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Sena Latitude Snow Helmet features built-in speakers and communications system

The sleek and versatile Latitude S1 is a snow helmet that utilizes Sena’s intercom technology. Up to four Sena-powered Bluetooth devices can connect and communicate with each other via Bluetooth Intercom. With built-in speakers and a microphone, there’s no need for any cell phone/data connections! Pair the helmet to your smartphone and you can stream your favorite music or take phone calls right through the helmet’s speakers. Lightweight yet feature-packed, Latitude S1 is an excellent choice for skiers and snowboarders alike.

  • A snow helmet with an integrated Bluetooth audio/comm system
  • 4-way intercom allows you to communicate with up to three other people
  • Bluetooth connectivity pairs to your smartphone so you can access phone calls, music, and other features on-the-go
  • Padding and interior liner are removable for easy care and wash
  • Customize settings such as friend groups, radio presets, and more using a dedicated smartphone app
  • This helmet complies with the ASTM F2040 safety standard.


SENA Latitude S1 Snow Helmet Built in Speakers & Microphone Bluetooth Intercom
SENA Latitude S1 Snow Helmet Built in Speakers & Microphone, Bluetooth Intercom. Latitude S1 brings the convenience of conversations and audio until a sleek and safe snow helmet. Condition is "New.” Ships via USPS Parcel Select Ground.


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ColorLatitude SR
Model NameSena latitude sr alpine snow helmet
Headphones Form FactorOver Ear
Sena Latitude Helmet
released on December 5, 2019

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7 Reviews for Sena Latitude Helmet

  1. Wayne A. Champlin

    The helmet is high quality and fit well. The sound is amazing. I was fully resistant to even wear a helmet but after wearing this one, I wouldn’t do without it. It’s so perfect to enjoy the beauty while skiing and hear my music. I am able to talk to my partner at will and turn her/him off when needed.

  2. Capt. Keith Gill

    Great sound quality. Built more like a motorcycle helmet than a ski helmet. Thicker padding, more shell coverage, better chin strap. All three pluses in my book, but does mean increased weight. The built in intercom is very well executed and works at least as well as my SMH 10 motorcycle unit. All for a price less than a stand alone intercom or typical ski helmet.

  3. ugur

    Great price wish the sound system quality higher . But it works fine compare to price and result

  4. sticky

    Simply stunning!! Great helmet. Sound is nice and Bluetooth connects in less than 2-3 seconds! Comfi and looks great? I would definitely say it’s great product and the helmet looks true to the site post. I’m just showing mask to show you how it looks with them.

  5. John A

    Still waiting to use it on the mountain. I just wanted to share how disappointing the audio quality is for this hemlet. It’s so bad that I’m hoping mine was defective. Zero bass 🙁

  6. Pinnacle Jim

    When I first saw these helmets, I was really excited. We needed new ski helmets and I had previously used SENA motorcycle helmets with great success. Would these be as good?Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much information or decent reviews online so I ordered all three different models for my wife, teenage son and myself. Here’s some things I learned:The SX and SE helmets are the same, but the SE has rigid plastic over the ears. The SX model has flexible foam and fabric instead, which we found to be more comfortable. It is also easier to take on and off because it doesn’t pinch your head.There is no size adjustment on these models. They fit pretty close to the sizing guidelines on Sena’s website.The quality of the helmet seems very good and the price is fantastic, considering their stand-alone intercom system is $99 without the helmet.The SX and SE are the older models. The S1 is the newer model. The S1 has an BOA-type adjustment wheel on the back for a better fit. My head seemed to fit “deeper” into the helmet and be more secure. The S1 has vents on the top of the helmet that can be opened or closed, the other’s don’t.I preferred the S1, but my wife and son liked the SX better.The controls on all three are easy to use with gloves. The SX & SE have large push buttons and the S1 has a jog wheel with a center push button. We had no problems using the controls on either design.The SX & SE use a Micro-USB charging port. The S1 uses a newer USB-C cable. The S1 charges within an hour or so, the others require much longer charge times (several hours).The SX & SE have FM radio receivers. The radio stations are set via the phone app. You don’t need the app to use the helmet, but it makes it easier (see below).The S1 doesn’t have the FM radio capability but comes with a cord for connecting to the headphone jack of a phone or MP3 player. The bluetooth connection worked fine on all three helmets, so I didn’t need the cord.As others have said, the sound is OK, but not great for music. The best part of these helmets is the intercom capability, not music listening.The phone app makes is super easy to connect with others. To connect to someone else, just scan the QR code found in their phone app to connect. You can connect four people together in a group conversation.Connecting is easy, just tap the button the number of times that corresponds to the person you want to talk with. We just started a group conversation and left it open until one of us skied out of range. Usually, we would meet up at the bottom of the hill and start all over again. It’s also super-easy to call anyone via bluetooth and carry on a conversation with no problems.The range is great for a bluetooth device – probably half-mile maximum. You can hear the signal fade as the person moves away and a beep when the connection is lost. Just tap the button when you are in range again to connect.The ability to chat, laugh and coordinate together was awesome. No need to yell, wave your arms or push someone (lol) to get their attention. We all felt it was well worth the money for the ability to talk together.The batteries easily lasted 4-6 hours, even keeping them on for group talk.After using these several times, I can easily recommend them to others. They are easy to use, rugged and dependable. I think they are a good value for the money, but others in the group also need to have Sena equipment.

  7. WA

    I bought a set of these for my wife and I over Christmas. Really liked the idea of keeping in touch on the mountain while Boarding. As much as I love all the features like the Bluetooth intercom and built in speakers. For music these speakers sound like some old school Audiovox speakers you would get at aTruck stop. No bass at all and no way to adjust it. This would be the best helmet on the market if they could put better speakers for music in them.

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Sena Latitude Helmet

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