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Reevu MSX1
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Reevu MSX1 Rear-View Motorcycle Helmet

The MSX1 from Reevu is the  first helmet to feature a rear-view mirror. Reevu has been an industry leader in rear view technology with their patented mirror system, manufactured from a reflective polycarbonate material which is safer and stronger than glass. The mirror system basically bends light around the outer shell of the helmet, offering a clear view of what’s behind you. The Reevu mirror system works just like a car’s rear view mirror, and offers the rider improved road awareness without having to turn your head around and take your eyes off the road ahead of you.

  • Free Return Shipping No risk in the USA. Patented rear-view technology with a mirror system that essentially bends the light around the shell of the helmet, offering a clear view of what’s behind.
  • Tri-composite carbon fiberglass, Kevlar and synthetic hi-tenacity advanced fiber shell. Helmet comes with a clear Front visor
  • Fully removable and washable liner
  • Anti-fog face shield
  • Sizing Chart: Measure around your head: XS = 50-54 CM S = 54-56 CM M = 56-58 CM L = 58-60 CM XL = 60-62 CM XXL = 62-64.5 CM

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Reevu Msx 1 Front Visors tinted Smoked, Silver, Blue, Clear
Reevu Msx 1 Front Visors tinted Smoked, Silver, Blue, Clear
Reevu Msx1 Matt Black Rear-view Fullface helmet The Worlds only Motorcycle helmet with rear vision. Nothing Compares !For those witht the Reevu MSX1 fullface helmet, You are ordering the correct front replacement or tinted visorsRearview...



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Reevu MSX1 Helmet
released on June 10, 2015



Reevu have taken this concept further, producing the world’s first motorbike helmets with an integrated rear vision system that helps prevent accidents. A new age in motorcycle helmets has arrived. THE NEW AND WORLD’S

Reevu MSX1 Rear-View Helmet - RevZilla

Reevu has been the industry leader in rear view technology with their patented mirror system, manufactured from a reflective polycarbonate material rather than glass. The polycarbonate material is almost impossible to break, weighs less than glass and provides additional safety and comfort to the rider. The mirror system essentially bends the ...

Reevu Helmets | Reevu Helmet | Buy Reevu Helmets Online | UK

Reevu helmets are the worlds first rear view motorbike helmet, providing the rider with a genuine view of what is happening behind via carefully positioned optic, avoiding the need for the rider to take their eyes off the road ahead while checking their mirrors.. Just as when driving a car, the driver uses their peripheral vision to check in the mirrors, so the principal is exactly the same ...


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11 Reviews for Reevu MSX1 Helmet

  1. MPB

    Great helmet, helped me a lot with the rear view. Highly recomended for all the bikers out there

  2. Don

    The helmet is nice it self. I like it for the comfort. However, I wouldn’t waste my money for the rear-view feature. It’s a great idea, but really difficult to position so that it’s usable.

