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Fitbit Flex 2 is a slim, swim-proof fitness wristband

The Flex 2 is ready to go wherever life takes you. The ultra-thin, removable tracker hides in bands, bangles and pendants, so you can wear it in a way that’s all your own. Automatic all-day activity and sleep tracking show you how your entire day adds up, and SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition records your exercises for you. The FitBit Flex 2’s discreet progress display uses color-coded LED lights to keep you connected to calls, texts and Reminders to Move.

  • Track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes; LED display lights up to show progress toward your daily goal
  • Ultra thin, removable tracker hides in bands, pendants and bangles
  • Swim proof for tracking swimming, life proof for wear in the ocean, shower, pool and beyond
  • SmartTrack automatically recognizes select workouts and records them to your Fitbit app
  • Get call and text notifications on your wrist with unique vibration patterns and color coded LED lights

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Used Fitbit Flex
Used Fitbit Flex
Fitbit Flex 2 Activity Tracker Sports Band Sleep Monitor Black & Red
Fitbit Flex 2 Activity Tracker Sports Band Sleep Monitor Black & Red
NEW Fitbit Flex 2 Health Activity Sleep Tracker Sports S & L Band Bluetooth
NEW Fitbit Flex 2 Health Activity Sleep Tracker Sports S & L Band...


Track your fitness goals in style with the Fitbit Flex 2. This sleek wristband features advanced technology that monitors your activity levels, including steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. Its all-day tracking goes beyond just exercise, tracking sleep patterns and providing personalized insights to help you reach your goals. With easy-to-use features, you can set reminders to move and receive notifications for calls and texts. What sets the Fitbit Flex 2 apart is its versatility- it can be worn as a bracelet or pendant, and even tracks swimming activity. Plus, its long battery life ensures you never miss a beat. Whether you're looking to maintain an active lifestyle or improve your fitness routine, the Fitbit Flex 2 provides all the tools you need to make progress towards a healthier you.



The Fitbit Flex 2 is a smart fitness tracker that is designed to help people track their activity levels, sleep patterns, and manage their overall health and wellness. With a sleek and lightweight design, the device is highly portable and can easily be worn on the wrist, making it convenient for everyday use. The device is equipped with a range of sensors that accurately monitor steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and active minutes, as well as automatic sleep tracking. The device also features SmartTrack technology, which identifies and automatically logs activities like running, walking, and swimming to provide comprehensive data for workouts. The Flex 2 also has a removable tracker that can be easily swapped between bands and accessories, making it versatile and customizable to match any style. Additionally, the device provides friendly reminders to move, personalized weekly exercise goals, and automatic tracking of weekly exercise patterns to motivate users to stay active and meet their fitness goals. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, the Fitbit Flex 2 can help you monitor your activity and achieve a healthier lifestyle.


FeaturesWater Resistant, Click to view, Silent Alarm, Alarm, Text Messaging
Assembled Product Weight0.37 lbs
Manufacturer Part Number8136491
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)7.95 x 3.94 x 1.30 Inches
Fitbit Flex 2
released on August 16, 2016
Does it come with charger or do you have to buy separately?

It comes with a charger. I have not been able to buy it separately. You have to buy a whole new Flex 2.

Will this recognize activity from stationary cycling?

I don't think any one of these people really answered your question. It is not going to recognize that you are cycling and it will just run up your step count. I find this to be a problem because I am not taking any steps when I am riding my bike and don't want that counted as walking.

do you have to have the app or a phone

If your phone is not compatible with the device (as mine was not compatible) then you MUST purchase a dongle to go with this particular tracker as it is not included in the purchase of the Fitbit Flex 2. With a dongle plugged into your computer, you pull up the Fitbit icon on your computer and tell it to sync if it has not synced in a while....but it will sync from time to time on its own. If your phone does work with the tracker, then you just download the app and you are set to go.

Does this fitness tracker touch the skin? If so has anyone with a nickel allergy worn it for a substantial amount of time?

I have a severe nickel allergy -- rash, swelling, blisters. But the Fitbit Flex 2 band doesn't irritate my skin at all, even though I've been wearing it 24/7 since I got it. Granted, only the two little posts that secure the band (not the tracker itself) have any metal that touches my skin, but usually that would be enough to set my wrist on fire. When I researched before buying, the only official word I could get from Fitbit said the clasp is surgical grade stainless steel, which by definition shouldn't have any nickel in/on it.

