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Chips Ultra True Wireless Snow Helmet Audio by Outdoor Tech

The Chips Ultra are a universal True Wireless helmet audio solution. With glove-friendly controls, the Chips Ultra make it easy to manage all music and voice functions. Connect the Chips Ultra to your Bluetooth device, drop them into your audio compatible helmet and listen to your best playlist.

The new Outdoor Technology Chips Ultra are the greatest way for you to crank your own tunes all day on the mountain. The Chips Ultra fits into most any helmet that is audio compatible, especially brands like Giro, Smith and others. The 40mm speakers put out a fantastic sound, and the built in microphone will allow you to answer calls, adjust the volume, or skip a tune while you have your gloves on. The 12 hour play time and 2 hour charge will have rocking out in no time.

  • True wireless
  • 12 hour play time
  • Bluetooth profile V5. 0
  • 10 meter operation range
  • 2 hour charging time

At you can purchase a Outdoor Tech Chips Ultra Bluetooth Helmet Replacement Chip - ONE CHIP for only $89.99. The cheapest price was found on June 17, 2021 1:10 pm. – View Buying Options



Outdoor Tech Chips Ultra Bluetooth Helmet Replacement Chip - ONE CHIP
Outdoor Tech Chips Ultra Bluetooth Helmet Replacement Chip - ONE CHIP
True Wireless Helmet Audio Outdoor Tech Chips Ultra
You might want to sit down because here are the Chips Ultra You might want to sit down because here are the Chips UltraThe only universal true wireless helmet audio solution. No wires anywhere… True Wireless. With glove-friendly...



SizeOne Size
BrandOutdoor Tech
Item Weight0.53 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH10 x 9 x 3 inches
Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet Audio
released on June 11, 2019



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8 Reviews for Chips Ultra Wireless Helmet Audio

  1. T. Fung

    I waited a long time for these, ever since they were announced nearly a year ago… Really wanted to have wireless audio with PTT walkie talkie function when I go on the slopes.. While the quality of these were very good, and the charging case is very nice, the main issue I had was with the app and the PTT walkie talkie function not working at all. I tried both the android version as well as the ios version on different phones, and no matter what I did, the app would not recognize the chips as connected to the phone.. Even though it was paired perfectly fine, and it worked fine as a regular bluetooth headset… No matter what I did, the app would not work and see the chips, and if you read the comments on the app reviews in google store or apple store, it seems that this problem is almost universal… So unfortunately, these will be going back.. Will purchase again if they decide to fix the app….

  2. Justin

    I’m a new convert to wearing helmets and was worried about my options for audio. Found these Chips Ultras and thought I’d give them a try. Definitely a great purchase and worth the money.Great audio. No issues with connectivity and plenty of battery life, plus more power built into the case, what’s not to like. Answering and making calls is easy. Same for sending texts and you don’t have to remove your gloves to do access any of those feature.Great item.

  3. Matthew J. Lando

    Great product. Pairs easily to my iwatch. The only drawback is they automatically turn off after about 8 minutes so when I’m talking on the ski lift they always turn off. Still great sound and work great. Charging case is great too

  4. C. Jones

    I have been using Chips old 1.0 wireless bluetooth headphones for five years now so I figured it was time for an upgrade. I liked the idea of having these be truly wireless and to see what advancements have been made over the past five years. Overall they are good headphones, but not great ones. Over the past few years bluetooh headphones have progressed rapidly, but these feel like they are a generation or two behind the times now.Pairing – Pairing is pretty easy, mine did so with minimal fuss.Sound – Sound quality is good, improved from my first gen Chips bluetoohSize – They are about 1mm thicker than the original set, but that didn’t affect my use at allUse – Each earpiece must be turned on and off separately, which is a little odd, again with the bar being so high it was unexpected. Also unexpected, they shut off after 5 minutes. This is ANNOYING! My usual day is riding up the lift with some buds, a six minute ride, then we split up for our run and meet up again at the bottom. Normally I like to pause my music in the lift lines and on the ride to chat with my friends and listed for instructions from the liftiez, then tap them on once I’m on my run. If I ride solo, I’ll leave them playing more, but still find there are several times during the day when I pause them for more than five minutes. So with the old Chips, they would come back on when I tapped to start the music, with these, I have to hold each headphone button for a couple of seconds to turn them on, then wait a bit and tap again to get my music going. I have had mine cut out once or twice on a ride, feels like a weak bluetooth signal, but it hasn’t been frequent yet.The charging case is lovely, though I do find the fit of the headphones in mine is very tight and they can be hard to get out of the case.What’s missing – App, settings, updates? No where to be found. Listen for Siri without tapping? Not here on these yet. Do both headphones have a microphone? Can’t tell, I don’t see any information on this. Chips docs are ok, but I I’d love to see detailed information on these like if you can get updates later, is there ways to configure them at all with some button pushing? Will there be an app that could setup things like the power-offer timer? (Please please please add this!) This day and age, expensive headphones (which these are) have come a long way and raised the bar as to what we expect out them and the Chips Ultra are not up to that standard.

  5. bryce korver

    I wanted to give these a good review, because they were the best helmet headphones that I’ve owned, until they the left side soeaker quit working after two uses.

  6. James Milner

    Most of the time works. Cuts out a few times per day. Still like better than alternatives.

  7. CMC

    They sound decent but the Bluetooth range is really bad. I keep my phone in a chest pocket in my ski suit and if I turn my head too far the one on the far side cuts out. Also have had to re-pair them randomly one morning on the mountain which was really annoying in snowy conditions which was sort of annoying.The biggest annoyance is they shut off automatically after a few minutes which always seems to happen while I’m on the ski lift so I have to turn them back in every run. Annoying!

  8. Harold

    was a little worried at first, I have a wired pair of these that I put in my motorcycle helmet and they’re not that load, I have a fairly quiet bike but it was hard to hear over the wind noise.This wireless pair… wow, at least twice as loud. Easy to pair, great sound, and love that I don’t have to deal with a wire sticking out of my helmet to my backpack. With a bluetooth remove I can just leave my phone in my saddle bags now.

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