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LifeBEAM Smart Visor


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LifeBEAM Smart Visor

Sometimes you want a little sun, a little shade and a lot of performance measurement. That’s why LifeBEAM created their Smart Visor. The comfortable and classy visor measures your heart rate, cadence and calorie consumption, then it transmits your performance to your favorite application or device. It may look like a visor but it’s truly out of this world.

  • Measures your heart rate, cadence & calories
  • No chest strap required
  • Professional dri-fit hat design
  • Advanced optical sensor
  • Dual module with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity

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LifeBEAM Smart Visor White/Pink
LifeBEAM Smart Visor White/Pink



LifeBEAM Smart Visor with HR Monitor
released on December 1, 2014


LifeBeam Smart Hat w/Integrated Heart Rate Monitor

The LifeBeam SmartHat, that comes equipped with a built in Heart Rate Monitor and Utilizes both Bluetooth 4.0 and Ant+ Technologies, and compatible with Several Smartphone Apps. Watch the video ...

LifeBEAM Introduces Smart Hat and Visor with Built-In ...

The LifeBEAM Hat and Visor allow athletes to continuously measure heart rate, calorie consumption and steps and then transmit the data to any device with Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity.

LifeBEAM Smart Hat & Visor with Built-in HRM - Cool Wearable

The LifeBEAM Hat is designed for both male and female athletes, but the LifeBEAM Visor is designed specifically for women. No need to rely on a chest strap when you have one of these. You can get your smart hat for as low as $99. More items like this: here


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8 Reviews for LifeBEAM Smart Visor with HR Monitor

  1. eladh

    I was running with a visor before and now I upgraded my visor to this one, and it’s clearly still keeping the sun out of my eyes, but also monitors my heart rate and steps which is really cool and convinient!

  2. yoav zichroni

    I will never wear a chest strap again! The visor is so easy to use, and has been super accurate when i’m training inside or outside. Wearing a chest strap ever againfeels ridiculous.

  3. ShaneCole

    I’ve run in some bad weather, long events, and hot days, and every run it’s consistent and gives me an accurate read. Really happy that I found out about the smart visor and that it actually works!

  4. Yoav aminov

    I am a new runner, and wasn’t sure to get a regular run visor or this one, and I’m thrilled I chose this one since it works well, tracks my heart rate and also looks cool when you aren’t running!

  5. Pressy

    Most visors cost the same, so I felt like I got a ton more with the visor over buying just a regular visor. We run with smart phones, why not also have a smart visor – brilliant!

  6. mer2

    This thing works like a dream! Highly accurate. I don’t need to have Bluetooth running on my phone which always kills my battery. My only complaint is I wish the on off button stuck out more so I didn’t have to dig to turn it on or off.

  7. J. Jones

    When it’s making readings (only 50% of the time) they are accurate only half of that time. Super disappointed in the visor, I was so excited to get away from wearing a chest strap. Ladies, wait until a better product comes out.

  8. Vinny Pirello

    I just got this visor in the mail and am excited because it does work with my Garmin 305. I was worried that it wouldn’t since when someone asked me that question the response was “I don’t think so”. I also like that it fits my head and I don’t have a long Velcro strip hanging out the side of my head. Almost every hat on buy has way too much Velcro and I always hate that it sticks out. So far I very happy with it.

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World's First 'Smart Hat' Sets Bar High For Wearable Sports Technology - NoCamels - Israeli Innovation News

November 11, 2014 - NoCamels - Israeli Innovation News

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