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R9 Bone Conduction Headphones
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SHANGRI-LA R9 Bone Conduction Headphones

Ear Free Headset utilizes Ergonomic Design + Bone Conduction Earphone for Driving, Walking, etc. Now you can safely listen to music while also hearing your surroundings! The R9 Bone Conduction Headphones model are a great cheap alternative to the more expensive brands.

  • Bone Conduction Technology – Bone conduction gives you a new experience and will solve the eardrum injury problem after you hear the songs for a long time.
  • Charge and Duration – R9 bone conduction earphone could be fully charged with 2 hours . You can play the music and calling for 6 hours and the standby time could up to 10 days.
  • Material – It is made of the soft rubber material and food-grade imported soft rubber jointing design which will not easily hurt the eardrum.
  • Easy Operation – The bone conduction adopts the simple button design and you can press the side key for 3 seconds for voice dial; Reject the call and listen to music by press the button for 2 seconds; Click the button to play/pause the music.
  • Good for Sport – You can hear the sounds from the surrounding environment and reduce the dangers when you playing, walking, driving.

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Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth5.0 Free Ears Sport Headset Quick Charge ...
Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth5.0 Free Ears Sport Headset...


Experience a new way of listening to your favorite tunes with the R9 bone conduction headphones. Unlike traditional headphones, these headphones transmit sound waves through your cheekbones, leaving your ears open and aware of your surroundings. This innovative technology allows you to enjoy your music without sacrificing your safety during outdoor activities like running, cycling, or driving. The R9 headphones are made of durable and sweat-proof materials, making them perfect for intense workouts or outdoor adventures. With a comfortable and lightweight design, you can wear them for hours without any discomfort. These headphones are also Bluetooth compatible and have a long-lasting battery life, giving you wireless freedom for up to 8 hours. Experience high-quality sound and stay alert with the R9 bone conduction headphones.



The R9 Bone Conduction Headphones are a revolutionary new type of headphones that use bone conduction technology to transmit sound waves through your cheekbones and directly to your inner ear. This means that you can enjoy music, podcasts, and phone calls without having anything in your ears, which is ideal for people who like to stay aware of their surroundings or who suffer from ear sensitivity. The R9 Bone Conduction Headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which means you can easily connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The headphones are also sweatproof and waterproof, making them perfect for use during exercise or any outdoor activity. With a battery life of up to six hours and a standby time of up to 10 days, you won't have to worry about running out of power mid-use. Additionally, the R9 Bone Conduction Headphones are lightweight and comfortable, making them easy to wear for extended periods of time without any discomfort. Overall, the R9 Bone Conduction Headphones offer a unique and innovative way to listen to your favorite audio content without obstructing your ears or sacrificing quality.


Headphones Form FactorIn Ear
Item Weight8.8 Ounces
R9 Bone Conduction Headphones
released on March 12, 2019


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R9 Bone Conduction Headphones, Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei and Other Android Smartphones White. Unbrand. Model: z. Average Rating: stars. out of 5 stars. Write a review.

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The bone-conduction technology design of our headphones solve the troubles and problems of in-ear headphones. As a result, the wearer can perceive surrounding voice better and wear comfortably. Our stereo bone-conduction headphones are the best choice to answer calls and enjoy exquisite music, which combines moisture proof and sweat-proof ...

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While bone conduction headphones are generally safe, experts advise us to keep a close eye on the volume—there is a tendency to crank it way up since bone conduction headphones lack an ear seal ...


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11 Reviews for R9 Bone Conduction Headphones

  1. B. Andrews

    I’ve had two pairs of Trekz Air previously and had problems with the mic so I decided to try these to compare. I purchased 3 pairs of the Vidonn F1 Sports.I loved the fit of the Trekz. The F1s fit my wife and female coworkers better than they do me. The Trekz fit me better. The F1s pull a little bit when I move my neck, but it just takes time to get used to. They do stay in place and sound quite nice.The sound is good on both. The Trekz have more crisp highs and flat mids. Bass is almost non-existent. The F1s have a bit more mid, moderate highs and little bass. The sound is not bad on either but they do both sound quite different and different than ear buds. I’m happy with either.Hands free calling in important for me and the reason I gave up on the Trekz. They were very susceptible to 2.4 wifi interference. The F1s do not have that issue. The noise cancelling is not as aggressive as the Trekz, but they do sound very clear, reduce noise, and even sound good while hiking or in the car. I use Polycom VVX601 phones in the office and they only have Bluetooth 2.1. The Trekz will not work with them. The F1s work great.Build quality is about the same. The Trekz are a little lighter and flexible, but I don’t see a real difference in durability. The rubber on the back of the F1s appears thicker than the Treks. I’m not sure it really matters though.In conclusion, they are about equal overall for me. Functionally, the F1s excel and fit the Trekz do. For the price, there is no comparison, I will buy the F1s again and not Trekz.I also have a Plantronics Legend. The mic quality on it far exceeds either of these so don’t think it will be that clear. Hands free call quality on the F1 was on par with a Plantronics Explorer though, maybe a bit better.

  2. Duck sauce

    Good stuff, better than I expected. Enough power for everyday use. Quick charges. For this price, it is totally worth .

  3. Slaurean b

     I was sick of the poor quality wireless earbuds that either fall out when running or keeping loosing the Bluetooth connection. These fit snug and comfortable. They are great for working out with. They easily paired to my phone and sound very good with plenty of volume. Battery lasts at least 5 hours on a charge.

