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Nurugo Micro 400X is a Tiny Phone Microscope Attachment

The World’s Smallest 400x phone microscope attachment give you a portable microscope in the Palm of Your Hand! Unleash the Scientist within you and easily share your discoveries with Nurugo Micro the smallest smartphone microscope in the world!

  • DISCOVERY ON THE GO – Nurugo Micro is a compact microscope that fits in your pocket but still offers powerful 400X magnification whenever and wherever you want.
  • CONVENIENCE AND EFFICIENCY – Observe and photograph specimens with this high resolution 400X microscope with ease and share them with colleagues and friends. Choose Slow motion, Time lapse, 10 shot burst, Photos or Real time video with a click.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SMARTPHONES – Simply use the accompanying clips to adjust and focus the microscope
  • EASILY SHARE MEDIA – Upload your discoveries to the web, email, text or share your coolest discoveries globally on the Nurugo App

At you can purchase a Nurugo Micro 400X World's Smallest Smartphone Microscope - Analyze Skin Hair Nails Cells Organisms and More - Fastens Securely - Share Media with The Nurugo App - 1 Year Warranty for only $65.99., which is 46% less than the cost in eBay ($123.23). The cheapest price was found on September 22, 2021 7:11 am. – View Buying Options



Nurugo Micro The Smallest 400x Microscope for Smartphone High resolution
Nurugo Micro The Smallest 400x Microscope for Smartphone High resolution *Nurugo Micro The Smallest 400x Microscope for Smartphone It can be used in many profession where accurate changes and immediate research in actual field. With...
NURUGO Micro Mobile Smart Phone Digital Microscope 400x Magnification. C1C.
NURUGO Micro Mobile Smart Phone Digital Microscope 400x Magnification. C1C. Shipped with USPS Priority mail. Opened box. Free shipping.
"NEW" NURUGO MICRO Smallest Smart Phone Digital Microscope 400x Magnification
KOEAN SELLER.100 % NEW100 % GENUINEVERY SAFTY PACKING, VERY FAST SHIPPINGVERY FAST SHIPPING PROVIDE TRACKING NUMBER THIS ITEM Discovery begins with Nurugo Micro Nurugo Micro is not only for the benefit of researchers, scientists or...



Phone Microscope Attachment
released on August 8, 2016


Nurugo High End Microscope for Smartphones with 400x ...

Nurugo Micro 400x Smartphone microscope Convert your smartphone into a powerful 400x microscope! Use it to explore surfaces, materials, or microscopic slides. The Nurugo Micro comes with several mounting brackets and centering rings and can be used with virtually any actual smartphone.

Nurugo Micro : The Smallest 400x Microscope for Smartphone ...

Nurugo Micro is the smallest and lightest digital microscope with 400x magnification and high resolution.

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8 Reviews for Phone Microscope Attachment

  1. Bernard H. Meyer

    Fantastic microscope. Missing a few of the lens guides but the supplier is sending more.( works without the guide but the guide appears to be some added protection for the lens. 400X is achieved apparently by using the 8X mag on the cell phone and a 50 X lens in the scope. Tough to take pictures at high magnification without using some kind of stationary stand. With that said, tis a lot of fun!!


    Good product. Almost equal to microscope eye piece 10x X objective 10x=100x. A histology slide can be scanned with it.

  3. Rich

    Great quality, cutting edge technology device. The only problem is that because of the lack of adjustments it’s not capable of serious professional cell counting or analysis. You can see the cells clearly which is amazing! But because of it’s small size & cumbersome focus setup requirements it’s very difficult to calibrate this mini microscope to get accurate cell counts or analysis. I think it would be great to ‘just check for living cell matter out in the field’, but it won’t replace your standard full size lab microscope. If that’s what you’re getting it for then this is a great and outstanding product. Otherwise invest in a full featured professional unit to get the job done right.

  4. Jeffrey Hart

    Very cool product that turns your smart phone into a microscope. Best for photographing images of objects that are held very close to the lens. Simple set up. Requires an app that can be downloaded for free.

  5. Nash

    Works fine on iPhone X with a bit of adjustment. Make sure to point the microscope lens over the iphones lower lens. Wish it came with iPhone X attachments and spare microscope slides and cover slips for observing liquids.

  6. Lindsay Miller

    I am delighted with this tiny microscope! I take it everywhere with me. It takes amazing photos, although it does take a few tries to figure out how to hold the phone steady. The lighting is excellent because it uses the light from the phone’s flash. I’ve used it successfully on iphone 6 and iphone x. I’ve been able to see incredible detail at a 90 micron scale. There is a scale bar feature in the app, and I found a quick calibration to show it to be pretty accurate. You can take both photo and video using this and the app works well. It’s obviously not going to take as high magnification images as a larger table top microscope, but given the size and cost this one is really great.

  7. jaggercash671

    The lens work greatBut the housing for sucks it doesn’t hold in place keeps moving and makes it impossible to use . And the tool for adjusting the les like really really bad make I even way harder to adjust lens

  8. Victoria B

    What a piece of crap. Do not buy it if you have iPhone 11. My kid has iPhone XS so I used it on his phone and let me tell you it’s a waste of money.

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Nurugo Micro: a 400x microscope for smartphones - SlashGear

March 14, 2016 - SlashGear

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