Now You Can Finally Carry a Thermal Imaging Device in Your Pocket 1

Now You Can Finally Carry a Thermal Imaging Device in Your Pocket


How many times have you thought to yourself, gee I sure wish I had an advanced thermal imaging sensor in my pocket? Probably dozens of times. After all, they can come in quite handy if you are being chased by living creatures under the cover of night. They won’t be able to hide from you. No siree. Their ample heat signature will give them away faster than you can say velicoraptor. So, to all of you who have long harbored this dream, and that should be all of you, this one’s for you. This thing is about to exist and it is quite the doozy.

The FLIR-ONE is a handy-dandy attachment that hooks right to your iPhone and turns said phone into a thermal sensing powerhouse. You can even see the thermal images right on the phone’s screen, thus giving you hours of fun in locating where the hot spots are in your apartment or telling people, beyond a shadow of a doubt, whether or not they have a strong fever. It can sense several different moisture and thermal patterns, so this thing can be quite useful particularly to you handy types out there. It will also be of use, no doubt, to Ellen Ripley when she next faces down a hulking Xenomorph.

You can reserve yours today by plopping down exactly zero dollars at the company’s website. However, the actual price and availability hasn’t been announced yet so you might be playing a little something we like to call the waiting game. Here is a video of the FLIR in action.

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