Kangaroo Light Folds Up to Fit Snugly in Your Backpack 1

Kangaroo Light Folds Up to Fit Snugly in Your Backpack


Light. We need it to read. We need it to see the kitchen so we don’t cut our fingers off while cooking. We need it to, uh, read some more. The invention of humans having access to light sources shaped the world potentially more than any other invention on record. Still, these light sources can be ornery. For one, they aren’t completely foldable, thus allowing easy access in a backpack or (one day) a pocket. Light bulbs are sharp as well. If you put one of these in your pocket you are liable to stab your private parts by accident. So some industrious inventors took it upon themselves to create a new light source that eliminates all of these problems. Introducing the Kangaroo.

The Kangaroo light, named as such because the light is known to give birth to miniature lights that it keeps in its pouch, is an interesting invention. It’s a completely flexible, and portable, LED light that you can do whatever you want with. Want to lay it on your bed and use it as a night light? You can do that. Want to tie it around your arm so cars passing by can make your darkened visage? You can do that too. It has a 2.5 battery life and can be charged via the magic of USB, which is ultra convenient to us techy types. Now you’ll never lose your keys in your pocket book again, unless you lose this light as well in which case you are out of luck.

The Kangaroo light is currently raising funds on Kickstarter so it can hop along to store shelves. You can preorder one for around $67, which is much cheaper than buying an actual kangaroo and forcing a light bulb in its paw.


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