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LifeBEAM Smart Helmet has Built-In Activity Tracking

The LifeBEAM Smart helmet features a built in activity tracker and monitors heart rate, counts calories, gives you an accurate analysis of your performance and protects your head in case you fall. What it doesn’t do is force you to use one app or measuring device over another. That means the unique bio-sensing helmet can pair with almost any fitness application or device that works for you.

  • Measures your heart rate, calories & performance
  • Dual module with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity
  • Advanced optical sensor
  • No chest strap required
  • All weather compatibility

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Lazer Genesis Lifebeam bike Helmet with Heart Rate Monitor White M garmin
Lazer Genesis Lifebeam bike Helmet with Heart Rate Monitor White M...



FeaturesAll weather compatibility
UPCDoes not apply
LifeBEAM Smart Helmet
released on November 21, 2014


LifeBEAM - Wikipedia

LifeBEAM technology is integrated into a helmet for pilots developed by Elbit that measures blood flow (including oxygen saturation) across a pilot's forehead, warning of impending G-LOC or hypoxiam, and switching to auto-pilot if the pilot loses consciousness or goes into hypoxia.

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The main appeal of the LifeBeam Smart Helmet is that you can track your heartrate without having to wear a heartrate strap, which some riders find restrictive and uncomfortable.

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The LifeBEAM Smart Helmet usages a skill that can willingly notice the rise in your heart rate. This helmet is known to be the first-ever headdress that has this competence of checking how fast your heart goes when you cycle.


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8 Reviews for LifeBEAM Smart Helmet

  1. Thomas S. Weber

    I expect this is a great product and, while I had it on my head, I could see that the HRM works as advertised. You should know that it is indeed smaller than advertised, because of the extra padding that houses the HRM. My head is fat – no doubt. It measures 60CM; but the large was clearly too small, so I had to return it.

  2. Rungineer

    This item was fantastic, but now after 6 months of use it continually drops out from my Garmen. Not sure what the issue is but it is frustrating to only have half my ride measured all the time.

  3. Michael

    Great helmet. comfortable breaths good. light. holds a charges works with many apps

  4. Emily Gale

    I had to return this helmet. First of all, it drained my iPhone 6 within minutes of starting my ride. Really a big bummer when you start with 100% charge on your phone and five minutes later (and a mile from home) your phone is dead. Yea I know – who cares but I recently had some surgeries and I need my phone to be able to call someone in case I get in trouble. Thought is was a fluke, so I tried it again and same thing happened. In addition to the draining defect on this helmet, it is way too tight on my forehead for my taste. I know some of you will not mind it squeezing the life out of your skull but for me, it was just plain uncomfortable. I loved the concept but I think I will wait for other companies to perfect this prior to jumping in.

  5. R. McDonald

    Hear rate monitor function worked for about 10 months then intermittently would drop out now does not work at all. In my opinion “not ready for prime time.

  6. Asad

    Amazing how my heart rate monitor works great. If it is great I have two other lazer helmets it’s awesome product

  7. Dan

    Received this product very promptly (2 day USPS Priority service) with no shipping cost. Nycer Bike Rentals informed me immediately following my order that the helmet was slightly different in appearance (sent a photo to me) and asked if they should proceed with the order. The helmet fits perfectly! The adjustment system works very well and snugs the helmet evenly. Connectivity is no problem at all and it seems very accurate, comparing readings to a cuff style bp/pulse monitor. I highly recommend this seller and the product!

  8. Houston Shopper

    Easy to use, but sometimes gives high heart rate readings that spike suddenly and then disappear, at times with a brief break in readings. When I switch back to the chest strap monitor, I don’t get these readings under similar conditions. So, they appear to be erroneous; but altogether I like the product.Updated December 31, 2016: The HRM is now working only intermittently, and with highly variable and implausible readings. Therefore it’s essentially useless now. Based on the poor customer service reported by others, I will not try to get a warranty repair. The helmet is comfortable to wear, though. When I switch back to a chest strap HRM, I get consistent readings once again on my Polar M450 bike computer.

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