This Bike Helmet Actually Reads Your Mind 1

This Bike Helmet Actually Reads Your Mind


We all some snazzy sci-fi conceits, or else we probably be either writing or reading a site like this. The idea that one day we’ll be able to exist fully in virtual reality, or in the body of a robot or some other out there sci-fi concepts are our bread and butter. One such concept, the idea of a computer being able to read our minds, is so close it is almost scary. It seems every day there is a new article about how this technology is progressing and, well, its progressing quite nicely. Howe nicely? So nicely that now there is a bicycle helmet that uses it to read  your mind and you bike around town doing your dang errands.

The MindReader helmet is, well, a mind reading helmet. A team from MIT’s Media Lab have concocted the device, which will hopefully one day make it safer for bike riders to feel safer while traversing these dark and gritty city streets. Essentially, it monitors your brain waves along your route to let you know at which parts of the ride you became stressed out, anxious or angry. That will allow you to alter your route accordingly to ensure you have the bestest time traveling that you can possibly have. Relax, you’ve earned it!

As usual with this sort of tech, it uses EEG to record the brain waves which is how it comes about these notions of what parts of the route stress you out. You can upload all of this information to your phone via Bluetooth, which will allow you to share the stressful spots with friends so they can avoid them as well. Unless the reason you were stressed is you passed an ex-girlfriend’s house or something. That probably won’t mean a whole lot to them. Amazingly, you can pre-order your very own MindReader helmet for just $70.

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