This Watch is Guaranteed to Keep You Awake 1

This Watch is Guaranteed to Keep You Awake


Life can be pretty boring sometimes. Sitting in an office all day and staring at a computer screen can be just one of those times. However, you are supposed to stay awake throughout the workday, and not snooze at your desk like some kind of lazy bum! If only, and this might be magical thinking, there could be some sort of wearable technology that was designed to keep us awake throughout even the slowest of activities. That could never happen though, right? Wrong champ! This technology is here and it’s coming soon to a tired wrist near you. Introducing the appropriately named Spark wristwatch.

The Spark wristwatch uses the soothing power of annoying vibrations to keep you awake. It’s outfitted with a series of motion sensors and when it notices you are drifting into slumberland, it sends a little vibrating shock your way, thus jolting you back to the land of the living. These vibrations can be as forceful or soft as you like but, come on, you are gonna want it forceful since sleep feels so dang good and not-sleep feels so dang bad. But, wait, you are probably wondering what happens when the Spark rebels against its creators and never allows humans to sleep ever, right? That can’t happen. The watch is equipped with an off button, ya dingus!

The Spark isn’t available on store shelves yet. As a matter of fact the creators are still raising finishing funds on a little mom and pop website I like to call Kickstarter. You can pre-order your own for jut $49, which isn’t a whole lot of money given all of the sleep you’ll be losing. Wait, what?



Main Type: SmartWatches
Technologies: LED
Tags: kickstarter, LED, Spark, watch

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