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2.86 Inch Widescreen Smart Watch can also Replace your Phone

This multifunction widescreen smartwatch features a 2.86 inch display and is the largest we’ve ever seen on a smart watch phone. The watch is more like a phone strapped to your wrist, its not only a watch but the large screen makes it function as a great phone replacement! The 2.86 inch smartwatch is also a superb gaming watch.

  • MULTIFUNCTION: 4G smart watch, large memory, detachable strap, ceramic watch bezel, 2880 mAh large capacity battery, card call, IP67, WiFi. Pedometer, Heart rate measurement, Message, Music Sync Function, Map, Weather, Alarm, APP Store, Sound Recorder, Calendar, Voice Search.
  • BIGGEST SCREEN DISPLAY EVER MADE: Introducing the world’s first large screen smart watch. Experience the most immersive and largest display ever. The 2.86 inch ( 640×480) display lets you see more at once.
  • FAST NETWORK: With a 4G support build in sim card slot now you can enjoy hands free calls and use various online apps anywhere and anytime on your bigger display.
  • CAPTURE YOUR MOMENTS: Save every moment with clarity using your smart watch. Now you can enjoy your video calls and selfies with brightness, details and enhanced clarity.
  • WATCH YOUR HEART: Equipped with a heart rate sensor and a built-in heart rate monitor, you can check your heart rate during a workout; see your resting, walking, breathe, workout, and recovery rates throughout the day; or take a new reading at any time.
  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE: Take a break from charging. The 2700 mAh battery eliminates the need for daily charging and helps you keep up with your busy week.
  • DM98, DM99, DM100 | LEMFO LEM T | Refly – Widescreen Smartphone Watch


TICWRIS MAX Smart Watch 2.86 Inch HD Screen 3G+32G 4G-LTE *IN USA* 

Hello all, I have my TicWris Max smart watch for sale that my wife didn't want. We bought 2 and once she got it, said it was too big for her to wear. 100% new and only put on once and put back in the box. Still has the original screen protector on it plus it comes...

4G Smart Watch 2.86 inch Screen Android

Condition is New in box. 2.86" Touch Screen LCD ScreenRuns on Android 7.1.5MP Camera2700mAh BatteryHeartbeat monitorStep CounterSIM card can be inserted and watch used as a phone32GB ROM with 3GB StorageBluetoothWIFIComes with screen protector

DM100 4G Smart Watch Sports WiFi GPS BT 2.86 Inch 1G+16G Phone Call SIM Camera

Overview: DM100 4G Smartwatch integrates with Pedometer, Heart Rate Tracker, Message Reminder, Interactive Music, Calendar, Dial Call, Push Message, Alarm Clock, Answer Call, Date & Time, Camera, Sound Recorder and Browser. Android 7.1, MTK6739 Quad-core CPU, 1GB...

2.86"inch 4G Smart Watch 3GB+32GB Phone Call Android 7.1 5MP Camera GPS SIM WIFI

Overview: DM100 4G Smartwatch integrates with Pedometer, Heart Rate Tracker, Message Reminder, Interactive Music, Calendar, Dial Call, Push Message, Alarm Clock, Answer Call, Date & Time, Camera, Sound Recorder and Browser. Android 7.1, MTK6739 Quad-core CPU, 3GB...

TICWRIS MAX Smart Watch 2.86 Inch HD Screen 3G+32G 4G-LTE *IN USA* 

TICWRIS MAX Smart Watch 2.86 Inch HD Screen 3G+32G 4G-LTE *Unlocked* Condition is open box. Comes in original box with original accessories.


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  • The lowest price of for LEMFO LEM T - Android 7.1 4G LTE 2.86" Screen Smart Watches,MT6739 3GB+32GB 5MP Camera,Translator,GPS,WiFi,Heart Rate Monitor,Multi Sport Mode Smartwatch Phone for Men Women (Black) was obtained on November 25, 2020 11:09 pm.

// Specifications

Brand Makibes
Model DM98
Color Silver
Type Smart Watch
Compatibility Android / IOS
OS Compatibility Android 4.3 and above systems
Camera 0.3MP (Front camera)
Screen Size 2.2 inch IPS full perspective display
Screen Resolution 320*240 pixel
Touch Screen Support Yes
Bluetooth BT4.0 Low power consumption
Battery Type 900mAh
Standby Time 280 hours
Package Content 1 x DM98 Smart Watch Phone 1 x Charging Cable 1 x User Manual
Date First Available September 27, 2017

// Company Profile –


17 Reviews for 2.86 Inch Widescreen Smartphone Watch

  1. Nolan L.

    I really love this watch this watch does everything what a lot of people don’t know is this watch can mirror your phone meaning I took my watch to T-Mobile where I already had an account and they were able to set it up so I can actually leave my phone at home and still receive my calls by my watch you don’t even you don’t even need to Bluetooth mobile can set up your watch where it will mirror your phone and you will get all of your messages all of your emails as well as phone calls and you don’t even have to have your phone near you this is the best smartwatch you can purchase for this price and I believe this watch is a lot better than any Apple watch that’s on the market right now.

  2. Maria

    Items arrived open.

