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The LifeBEAM Hat is a Smart Hat with Heart Rate Monitor

You’re going for a run, TRX training or casual jog. We’re not going to tell you what app to use or what movements you can or cannot do. All we’re going to do is provide you with a revolutionary piece of wearable technology, the LifeBEAM Hat, that uses electro-optical sensors to monitor your heart rate, cadence and calories, and transmits that data where you want it. That’s right. You decide where to send the information. It’s your fitness regimen. Take back control.

  • Measures your heart rate, cadence & calories
  • No chest strap required
  • Professional dri-fit hat design
  • Advanced optical sensor
  • Dual module with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity

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LifeBEAM Cap Headwear Size 56.5cm Black Silver Activity Tracker New With Tags
LifeBEAM Cap Headwear Size 56.5cm Black Silver Activity Tracker New...
LifeBEAM Headwear LifeBEAM Cap Size 56.5cm Medium Black Silver Activity Tracker
LifeBEAM Headwear LifeBEAM Cap Size 56.5cm Medium Black Silver...
Lifebeam Headwear Cap
Lifebeam Headwear Cap



Battery Life20 Hours
Sensor TypeWearable
LifeBEAM Hat Smart Hat with HR Monitor
released on December 1, 2014


Vital-Tracking Fitness Hats : LifeBEAM Smart Hat

The 2XU LifeBEAM Smart Hat is a Wearable Fitness Accessory Ellen Smith — November 6, 2020 — Fashion References: 2xu Most consumers are familiar with wrist-worn fitness devices, but the 2XU LifeBEAM Smart Hat aims to offer something a little more unique.

LifeBEAM - Wikipedia

LifeBEAM, founded in 2011, is an artificial-intelligence wearables technology company. The technology was originally developed for monitoring pilots, astronauts and special forces through sensors in their helmets. It was then expanded to consumer fitness products, including artificially intelligent wearables, such as Vi.

Smart Hats! New Arrival to The Wearable World. - WearableO

LifeBEAM Smart Hats The technology developed by this company was initially used to monitor the vital signs of pilots and astronauts. Now it is available to the general public through the smart hat which can monitor your heart rate with an optical heart-rate sensor seamlessly integrated and doesn’t need a chest strap.


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8 Reviews for LifeBEAM Hat Smart Hat with HR Monitor

  1. Smith

    So far very happy. As accurate as the polar chest strap and far more comfortable and practical. Have not yet tested with some apps like Edomondo. Charges fine. Sometimes the on-off switch is cumbersome to find even with or maybe because of the raised power button. Great progress compared to chest straps. Would recommend.

  2. C Sharp

    This is my first optical HRM. I don’t like the wrist-based ones since I don’t like wearing anything that tight on my arms, especially while running. I usually put up about 40 miles a week and I always wear a hat unless it’s dark. The Life BEAM Hat was the perfect product for me to try and get away from the chest strap. It synced effortlessly with my Garmin Fenix 2, as well as the Strava and Endomondo apps on my phone. It doesn’t have to be wet before wear, so it pics up your HR accurately faster than the chest strap did. The hat is super light, breathable, and comfortable, no complaints there. Actually, I have no complaints at all.My only recommendation to Life BEAM is to consider making a headband that I can easily wear under a buff or beanie for cold weather, as well as to be able to wear while I’m wearing a head torch in the dark hours.

  3. soloport

    These are so comfortable and convenient. Prefer black with most gear but like white on warm, sunny days. They hand-wash easily, just remove the rectangular battery pack, first. Have worn them on several high-elevation-gain hikes, runs and races and they seem to be very accurate. Also work under bike helmet so hardly ever have to wear a chest strap.

  4. Shawn

    When it works it does a great job, if you live in a hot humid climate you are going to be out of luck. I live in South Carolina after about an hour once the hat gets drenched in sweat the hat stops working. This is on a full charge as well. Going back to my chest strap this was a waste of $100.

  5. Tony Alonso

    When I first saw this hat, I really liked the design and the functionality, particularly with my Garmin 920XT’s Ant+ fucntion.I purchased this hat in June of 2015 and the hat worked wonderfully until July, that’s when connectivity with my Garmin 920XT became very spotty. .A month after I purchased the hat, I noticed that there was an issue of spotty connection with my Garmin. I contacted Lifebeam and was told that they were working on a fix. They were very quick to respond to all my emails and I was satisfied with their customer service.A year passed since that contact, and since I saw no movement from Lifebeam, I contacted them again. I was told that there was no fix coming for it and that there would be none forthcoming, since they were concentrating on their Vi headphones.Although I was upset at first, the good folks at LifeBeam helped me and ultimately resolved my issue satisfactorily.I can say that this hat does work with bluetooth and although connectivity with Ant+ is no longer going to be supported, the hat does the trick and the measurements are very accurate as compared with my chest strap. I will use this hat from now on via bluetooth and will look into buying the Vi.

  6. Dominik Behr

    Much more convenient than chest or arm straps and you don’t look like you are wearing HRM. Works great with my Garmin Fenix 3 using ANT. After wearing it, it does leave visible impression on my forehead for few minutes in the shape of the sensor.

  7. Johnny J

    My Lifebeam hat seems to have failed less than a year after purchasing. Having trouble finding a way to contact Lifebeam to get it fixed or replaced. Connects to my phone for only a few minutes or not at all. Basically not functional at this point. It did work well for 8 or 9 months. I am using Lifebeam’s Android app.

  8. Andrej Ricnik

    Like the concept, love that I can pair the hat with my suunto, somewhat disappointed with the battery life. I used it for one half, hour walk, one 2:20 hour run, and then found it flat next time I went to use it. Will keep an eye on this and maybe amend my assessment based on this. Under three hours is really pretty useless for someone who likes long trail runs.

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