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Dzzkoye USB Type-C Bracelet

The USB Bracelet from Dzzkoye is a fashionable and convenient bracelet for men that allows you to always carry a phone charging cable with you. The cable is integrated into the bracelet so you don’t need to carry and cables with you, simply wear the stylish USB Type-C bracelet.

  • FASHIONABLE & CONVENIENT – In normal times, the charger bracelet can be worn on the wrist as an exquisite bracelet. It can also be used as a key chain or as an ornament hanging on the bag. In case of emergency, this product can be used as spare charging cable.Charging bracelet is a rare creative gift because of its Stylish styling and rapid charging.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL – The material of the line body is black braided Genuine Leather, characterized by its light texture, soft touch, Wear-resistant, not easy to fade, and good dirt resistance. And the woven leather protects the internal wire and extends its service life. Zinc alloy joints have good corrosion resistance and are tightly connected and do not fall off easily.
  • SIZE – Length is 8.3 inches. This size is suitable for people with a wrist circumference of 5.9 inches to 7.1 inches. Make sure to measure the wrist circumference before placing orders. In order to avoid inconvenience to you due to improper size.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – Charging cable compatible with all devices that charge with a USB Type C cable, such as Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus/ S9/ S9 Plus/ S10e/ S10/ S10+ ,Note 8,LG G5/ G6/ V20, Huawei P9/ P9 Plus/Mate 9, HTC 10, Lenovo Zuk Z1, Nintendo Switch, Google Nexus 5X/ 6P, Google Pixel, Google Chromebook Pixel, OnePlus 2/ 3/ 3T/5/5T, Asus Zen AiO, ZTE Axon 7, Moto Z2 play, 2016 Apple new MacBook Pro and more.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – 6 months money back guarantee for any reason, Worry-free guarantee for every purchaser from Dzzkoye. If the charger bracelet are damaged during transportation, please feel free to contact us. We guarantee 100% refund or re-delivery.


Dzzkoye USB Charging Cable Bracelet Short Portable Leather Charger Black M

Brand New Dzzkoye USB Charging Cable Bracelet Short Portable Leather Charger cord (M) FASHIONABLE & CONVENIENT - In normal times, the charger bracelet can be worn on the wrist as an exquisite bracelet. It can also be used as a key chain or as an ornament hanging...


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8 Reviews for Mens USB Type C Cable Bracelet

  1. Scott F.

    It is well made, certainly worth 15 bucks. However the measurement they list for size is misleading. When the bracelet is open it has the additional length of the male portion of the C adapter. This is not the true length when it is closed, its is slightly shorter. Keep that in mind if you order it. The straight length is longer than the actual fastened length by about 2-3 tenths of an inch.

  2. Will S…

    I really don’t understand the bad reviews. Fits nice. Looks nice. Doesn’t give you the “slow charging” warning. And its pretty tough. (i banged it against steel a few times on accident) still works. Feels secure. No problems with it coming loose through the day.

  3. Sedrak

    Edited: The seller reached out to me and was kind enough to offer a full refund or a new one, free of charge, no sending back. I got it again and it works flawlessly. Changed from 1 star to 4, 4 because the surface is still a scratch and scuff magnet.OLD TEXT: The cable itself does not work, doesn’t charge the phone or anything, no reaction at all. Tried on a different phone, different charger, power bank – nothing. Pretty sure I got a defective unit.The metal top is also a SCRATCH magnet, 2 hours wearing it in the house and already have a bunch of scratches on it. Hope you can see it in the pic.The only positive thing about it, is that it fit me pretty well and looks nice on the hand, but that’s it 😂

  4. Neil b

    I bought this bracelet exactly one month ago on the day of reviewing. I had no issues up to maybe a week ago, when the leather on USB-C side of the cable began to fray. Disappointing to say the least, however the idea itself is fantastic. I just hope the other two I bought, (before the issues began) don’t suffer the same problems.

  5. Marissa M.

    Just received my bracelet and it looks great and is a good fit by it is taking forever to charge my phone. I guess it’s good in a pinch but this in no way completely replaces a regular cable, especially if you don’t have time to wait for it to charge.Revision: The bracelet charged my phone slowly when connected to a laptop. Using a fast charging plug, it works much better. So I guess it depends on your method of charging.

  6. Kenn Gaither

    I am pleasantly surprised by the simplicity, durability and practicality of this device. As a bracelet it is unobtrusive and just part of my everyday attire. Then whenever needed I just remove it from my wrist plug one end into a portable power bank and the other end into my smartphone. Cool, simple and functional.

  7. Sheila Patterson

    I bought this bracelet after being in a situation where I needed to charge my phone and no way to do so. I actually had the idea of a wearable usb cable, came on amazon, and found all the wearable cables already offered. I picked up this one due to the reviews and the looks.I think its important to note that all the people leaving bad reviews because of the “speed” of this cable, are wrong. This is a standard usb cable. Your data transfer rates, and charging speed, all depend on what your plugging the cable into. Leaving a negative review because of this is foolish. With this said, if your planning on using this to charge, you may want to carry around one of those little usb plugs in your pocket, but if you do that.. whats the point of the bracelet really? Be ok with the fact that it may take 8 hours to fully charge your phone in the car, or carry a plug.I’m leaving a 3 star review based on a few different things. I do like the cable, and it has actually helped me a few times to transfer files when i didnt feel like finding a usb cable.My biggest issue with the cable would be the fact that it does pop off. I have small wrists (im 190 lbs and 6 feet tall). The first time the cable popped off, i was taking out the trash. I felt it come off, and found it easily. No worries. Second time it popped off was at a concert. I didnt feel it, and someone found it and returned it. I would of lost it there if that person didnt happen to see it. There should be some sort of clasp or magnet or something to keep it attatched in my opinion.The product description says its waterproof, and it is. Ive tested it by taking it into the shower daily, and then used the cable to charge my phone. The cable holds moisture for a long while. What i mean by this, is if you take a shower at 8am, and try to use the cable at 10am, you’ll get a “moisture detected” warning. I cant really fault the cable for doing this, as the page does recommend taking it off during the shower (after stating its waterproof). For me, this cable only works if i keep it on all the time. I’m the type of person that forgets things daily, and having it attatched to me or in my daily carry is the only option, so i tend to keep it on all the time.After about a month of use, the leather on the outside is starting to get somewhat frayed. Not a lot, but very small pieces on the side are coming up. I suspect i’ll have another month or two so before it breaks down to the point where i wont use it.A very small point, the edges are a bit sharp. Especially the ones that rest on your wrist. Not a big deal for you, but if you snag someone else with em, you may give em a bit of a scrape. Hugging my son over the weekend, i ended up sliding my bracelet along his back and put a “cat scratch” mark on his back. Honestly it was a pretty nasty scratch, or i wouldnt bother to write it.Things to fix :A better locking system, maybe some magnets or a small latch.Round off the edges.Things to make this product sore : Figure out some way to make a foldable plug so people can get a “fast charge”. Im not a scientist and im not an engineer but surely someone out there smarter than me can get this done.

  8. Liza

    I place it in my little organizer for technology and take it with me when I travel. It fits perfectly. I love that it stays as a circle rather than just chords. Gave an Apple one to my coworker. If you have wide wrists, order the largest, I am not sure if it will fit though. Looks like it is meant for small or medium wrists.

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