Sony shows off eye-tracking glasses designed for "life logging" 1

Sony shows off eye-tracking glasses designed for “life logging”


Sony shows off eye-tracking glasses designed for "life logging" 2

Sony has made a lot of cool stuff in their day, but this may just take the cake. The company has been showing off a really unique concept lately: Eye-tracking glasses that are designed for “lifelogging.”

What is logging one’s life, you ask? Well the eye-tracking glasses combine with an outward facing camera to literally log a life. Everything you do. Everywhere you go. Pretty much the opening salvo in cool “live another person’s life” technology. Cool!

It is just a concept for now, but the company plans to include even more bells and whistles, such as GPS capabilities. More on this as it develops.

SubType: Concept
Features: Eyewear Display, GPS
Technologies: Display

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Sony is a Japanese electronics and entertainment company that was founed in 1946, and is known for their televisions, gaming systems, and music production. Sony is known in wearable technology for a number of products, including their headphones. – View Profile

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