Teen Creates Gadget That Charges Stuff As You Walk


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shoesGadgets. Chances are you have a whole bunch of the dang things. Why, back in the old days, we barely had one cellular telephone between us and we had to use something called AOL Instant Messenger to talk to one another on the Internet. Nowadays, however, we carry a smartphone in our pocket, a game console in our backpack and an iPad wherever else it can fit. Sure, they are all useful and amazing gadgets but they need something called energy to run. These internal batteries only last so long and, well, sometimes you are stuck at the DMV all day and you need more than 3 hours of gaming to get you through the day. A teenager has created an elegant solution to this modern problem.

That’s right. A fifteen year old has created this gadget. What were you doing when you fifteen, masturbating and eating cheeseburgers?! Well, maybe that was a bridge too far but you get the drift. This kid is brilliant. Angel Casimiro from the Philippines came up the idea to use the power created via our footsteps to power the gadgets in our pockets and beyond. He has submitted his idea to Google’s Science Fair, which will announce its regional winners at the end of this month, and the winner of the global “Science in Action” award in August.

Now, using footsteps to power stuff isn’t an entirely new concept but this seems like an elegant take on it. The only downside? As of now, you’d have to jog for eight hours straight in order to receive a full charge of one of your favorite doodads. That is way too much exercise for this slightly paunchy technology writer.

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