  3. Tony Legget

    Ordered on a Friday and received it on Monday a day earlier than expected!This helmet is amazing! Prior to this helmet, I wore an 2016 HJC CS3 $99 helmet that I found to be very comfortable and light weight.I commute every day on my motorcycle.The ReeVu helmets’ padding is soft and plush a bit like microfiber/swede. The first thing i noticed when putting this helmet on, compared to my HJC, is that the bottom of the helmet sits slightly higher. My HJC sat closer to my neck and my head “sunk” farther into the helmet. The ReeVu seems to be a little more “shallow.” This is most noticeable with the chin curtain as my chin just barely fits inside and rubs if I was to speak. (I may remove the chin curtain). I will say that this helmet is slightly heavier than my HJC but its barely noticeable. The quick connect buckle is very handy and is easy to grab with gloves on. Though i feel like the ratchet mechanism could “click” a little tighter. If you pull the release even just slightly the strap will release a notch or two.The next thing I did is transfer my bluetooth communicator over to the ReeVu helmet. To start with, my HJC helmet actually had indentations for where the speakers should go, however the cheek pads covered the speakers up completely. The ReeVu is completely opposite in this department. There are no speaker indentions but the cheek pads have perforated holes for the speakers. With the speaker installed my ears do not feel cramped. Additionally, my HJC must have been longer in the chin area because my microphone boom now grazes against my chin/mouth.Finally. The best part! You can see whats behind you! I have driven many motor vehicles throughout my 33 year life, from go-carts to gigantic mining haul trucks to 18 wheelers. Over those years I have learned to rely on my mirrors. To be honest having the “missing” view is awesome, its not crystal clear though. The mirror system is perfectly clear as you would expect from a traditional mirror, this issue is from the 1 way view rear panel (The Matte Black helmet has a “Mirror” finish on the rear panel) and the 1 way panel skews the image that you see slightly. With that said you can still make out everything that you are seeing, and with slight head adjustments you can see pretty clearly. I feel like, if the rear panel was completely clear, this system would be flawless. The helmet provides (in conjunction with side mirrors) a complete view of everything behind you. If your like me; I have my side mirrors on my bike positioned to view the lanes next to me. This helmet fills the view gap thats behind me and i don’t have to twist a shoulder to the side to see whats behind me in my side mirror. This feature alone is worth 5 stars in my opinion.A side note. The helmet comes with a clear face visor only…I purchased an additional “Mirror” visor. I found that changing the visor was a bit frustrating compared to my HJC which is a snap literally. After a few moments of fumbling and holding the helmet in multiple different ways I finally managed to change the visor. Even after attaching the new visor, I had to push on both sides firmly to get the visor to “seat” properly. The visor has many stages of lift and stays secure in all of those stages.There is a downside though… the field of vision is much less compared to my HJC. The peripheral vision is less and the anti fog deflector limits my view of my instrument cluster. I have to move my head down slightly to see my speed/rpm. Additionally, the mirror over your brow can absruct your view of over head traffic lights especially if your are at the front of the pack.Overall I am happy with the purchase and am looking forward to many new miles with the ReeVu helmet!

  4. No Name

    Wonderful helmet with the latest safety features

  5. Christopher

    Rear view is garbage. You can’t see anything. By the time you try and figure out what the tiny mirror is showing, you will have looked at your side view mirrors and figured out what’s behind you and the little mirror becomes a nuisance. You almost spend too much time looking at this tiny thing to figure out what is behind you that it becomes a distraction and dangerous. It’s too small and unclear.

  6. BP

    Received delivery almost the next day, thank you. Examining the interior and fit of this helmet its evident thats its a high end helmet. The chin curtain was touching my chin but it wasn’t a problem. I think it was still a good fit..The optics are a whole another trip. I was getting a great view of the horizon but I couldn’t see what was directly in back of me without tilting my head up a moment. I don’t want to tilt my head up to make this concept work thank you. I hope Reevu improves on this concept, I would give it another try. In the meantime I think I’ll give a rear monitor/camera a try.Thank you Dave (the seller) from Altimate Gear for answering my questions and the prompt delivery.

  7. Gerardo Morales

    The helmet is really quiet on high speed. You first, need to break into the helmet, at the beginning it’s going to fit tight but once you wear the helmet several times, them the helmet will adjust to the size of your head. The rear mirror function works great is just a matter of time to get use to it. Very light and the finish its great…

  8. sarah Brown

    My boyfriend loves this helmet. He said it’s great you can see all around you. If someone is driving recklessly you may have enough time to react and get out of the way.He said. “ This helmet will will save lives.”

  9. Abraham Llauger

    Like ,it’s great helmet, safety all catigories

  10. Antonio D. Young

    So far I love the helmet, it gives me the best view of what is behind me. I do delivery for a cookie company and I also use it for getting around.

  11. KevinK

    I personally think the rear view technology isn’t any good. It is not at all like a HUD, and they don’t claim to be. That said there is nothing outstanding about this helmet, especially for the price, if the rear view doesn’t work great IMHO.

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Reevu Msx 1 Front Visors tinted Smoked, Silver, Blue, Clear
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