume is the same buttons very shallow to fit your finger and you need to hold for few seconds to change the track . No matter what I compare both of them LG winner.

    3. Mr C R Wood

      My wife has a similar product made by Bose. She assures me that the sound quality of the Avantree is equally as good at a fraction of the price and there is no lip-sync delay.

    4. Simon Boyd

      So with the wife complaining about the noise from the TV coming upstairs with kids sleeping, I needed another option. Didn’t want headphones. This product definitely works! Audio is decent for stereo but, it could be better no denials there. However there is No lip sync so its really good to watch TV,the audio is good for you at low volumes and can only be heard slightly by those around you if in the same room, and not at all upstairs even at a higher volume. Connects well with an LG tv. Its perfect for moving around as well. Has good range and doesn’t drop out much. Its reasonably conformable and weight doest bother me, though I quite a sturdy man. A small person may notice after a while, but I’ve had it on for a few hour sessions easily. It’s good for gaming. I paid £90 and its about worth that. This product does serve its purpose, its not magical but its certainly decent.

    5. Conor Cowie

      Updated review after 6 months of EXTREME usage like 16 – 18 hours a day always on, ready to go, and always loud! 🙂 I’m a noisy guy who can’t really hear anything. . .I wonder why lol?BUY THE INSURANCE OPTION!!! DO NOT PURCHASE WITHOUT IT!I didn’t and now I am with a whole new darn headset because I didn’t think I would need the insurance.I can’t blame the product. I’m all over the place doing very serious amd strenuous labour at work so . . .I need to be honest.After 4 months the speakers casually started to blow but wasn’t serious. 5 months, the selector switch to change between speaker amd headset became defective. Here I am sitting down watching something private and on its own it loudly declared to everyone around me what I was trying I was trying to keep to myself! Fortunately it wasn’t inappropriate however, it easily could have been!!!And now today, microphone for my headset no longer works which I heavily rely on as a truck driver. I deal with everything else but not that.I have an intense sweat problem so I’m under the strong impression that it just couldn’t take it anymore especially now that summer is here. I’m a human puddle (hyperhydrosis).Let’s give it another 6 months and see what happens.Once again buy the insurance!Otherwise, like me, you’ll spend another $110 when all I had to was spend another $11 for insurance last time and I wouldn’t be in this situation.The following is my original post. . .I’ve had a Bluetooth set up like this for 5 years now and this product is by far THE BEST for what it is.An IT individual left a review about what changes could be made to this already amazing product and yes I do agree with him. Few things here and there that could be adjusted like the flap for covering the charging port and other things he mentioned however, hands down with its current features its still the best set I’ve ever gotten.I will be eagerly waiting and hoping for the next version of this headset!I will strongly encourage getting Assurance that’s offered through Amazon for this just to protect you sanity from any potential issues that usually come with any electronic.I’ve had them for about 4 months now amd I’ve noticed that the speakers are starting to fail which maybe because I have it as loud as possible with Heavy Metal usually playing so I don’t think it’s fair to say its the products fault for failing just my extensive use maybe?Either way, when it fails I’ll be buying this gain NO QUESTIONS!

    6. john I – I

      Unforntally Speaker mode I ruined by Buzzy vibrations on your neck.I can use the Earbuds all night without the buggy feeling you get with all other in the earbuds after an hour of uses or so.BTW , Any Over the Ear headphones get to hot and comfortable after too long …Don’t expect these to be as good ad Boise , Sony high-end units,but good value for the money due to the AptX-HD sound processing andAptX Low Latency codec eliminating TV lip sync delay works for me.Iv had 3 other Avantree models and TV sound is a bit tinie even adjusting with an external equalizer.I feel the retractable earbuds will break with too many retraction cycles, so I just leave them extended.

    7. Fred Butler

      First off I use these daily and the sound quality is great. I had my dad who is hard of hearing ware them too talk on the phone and he could understand the other person like never before. The down side in my opinion is the neck ban size. VERY THICK. Is winter time now so not too bad but in the summer I will hate them. The last pair I purchased LG style had half a third of the neck band and I sweated waiting them. UNFORTUNATELY, they don’t make those any longer. I had had them since 2016 and broke them. I purchased these in hopes they would be a good replacement. Let me say they are… (As long as you do not mind the weight and thick neck band. I use them daily now and will continue to do so until I get to hot. My mom and dad wouldn’t mind because they are always cold. Wink. Very good for seniors.

    8. SHMOGEE

      There was a defect and they replaced the product without any hassle

    9. shandyal

      i like the mobility. disliked. no mute. too much vibration in bass.

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