This Helmet Delivers True Night Vision Without the Use of Goggles 1

This Helmet Delivers True Night Vision Without the Use of Goggles


Members of the military have it pretty tough. All of that wandering around in the dark, trying to find their target as their target scrambles to find them. It’s enough to drive one to drop and give their superior officer twenty. However, wearable technology has been working tirelessly to lessen the load for these brave service men and women. Case in point? Here is a high tech helmet that gives soldiers bona fide night vision without the use of frustrating, and vision impairing, goggles. In other words, soldiers are about to sort of become the Predator, without the alien dreadlocks.

BAE Systems just unveiled its Striker II helmet system, which includes the aforementioned technology. Designed with fighter pilots in mind, the Striker II attains goggle-free night vision via a camera that shoots in night vision. That information is then beamed to the helmet’s high res display. The end result? Night vision combined with comfort and true head maneuverability. As we all know from Top Gun, even the slightest vision blockage can be deadly. There are also lights on back of the helmet which keep the head in 1:1 motion with the captured video. If you’ve ever longed to be a fighter pilot, but was always put off by the obvious lack of goggle-free night vision capabilities, now is the time to get to training camp.

This tech won’t be available on store shelves anytime soon, but we imagine it will start showing up in fighter jets around the world. The Striker II will join the already popular original Striker in that regard.


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