This ARMY Helmet Prototype is Right Out of Halo


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As we march right into the modern age, it seems as though the technology soldiers use in the field and the technology fake soldiers use in video games are getting closer and closer each day. How long will it be before soldiers are armed with laser beams on their arms and jetpacks on their back? Hopefully not too long, because both of those things are really, really cool. In any event, we have some time to wait, but the US Army is always on the search for grander and grander battlefield technology. Here is a helmet prototype that allows infantry to be safer than ever.

This working concept prototype certainly falls under the “soldier of the future” banner. What makes it so futuristic? It’s designed to protect soldiers from intense heat, shielding them from fires and missile blasts and and things of that nature. It’s also outfitted with an advanced filtration system which filters out chemical weapons and smoke, thus allowing the soldier to breathe easy. Oh, in case you hadn’t noticed, it also looks super cool and straight out of Halo or another first person shooter.

This helmet won’t be heading out to battle encampments anytime soon, but the Army does have a working prototype, which they built by outfitting the new tech to a previously existing M50 gas mask. We’ll let you know when you should be on the lookout for these helmets in your local battle worn landscape. In the meantime, keep playing those video games.

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