  4. Ada ZHU

    I have used it for a while now , and I love it , highly recommended ear bug , very comfy , wont make your ear uncomfortable even after wearing it for a long time , gonna purchase another one for my husband

  5. Boris Yoffe

    I tried bone conduction headset in one of the duty free shops and was immediately sold on the concept and versatility. But the leading brands were unreasonably expensive. So I was happy to find something less expensive that looked good and promised dissent quality. After one week of use, here are my conclusions: 1) Sound quality is compatible to the cheap conventional headsets that airlines give you for free; bass is non-existent, sound is flat and lacks deepness. 2) Comfort is average. You feel the weight. Buttons are small and controls are not that easy to find while wearing the headset. 3) Battery life is 5-6 hours. Not bad but I’d expect better considering the overall weigh and size. 4) Not sure if this is my headset but BT connection is 2-stars: the sound is dotted (breaking out) even if my phone is just 2-3 feet from headset. Overall, not very happy with the headset and planning to return it.

  6. d

    The big things when it comes to bone conduction systems is to manage expectations. I also use a pair of Jaybird Tarahs, and those blow these out of the water in terms of audio quality. However, those block out sound rather well, which makes it hard to hear what is going on around you. These, being open ‘earbuds’, allow me to be much more aware of what is going on around me, which I rather like. Latency is not a problem, and actually seem to be better than my Tarahs.As far as fit, I find them to be a bit on the tight side. I do have a wider head however. I also find that if I try to look up, the back of my head pushes down on the back of the band, which is less than preferable.Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. You can’t buy any bone conduction sound systems and expect them to sound as good as ‘normal’ audio solutions. You do however get the benefit of increased awareness. Their headphones for a VERY specific purpose.

  7. David Norton

    I gave this product 2 stars primarily due to the buttons being too small and close together. The song advance forward button is so close to the Off button, that I can’t skip forward a song without turning the headphones off. This is a serious flaw. I don’t have large fingers, and even when I take the head-phones off, and carefully try to advance to the next song, I turn them off. The sound quality is pretty good. There is slightly less detail in the sound than an in-ear type of head-phone, but it’s not bad sound quality. The sound could be slightly louder, but considering they don’t sit inside your ear, I can’t complain. Overall I feel the sound is good enough and I can hear what’s going on around me which is why I bought these. I mountain bike, and want to be able to hear other bikers or hikers. The head-phones are very comfortable to wear and stay on well while working out, riding a bike, etc. They last long enough, are easy to use. I’d give it 4 stars if they’d make the buttons further apart, and maybe larger. 5 stars would require a little more volume.


    I am hard of hearing. I cannot use hearing aids and headphones. I bought another more expensive version from another company. That version had a problem with the ear pieces breaking after using for about 1 year. I had tried to repair them but could not fix the last broken wire. When I saw your version, it had everything I needed: Flexible fit, bone conduction, and a great price. The product had the same great sound quality the other brand had, the flexible fit to prevent it from breaking and ease of use. I am going to buy one for my wife when her repaired one dies.

  9. Alexander745

    I have been 90% deaf in my right ear for 40 years. Then one day I came across a weird looking set of headphones and put then on the normal way, trying to insert into to ear, and it just did not “fit.” But a really weird thing happened–I could hear in my right ear. I was hearing STEREO again!I then digged into this and found out they were Bone Conduction headphones–something I never knew existed. They broke because they were all rigid, and so I looked for another type, and found these with a flexible backing, and for just $37 too. I went for it in a flash. it is a no-brainer for that priceThese are great. I listen mostly to talk and speech at work so I do not care about great musical quality, but the sound quality I hear is just perfect. And who cares for rich musical sound with Bone Conduction because your ear is free to hear the ambient noise all around you as you listen to the headphones –a real PLUS because I can listen to them and still hear everything normally happening around me. No vibration, fit nicely, flexible. Can’t comment about call featues yet.It is so weird to hear in stereo even though my right ear somehow got damaged a long time ago.UPDATE. But after awhile the earpieces came lose from the head band, and you can see the wires, and the earpieces wiggle. It is just a matter of time before the wires break and the item is useless. It is poorly designed


    I wasn’t looking for HiFi or booming bass. I just wanted a decent bluetooth device to safely make calls while driving and listen to music occasionally. The mic works fairly well, however, if you are in a noisy environment you won’t be able to hear it as well because your ear canal is still open. You can use the included earplugs but that defeats the purpose of having bone conduction – the ability to hear your surroundings.I like the light weight, flexible band – some others are stiff or the band was too small and painful – not these. My only comfort issues are that these seem to hug my temples tight and give me some fatigue. This maybe because I am not accustomed to them yet so for now I give it 3 stars for comfort.Also battery life seems to be good.UPDATE: I have used these for 1 month now and I am still pretty happy with them. I have become more accustomed to them so my temples don’t hurt as much. Battery life is still good.UPDATE: 6 months and still good. I have become more accustomed to them but still get some fatigue. Battery life is still great. One thing that I didn’t mention before is that if a caller suddenly talks loud (i.e. “oh HEY” or “BTW”) your temples will buzz pretty fiercely which I hate. To bad there isn’t a compressor built into it. I have not notice this with music or movies (well maybe some explosions – but you expect it then).UPDATE: 1 year and still working. Nothing more to add.

  11. B. King

    It stopped working after 10 days. I got a return approval, but unlike anything else I’ve bought on Amazon, this was a complicated and expensive procedure to send back. Although my headset was in practically untouched condition, it’s still in the box in my cellar, because I couldn’t get it to a UPS office within the short requirement time. I’m not too happy with this purchase.

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