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Wearable Neck Fan

Hands-free, portable neck fan keeps you cool anywhere.

Hands-free neck fan with 3 adjustable modes and up to 8 hours of use. Flexible design for various activities.

- Portable
- Hands-free
- Rechargeable


- Limited battery life
- May be noisy

A Hands Free Personal Fan you wear around your neck to keep you cool

The portable fan is rechargeable and is powered by USB. It has 3 different air flow settings to chose from to keep you cool in different environments. A convenient device to keep you cool at home, around the office, walking, traveling, and even works great outdoors.

  • Portable Neck Fan – Our Portable mini air-conditioner with fan, free your hands and convenient for use indoor outdoor. Soft silicone material with adjustable curved structure provides comfortable neck protection and adjusts size to unused neck circumference. No hassle and Very comfortable for Daily Use.
  • 3 Modes Adjustable – The first mode is normal breeze, the second is low cooling mode and the third is high cooling mode. Sending cooling breeze of 42.8°F.
  • Long Working Hours – The neck cooling fan is equipped with Super Quite Engine and AI refrigerating Chip with adjustable fans, simple to operate and effective to cool down. 2*1800mAh battery keeps continuously working for average 7-8 hours(20 hours fanning or 3hours cooling).
  • Rotation Design – This air conditioner cooling neck fan allows you to flexibly adjust the direction of 45 degrees to allow you to find the most appropriate direction.
  • Widely Applied – Our neck fan is applied to various activities, like golfing, hiking, fishing, subway, biking excursion, festival, commuting, and school. Suits to people from 10 to 60. This is a great choice for you.


At amazon.com you can purchase a WHITE Neck Fan for only $19.99., which is 67% less than the cost in eBay ($60.02). The cheapest price was found on May 12, 2024 6:10 pm. – View Buying Options


Evangelion Official first model Spice Portable fan Double fan Hands-free ver.2.0
Evangelion Official first model Spice Portable fan Double fan...


Stay cool and comfortable on-the-go with our innovative Wearable Neck Fan. Designed with active individuals in mind, it's the perfect solution for outdoor enthusiasts, runners, and anyone who wants to stay cool and refreshed even during the hottest weather conditions. With its lightweight and hands-free design, this fan provides a comfortable and hassle-free cooling experience. Whether you're out for a run, hiking or simply relaxing on your porch, our wearable neck fan is the perfect way to stay cool and comfortable without missing a beat. Our neoprene neck wrap is adjustable for the perfect fit, and the three-speed fan provides customizable cooling. With a rechargeable battery, this fan provides electronic cooling for hours on end. Keep cool and stylish with our unique and effective Wearable Neck Fan.

  • Portable Neck Fan - hands-free and flexible
  • 3 Modes Adjustable - normal breeze, low cooling mode, and high cooling mode
  • Long Working Hours - lasts up to 8 hours
  • Rotation Design - 45-degree flexible adjustment
  • Widely Applied - suitable for various activities


    Wearable Neck Fan
    released on April 9, 2020
    Will this fit a 22 inch neck?

    Yes I guess so, because it can stretch out

    Do the fans convert hot wind to cool wind?

    It works like a normal fan, but I don't really feel the coolness.

    can you use just the cooling chip and no fans?

    No. But no big deal.

    Can my car charge this unit?

    It does have a USB charger. Yes it should.

    Can it be used with regular batteries too?

    Not that I have found. , The rechargeable battery is built in.



    The wearable neck fan is a device that is designed to provide relief and comfort during hot and humid weather conditions. It is a lightweight, portable, and hands-free solution that can be worn around the neck like a collar. The fan comes with two small air vents that deliver a cool breeze towards the user's face and neck, providing instant relief and combating the heat. The fan's speed can be adjusted to cater to different preferences, and it operates quietly, making it suitable for use in various settings such as work, outdoor activities, and sports. Additionally, the wearable neck fan is rechargeable, and its battery life can last up to several hours, depending on usage. The compact design makes it easy to carry around in a bag or pocket, and it is also easy to clean and maintain. Overall, the wearable neck fan offers an effective and practical solution to combat the discomforts of hot and humid weather conditions, providing a refreshing and soothing experience.


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    16 Reviews for Wearable Neck Fan

    1. denise underwood

      So I ordered this product because I work on roofs and the heat is pretty bad. The seller for me was that this product advertised a humidifier and mist spray for cooling. Well, that’s not the case at all… There is no humidifier or cool mist spray coming from this unit, so I was pretty disappointed. However, the fans are pleasantly powerful, and the semiconductor powering the metal cooling bar, for an “A/C like sensation,” definitely feels refreshing in the heat. Overall, I am pleased with the product, but I gave 3 stars because it was falsely advertised and now I need to order a spray mister to accomplish what it said it would do to begin with.