  3. patricia

    Wow I’m sooo disappointed in this smart watch,,, first off it’s a no name brand for 90 bucks..lol insane and what a shocker that the stupid thing doesn’t even work …omg….returning a.s.a.p

  4. Sieya Sina

    i love these big smart watch…it took a month to arrive even thow i have amazon prime that suposed to take a day or 2 but it was worth the wait…i love it

  5. Herb S

    This works well and is very functional. It is amazingly functional for a screen its size. I loaded several of my applications that worked just fine. Unfortunately, I cannot use it. I broke my wrist several years ago. I have metal in my wrist. The watch bothers me. I have not worn a watch in a long time. It may be that any watch would bother me but he size and weight of this watch certainly does not help. I am sure for some people it would feel just fine.

  6. bobby sauber

    It would not take the qr code but I changed it manually but unable to change the date and time. Call Amazon and they sent a message.

  7. richard lewis

    Is it a Honda, noIs it a Toyota, noIt’s a Lemfo……smooth riding

  8. Louis E. Thornton

    Big clear screen…it even runs KODI! I paired it with a bluetooth keyboard with a touch pad and I’m writing this on the watch…add WIN X Launcher from the Google play store, pay $.99 more for the paided verson and you have a small computer on your arm!!! enjoy….I am.

  9. Br3ntl3ys

    I haven’t got the nano SIM card yet for this which you will need to make calls so I can’t comment on that which is another $8. If I decide to hook it up? But this thing for a watch using WiFi is pretty cool! They’re are different prices out there I paid $150, which I was sceptical why I was saving $100 over other offers and similar watches but it arrived sealed and works perfect with what seems like the latest firmware and if not I will update it but it’s a little hard to learn compared to a regular cell phone. Seems to do almost anything and fast too! As of now I’m saying this thing is dope! It’s a little bit bulky on your wrist but that’s the trade-off for being able to actually type and see things clearly on a watch. Pretty cool gadget! It does get a little warm and has a very unique charger that you have to have. Overall it’s a neat device but I’m sure they will have something better in a month lol.

  10. Neal Losier

    I am pleased with it. A bit fiddly and English is obviously not first language of the builders. It took me awhile to get it to connect to my WIFI. Rebooted the modem after the second day and TICWRIS was connected when I turned it on. Will probably get a SIM card for it and continue to play with it. My goal is to replace a Note 9 and a Galaxy Frontier smart watch. Not there yet. Not giving up yet though.

  11. Jon

    I’ve added a SIM card (t-mobile), tested BT with the echo buds (work fine), installed/tested a few games/emulators and pretty much ever feature available on this watch with no issues. The face unlock is pretty cool and works fine. I don’t use the auto watch on raise option, kept going off while laying in bed. But for the price, it’s a great watch. My prior watch was a LEM4Pro and I do like this one much better. I posted a YT video on the channel wagnerstechtalk if you want to see it in action.

  12. scott bourque

    Andr 7.1.1 isn’t stock but overlayed just right shower proof yes and splashes.goid GPS and play store but works very well as does 4g @52mbps paid $150 worth it came 13 days early

  13. Spoilers21

    Product didn’t work well Gave away

  14. Christopher Tirey

    Watch did not work with my verizon phone and when it was suppose to get to me it keepers saying “on the way but running late”! Highly unsatisfied with product and the shipper SFExpress!!! Ended up wasting over $200 on this item!!!

  15. Watch Guy

    WARNING. did not provide what was advertised.

  16. Summer

     I call it my “phone on the go” A “mini Android”….Likes/dislikes-Works as a phone (in a not too noisy environment; speaker phone only unless paired with a good earpiece)- Can install limited interaction apps like thermostat control or youtube. Anything that doesn’t require a lot of precise interaction (screen too small for games like it claims…”Gamer watch”).- Unless you have toothpicks for fingers there is no gaming to be done on this watch… i haven’t tried this but maybe you can bluetooth an xbox controller to it…- Typing on the keyboard is surprisingly accurate! Even more so than on a large phone!…but, hitting the enter button by mistake happens all the time and unlike a phone its not always easy to get the keyboard to pop back up. So you end up sending incomplete text messages or visiting unintended websites basically making you start back over with more care.-Just a little heavy on the arm but can still wear almost all day. Doesn’t get hot.-You become more aware that its on your arm after a few accidental hits against door knobs, counter tops and walls as you turn corners. Screen protector is a must and it does come with one.-Conversation piece… most popular topic is how it looks like a ankle monitor someone on probation would wear. lolStrap is more durable than I thought it would be. Wished it were changeable but the style of the face wouldn’t match anyway…Still great though.-great for quick glancing incoming notifications, email.-zooming, facetime all work well… Just puts you in a position of holding your arm up in correct position or removing the watch from arm.- Great as a roku remote!-Good for listening to podcasts or music, streaming.-Overall i give it a 4.7 out of 5. You have to consider that its a watch. A watch is not a phone in many ways but compared to other smart watches its pretty good! An operating system specific to the size and shape of this watch would make it awesome. Last point: Everything is in landscape… including the keyboard so that limits the screen space for what your working on and it becomes difficult to see some things on screen because of size.

  17. Monty

    doesn’t work with verizon (although i have other unlocked devices that do)doesn’t run all android apps.

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2.86 Inch Widescreen Smartphone Watch