Watches With Flexible Displays are Finally on the Way 1

Watches With Flexible Displays are Finally on the Way


Watches and other gadgets that feature flexible displays have been something of a ghost in the wearable technology arena. Scientists have been promising this tech for what seems like decades. It’s always “just around the corner” and “coming right up” but it never quite seems to materialize. Well, the David Copperfield act may finally be over. A brand new way to handle flexible OLED displays could be showing up in smartwatches sooner than you think. It’s about time. My wrist needs some big bear hugs. They are getting lonely.

This new type of flexible display is being created by a company appropriately named Plastic Logic. They showed it off at this week’s SID Display Week show in San Diego. It uses something called organic transistors in addition to the usual OLEDs which makes it, well, bendier and less fragile. This is essential if its going to be used in consumer electronics devices as, well, consumers are clumsy(I would know. Mr. spilling coffee on everything.) The four-inch 360 x 128 pixel monochrome display area has an aspect ratio of 3:1, which the company says makes it the perfect display for wearables. We tend to agree.

The bad news? Well, they have yet to figure out the tricky problem of a flexible battery that would go tin said flexible display device. Of course, every long journey starts with a first step and this first step seems to be quite the doozy. We’ll let you know when more information drops on these amazing lil flexible displays. In the meantime, uh, paint a fake watch face on a slap bracelet.

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