This Backpack Doubles as Some Bumping Speakers 1

This Backpack Doubles as Some Bumping Speakers


It’s about time that the humble backpack started getting some wild and out there innovation. For too long we have all suffered under the tyranny of backpacks that served one function only, that is to carry stuff around whilst sitting upon our backs. We here at Crunchwear say no to that! Backpacks, after all, our wearable and so it goes that they must be improved upon and gadget-fied like their watch and glasses brethren. Luckily, the wearable tech industry has heard our plaintive pleas and have decided to do something about it. Introducing a backpack that doubles as a big ole set of speakers.

This thing is appropriately named the Speaker Backer as it is a, uh, speaker backpack. You strap it on your back and get ready to bring the party to wherever it is your feet take you. It was designed for snowboarding and skateboarding enthusiasts, as wearing headphones can be dangerous while racing down mountains or guard rails at high speeds. Good looking out, guys. It’s lightweight, a must for backpacks, and jams tunes as loud as you’d need them. It even comes packed with its own power amp for just that purpose. The only downside? It’s not so good at the ‘pack’ part of backpack. The speakers take up most of the unit so don’t be counting on using it to lug textbooks around.

The Speaker Backpack isn’t on shelves at either music equipment or sporting good shelves yet. The designers have skateboarded on down to Kickstarter to receive funding for the device. You can become an early adopter and snag one by ollie-ing down the paltry amount of $1,000. Wait what?? Yeah, this thing costs $1,000. Music aint cheap. Here is a video.


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Technologies: Audio
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