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5 Reviews for DLINGEAR Wearable Sleeping Bag

  1. Brandy

    really nice sleeping bag for camping and outdoors stuff. And maybe this is good for that, and the color is great,what I really like it the most is I can keep in my car and sleep on a floor with when I road trip. Or sometimes I’m cold on the porch and wanna read a book. keep me warm in the winter , few of my friend ask me for the link to buy,cos their kid like it very much once saw it,Would buy again.

  2. Lora B.

    I bought 3 for my girls they had no sleeping bag. I hope they keep them warm when needed. The material seemed good. My 100dollar sleeping bags material seemed better, though the100 dollar sleeping bag that was a mummy I tried it on my bed inside and wasn’t very warm. Sooo… it was rhe best for the price and what it advertised.

  3. Emmy L.

    This sleeping bag came so close to getting it right, but not quite.I was super excited to find an affordable version of an expensive name brand wearable sleeping bag, but unfortunately, the arm holes were too small and they are on the front of the sleeping bag when they should be on the sides. So picture a grown adult in a sleeping bag with 3/4 of their arms stuck straight ahead, zombie-style, coming through holes in a sleeping bag. It’s ridiculous and non-functional. There is also no way to button up the bottom of the bag when it’s open so that you can walk around in it without tripping.The overall rest of the bag was plenty big enough for me, my arms are not disproportionately large, and my friend’s name-brand wearable sleeping bag fits me just fine, so I don’t think it was a problem with the individual fit; it’s just an awkwardly designed product.I did give it a couple of stars since I think it would work fine as just a regular sleeping bag and it seemed otherwise well-made.

  4. Sarah

    last weekend was rainy, and i used it at catskill camping site. the waterproof function held up to the expectation. we had an elevated platform, but still, the rain drops coated everything even with a tent, and this sleeping bag could seal off your whole body so you still felt warm and dry inside the bag, despite it was wet every where inside the tent . nice equipment to have.

  5. Conor G.

    I bought this for my grandson for Christmas and it tore in two places after about 3 weeks. It doesn’t give me an option to return it so I guess we’re stuck with a useless sleeping bag. Not happy and not impressed.

  6. A Knight

    This is going to come in SO HANDY next football season. My daughter was struggling a bit to stay warm during the playoffs and I am hoping this will solve the problem.

  7. Brandy

    So I ordered this because it says it’s a 0° sleeping bag and my son was going winter camping with the boyscouts. Thats my 17 year old son in the picture. So it’s really long and he loved it right up until he got out camping. It was in the 30s out but hey it’s meant to keep you comfortable in Temps to 0° right… wrong. He texted me that he was freezing. It will come in handy for his non winter camping but very disappointed that it didn’t even keep him comfortable.

  8. Lee

    I live in Texas but with climate change a reality now, our winters are unpredictable and sometimes shiveringly cold. However, to call this sleeping bag “wearable” is a bit of a joke. I tried wearing it while sitting on my desk chair because I work from home. I slid off the chair immediately and almost landed on my rear end. Even with a chair cushion, this was slippery because of the outer nylon casing so wearing it was out of the question. I also opened the foot side zipper and realized that walking in this bag would face plant me on the floor so that’s not a possibility either, at least for me. It does not come with laundering instructions and my cat, who loves the sleeping bag more than he loves me I think, drools over it. I will take a chance on machine washing this in cold water on low cycle. The good news about this is it’s so snuggly and warm that in a second after I crawl into bed and zip up, even if I am chilly, I turn warm and sleepy. It’s a great indoor sleeping bag but for me, I will wear a heavy hoody and skip the slippery experience of working wearing a sleeping bag.

  9. Liana Karanyan

    Its easy to use and its comfy

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DLINGEAR Wearable Sleeping Bag

Dlingear's 0 Degree sleeping bag offers warmth and comfort for outdoor activities.

Stay cozy on-the-go with DLINGEAR's Wearable Sleeping Bag. Hand-free design and durable material.

- Comfortable
- Portable
- Warm


- Limited mobility
- Not suitable for all weather



in stock


Dlingear, an outdoor gear brand established by three young camping enthusiasts in 2006, aims to bring more fun to outdoor activities and help people forget the stresses of daily life. Their 0 Degree Wearable Sleeping Bag for Adults and Kids is one of their best products, designed to provide warmth and comfort during camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

Crafted from 410GSM hollow cotton with a Wind Buffer to prevent heat loss, this polyester sleeping bag has a temperature range of 32°F-59°F, ensuring that you stay warm and cozy throughout the night. The 190T Pongee lining is skin-friendly and offers a soft, silky, and cozy feeling, making it perfect for sensitive skin. The hand-free design features two zippers in front, allowing users to stretch their hands out for reading, working, or drinking in the cozy sleeping bag.

The XL size measures (190 + 30)cm x 84 cm/(74.9 +11.8)*33IN and is suitable for adults, teens, and kids up to 6.4 feet tall. Made of high-quality durable material, the 210T Anti-tearing Polyester Fabric is waterproof and breathable for optimal warmth and insulation, making it a versatile piece of outdoor gear suitable for all seasons.

Key features of the Dlingear 0 Degree Wearable Sleeping Bag for Adults and Kids include a two-way separating zip at the bottom for freedom of movement, and when unzipped, the sleeping bag becomes a perfect sleeping blanket or quilt alternative.



  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • Warm & Comfortable with temperature range of 32°F-59°F, 410GSM hollow cotton, and Wind Buffer
  • Hand-Free Design with two front zippers
  • XL Size (190 + 30)cm x 84 cm/(74.9 +11.8)*33IN suitable for adults up to 6.4 feet tall
  • High Quality Durable Material with 210T Anti-tearing Polyester Fabric
  • Multipurpose Versatility with a two-way separating zip at bottom
  • // SPECS

    Occupancy‎1 Person
    Shape‎Envelope Style
    Seasons‎All Seasons
    Temperature Rating‎32°F to 59°F
    Age Range Descriptionall age
    Sport TypeCamping sleeping
    Special FeatureWearable waterpoof
    Fill Material‎Cotton
    Product Dimensions‎85.7"L x 33"W
    Closure TypeZipper
    Outer Material‎Polyester
    Fabric Type‎Polyester
    Size(74.9 +11.8)*33IN
    Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎17 x 11 x 11 inches
    Package Weight‎1.81 Kilograms
    Item Dimensions LxWxH‎87.7 x 29 x 8 inches
    Brand NameDlingear
    Model Name‎DL-001
    Suggested Usersunisex-adult
    Part NumberDlin-1
    StyleEnvelope Style
    Included Components‎Polyester fiber, Cotton
    Fill Material Type‎Cotton
    DLINGEAR Wearable Sleeping Bag
    released on April 26, 2021

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    The DLINGEAR Wearable Sleeping Bag is a versatile and comfortable sleep solution for outdoor enthusiasts. It features a 3D design, allowing for freedom of movement while sleeping, and is made from high-quality materials to keep you warm in temperatures as low as 20°F. The sleeping bag also has a built-in pillow and can be easily packed away into a compact size for easy transport. Perfect for camping or backpacking trips, the DLINGEAR Wearable Sleeping Bag provides a convenient and comfortable way to sleep in the great outdoors.

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