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U-Go Gadget Gloves are Bluetooth Phone Gloves that Let you Talk to the Hand

U-Go Gadget Gloves are perfect for any situation while you’re on the go! This is the only pair of gloves you’ll need. With U-Go Gadget Gloves turn your gloves into Bluetooth Phone Gloves, which you can use as a mic and speaker allowing you to literally, talk through your hand using your thumb and pinkie fingers!

  • Speaker built into the thumb and microphone built into the pinkie so you can “Talk to the hand… Literally!
  • U-Go Gadget Gloves works with any and every smart phone
  • Capacitive technology for compatibility with any touch screen device
  • Made with acrylic material to make sure your hands stay warm
  • Perfect for any and everyone on the go!

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Sport Wireless Bluetooth Gloves
Sport Wireless Bluetooth Gloves package includes: Gloves only Wireless gloves allows you enjoying music while protecting from cold, available for cell phone to transmit the speaking phone to your audio devices directly. Winter warmer...
New Cellular Bluetooth Gloves TouchScreen Speaker Headset Iphone Android Tablet
New Cellular Bluetooth Gloves TouchScreen Speaker Headset Iphone Android Tablet The Mobile Bluetooth Gloves with Bluetooth technology allows you to have phone calls without removing your gloves. They can also be used to control the touch...



Bluetooth Phone Gloves
released on February 3, 2014


Bluetooth Gloves - Talk To The Hand Technology | Define ...

These wireless Bluetooth gloves connect to your handset so you can look like the technological savant that you’re truly meant to be. You can talk into your glove, hear the conversation in HD sound, and be in full on-the-go mode about your hand warming as you usually would with any gloves.

Bluetooth Smartphone Gloves - Odditymall

The Bluetooth Smartphone Gloves are a set of winter gloves that have an integrated phone handset embedded in them so that you can talk using your thumb as an ear piece and your pinky as a microphone.

Bluetooth Gloves | phone glove, smartphone glove ...

Using Bluetooth technology, these inconspicuous mitts sync with your smartphone. To answer calls, simply use the classic "call me" pantomime—the left glove's thumb contains a speaker and the pinky packs a petite, but powerful, microphone.


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10 Reviews for Bluetooth Phone Gloves

  1. Russ Miron

  2. Kristin

    These work exactly how they are supposed to, I haven’t been out in the snow and gotten them damp at all, and don’t plan on it, since it does say only spot clean, for obvious reasons. The reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is, I had a really tough time plugging in the charger since it’s underneath the fabric of the glove. Don’t plan on having a very long conversation either, unless you want a good arm workout, but they are fun and perfect for what they are intended for.

  3. Mark

    I mostly bought this because it seemed cute and fun. Weather has been warmer since I got it so I haven’t had a chance to see if it’s really useful. I’ve only briefly used it a couple of times, but it does appear to work — I could hear clearly and apparently the other person could hear me. One complaint: the charging socket is inside the glove, you have to push the USB plug through a tiny hole in the cloth and then fumble to connect it to a socket that you can’t see. I found this very difficult.

  4. Chris Cunningham

    This was great gift. Good sound and fun for everyone

  5. Carley

    These don’t even charge so I can’t even use them.

  6. Mike

    It’s difficult to tell if they work because it’s almost impossible to charge them. The micro-USB connection is buried in the glove. When you try to push the cable in, it just pushes the connection port further into the glove. There is no easy way to charge them and the frustration eventually overpowers the novelty of using them.

  7. Robert D.

    First off, the charging port in glove is EXTREMELY difficult to plug in to. It’s not fixed inside the elastic but roams freely and so when you’re trying to plug the jack in you’re chasing the darn thing all around. There’s also no microphone in the finger tip as it implies. It’s all in the wrist. Sound quality isn’t the greatest but I didn’t expect much from a novelty item but this was REALLY bad.

  8. kim mirae

    I liked it for about 2 day and suddenly it had no sound people could hear me but I could not hear them. There was no snow so no liquid was on it but it just later 2 day so it didn’t last long but for the two days it was nice

  9. marcells

    Only problem I have is when it get dirty how can I wash them but other than that I love them people don’t know I’m on the phone

  10. Adam A

    I’m sure someone at my white elephant gift exchange got no use out of these. I guess mission accomplished.

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