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The Revibe Connect is a Vibration Reminder Wristband



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6 reviews for Revibe Connect Alert Wristband

  1. Lesley

    My son was recently diagnosed with ADD (ADHD without the hyper part). He at first was not into wearing this, but when he started doing better in school, and his teacher even started seeing the difference, he was on board. During a parent teacher meeting before we bought the Re-Vibe she said he would start a task on point, but then would be caught doodling in his notebook. By the tie she’d get to him, he’s be so far gone into his doodle that he missed the classroom time to work on the actual assignment. So, I asked her if she heard about the Re-Vibe, which she hadn’t, but was intrigued. I bought it that night… When it came we charged it and he wore it the next day. I emailed the teacher so she knew what we were attempting so she could keep an eye on him, to see if it helped… Oh em gee… He got his first 4!! A week after the re-vibe he was doing better in class.. Once we got him to understand the vibration was like a poke to pay attention to what is being asked of him… He did so well with this that I darn near cried happy tears because we found a non-medicated way to boost his ability to focus, that wasn’t a disruptive fidget spinner or anything that made him stand out.We start school in ten days and I have his “watch” charged up and ready to begin his 1st year of middle school!Seriously… don’t normally write reviews, but really felt compelled with this education saving tool..

  2. Aaron Herrick

    I like this product, my son tells me it helps, and that’s enough for me. But there are 2 things that could make this device better:1)have a recharging base. This could be as simple as the one Samsung’s Gear fit uses: just a couple of contacts and a magnet for alignment.2)Add a simple and inexpensive digital watch circuit and display. My son tells me that often people ask him why he’s wearing 2 watches, or why his second watch doesn’t tell time.

  3. Kerri M

    (Mental health counselor, trained in ABA, work experience with children with Autism, mother of ASD & ADHD child.)Ordered the silicone buckle strap version for 9 yr old with ADHD, mixed, but generally distracted and Mild Autism. Off task behavior and distractibility is a major school problem. Started on setting 2, still on setting 2. *** note that this device does not *know* when your child is off task. It vibrates on an intermittent average interval based on setting selected. I.e.- it will vibrate every x minutes to prompt child to check themselves.Tested on a Saturday trip to the mall, which is usually as pleasant as the boat ride to Hades. Prior to use I introduced my son to the device & told him that when he felt it vibrate he was to “Stop. Check myself. Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing.” I made it through a couple hours in the mall without raising my voice and constantly redirecting.School- Per daily reports from the teacher, there has been an overall reduction in off task behavior. He is still off task a fair amount of time, but there has been a decrease and the device has not become a distraction. He wears it daily without argument or complaint and takes it off when he gets home. Have not used HW mode as I’m not home to set it.Minor complaints- the strap is super long and the programming is a bit fiddly.I will update again at the end of the company’s 90 day return period. So far, I’m happy with the purchase. I feel it is an effective nudge to help improve self awareness and self monitoring. My son has never taken it off or refused to wear it, and that is with his generally oppositional personality.

  4. Ashley Cohan

    I ordered this for my daughter with ADHD who recently had to cut her medication in half due to weight concerns, I love the idea of it, I havnt seen much if any improvement in my daughter’s ( she’s 8) behavior at school but she says it helps so I guess I can’t return it. We both really enjoy the watch and fitness tracker features and I like being able to program messages for certain times of day.The app/ tracker interface is pretty clunky and it takes awhile to sync. Over all it’s a pretty good design.My daughter is generally easy on her things, but this already has several knicks in the plastic on the actual tracker, and seeing as she only wears it during school hours and has only worn it for about a week and a half I feel it should be more durablably built

  5. Nikki

    The Revibe gives me a chance to track my daughter’s movements and her focus. She has been wearing it now for almost 2weeks and her focus seems to be getting better. I want to wait at least 30 days to see if there will be some real improvement. so far so good.

  6. NIC

    I used about 2 weeks before last of school. I loved how it did. I can’t wait to find out how helpful it is next year for my child who is add

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