    2. laura p.

      At first I thought the unit was defective because after it was charged I couldn’t turn it on. I contacted seller they send me a guide in English and that’s where I understood what I did wrong. After I figured it out I used it for a few hours it works great. I look forward to using it on these hot days

    3. Cole Chatham

      Great productIt really helps me stay cool at work

    4. Robert Williams

      I just received it in the mail an just by looking at it , it looks really nice. I did try it on an I have to say it is a little smaller than I would like it to be but that was expected. So I did try it out for about 15 minutes an im impressed. It keep my neck cool all the way around an it has good fan power so all in all I like it am I would definitely recommend it

    5. Larry Gruchalski

      Works great.Long delivery time.

    6. Hoda M

      The equipment works and makes you a little more cooler, but it’s impossible to use for a long time as the noise is too high. I believe that my unit my have some issue as one of the fans is much louder than the other. If it wasn’t for the noise I would give four or five stars.

    7. Stan W

      I purchased these for my wife. She is a professional newborn photographer.She’s looked at many different options such as the wet towel around the neck, the dangling fans, fans that go around the neck and stick way out so they can blow air onto your face.I did a lot of research and read many reviews and knew that even though a bit pricey they were what she needed.They even have a bar that sits on your neck that gets cold.Well worth the investment!

    8. Tamekea Jones

      I love love love this! It helps so very much with heat intolerance r/t MS. I do not loose my vision NEARLY as bad when I’m cleaning.

    9. Jennifer Smith

      Thought would be great for my hot flashes. I got it noticed was not color I ordered. Then put it on my neck and was shocked how heavy it was. Turned it all on. Loved it at first. Then quickly realized that the battery dies quickly when the ac part is on. Only used it 3 times and then the 4the time the ace part stopped working and just got hot. Felt like a heater instead of a cooler. I figured my hair got sucked in by the fan so took it apart do get hair out of fan blades. Now that is apart in pieces it works but if put back how it was will not work. Very disappointed. Never spend this much money on myself but figured I deserved it and needed it. Regreat now. Wish I had my money back.

    10. Danny C

      Purchased 12 Feb 2020. Gave it a full charge before first use, charging light was red. Used a total of half hour and went to top off the charge, but no red light this time. I’m assuming it’s no longer able to charge. Paid way too much money for a defective product.

    11. Junyi Zhou

      I went to the music festival wearing a neck collar fan, and the constant jumping and shouting made me sweat. The fan cooled me down fast, and made my dancing experience much better.The fan has three wind speeds: low, medium and high, and you can also adjust the angle you like. It is powerful, and hands-free!I plan to buy another one for my wife. She will definitely enjoy it while cooking or cleaning.

    12. Yogesh Agrawal

      It’s a great investment and I bought it at a perfect time. Extremely comfortable and it looks cool as well. It feels as if I have a headphone around my neck and since I have switched to earpods, my neck is free for it’s use. And if it kept me cool in this Louisiana heat, it’s cooling should be good for anyone. And the best part, it’s such a novelty product that everyone asks me about it. My p30 pro didn’t get me this much attention as this has.

    13. Jeremiah

      I really like this portable fan. It’s angles are adjustable, it is flexible and the battery life is really good. I took it to work in the yard. It has cooling chips and different wind speed adjustments, which keep my neck and face cool so that my body doesn’t sweat. This is the best companion in the summer. Overall I am very satisfied and will buy again.

    14. Brit67

      Was on the fence because the cooling bar seemed to heat up a bit. I’m menopausal so willing to give this a go. It’s great when stationary, fans are loud but effective. Hopeful for long term use but cautionary. All in all does what it is advertised to do.!

    15. Ann

      Starting to get hot out and I use these when seating at home to cool off my bodyMy family borrows it also to get some relief from the heatIts very flexible and comfy around neck, last a good timeYou can also travel with it bc its portable. Im sure it will come in handy when feeling over heated or flushedIts stylish too, I purchased the white oneIts quiet and comes with usb rechargeable cableIt has 3 speed fans, easy to use. Im getting another one for my niece so she can stay cool in school so she can beat the heat.

    16. ShovonB

      I really like this portable neck cooler. It does great indoors but the moment you walk outside it’s not that powerful. First complaint.. it doesn’t blow the air directly to your face it blows on your neck.. seconds thing I’ve noticed the fans are not that powerful.. full blast it’s not strong enough to move air quickly.. it’s also a bit noisy.It’s a step up from the cheap $15 neck cooler but not perfect

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