Has anyone used it for a child? Have an active 12 yr old...

Our 9 and 7 yr old neice & nephew use them so I'm not really sure what you are asking here. The unit simply attaches to an arm and it tracks motion. You could attach it to your dog if you wanted I guess


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Flex 2 comes with one small and one large wristband. What's Included
Removable Fitbit Flex 2 tracker
2 Classic wristbands (small and large)
Charging cable
Sensors &... Memory
Saves 7 days of detailed motion data—minute by minute
Saves daily totals for past 30 days
Fitbit Flex... ...

Fitbit Flex 2™ Fitness Wristband

Fitbit Flex 2 is the first swim-proof device from Fitbit, meaning it is water resistant to 50 meters. After swimming or getting the band wet, we recommend drying off the band because, as with any wearable device, it's best for your skin if the band is clean and dry. We do not recommend wearing Flex 2 in a hot tub or sauna.

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Get started with your new Fitbit tracker or scale by setting up your device and downloading and installing our free software. Fitbit Products. Fitness Wristbands and Clips. Fitbit Zip® Fitbit One® Fitbit Flex 2™ Fitbit Alta™ ...


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Fitbit was started in 2007 by James Park and Eric Friedman in San Francisco. Their aim is to lead people into living healthier and better lives and they do this through their fitness tracking devices. Fitbit’s debut into wearable technology was with the Fitbit Classic, which was introduced into the market in 2008. – View Profile

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19 Reviews for Fitbit Flex 2

  1. Catherine I.

    This was my first Fitbit device, and I am very pleased with its performance. I had debated getting the Flex 2 or the Alta, but chose the Flex 2 for its slim profile, waterproof design, and lower price point. I have yet to incur water damage, and the five-light design is very minimalist yet informative.One of the main reasons for purchasing a Fitbit was for the silent alarms, as my alarm would annoy both my roommate and me in the mornings. Although I at first set backup alarms on my phone, I turned them off as I realized the Flex 2 had very strong vibrations that have never failed to wake me up in nearly a month’s use.A common complaint is the press-on design of the band, and at first, I was disappointed at how difficult it was to put this on. However, after use, it became much more comfortable to put it on, but not to the point where I felt it was in danger of falling off by itself.Finally, I love the Fitbit software, whether online or on mobile. I like the social aspect, particularly the friendly competitions and challenges. Although this model lacks a heart rate monitor, I use my Samsung Galaxy S7’s heart rate sensor in conjunction with my fitbit to track my exercise statistics.PROS:Slim and minimalist designDurable bandWaterproof pebbleStrong, effective vibrations (alarms, notifications)SoftwareCONS:no HR monitor (not truly a con at this price point)I did not receive any compensation for this review. If this review was helpful, please click Yes below! Thank you!


    I have never had a fitbit or anything like it, but my friend came to me, one day all excited about her new fitbit, so I decided to get one, that very day. My fitbit flex 2 arrived last night. The fitbit flex comes with 2 decent plastic bands, a small and a large. I chose the small, to wear, which is a pretty good size. I downloaded the app on my I phone 5. I charged the battery and I attempted to sync the fitbit to my phone. The fitbit did not sync immediately, but as soon as I turned my blue tooth off and on, the fitbit synced rather quickly to my phone. I put the fitbit on my wrist. It is quite comfortable, but a little sweaty, once you really start moving. I am an overweight person, and I have not exercised in quite some time. I have to say, I was extremely motivated today, I was excited and determined to go from 0 to 10,000 steps. I was over the moon, when I reached my goal. The fitbit dashboard on my phone, is amazing, it tells you your steps, food intake, calories burned, water intake, sleep activity etc. I am anxious to see my sleep recordings in the morning, over all I am happy with my new toy. Hopefully this will give me the push, I need in 2017 to make some better lifestyle changes.UPDATE-January 13, 2017-My advice, give yourself a realistic goal, don’t get me wrong, 10,000 steps is achievable, but it is really hard to do, if you are focused and motivated, you can do it. I use music and I do some stepping in the morning, at night, of course throughout the day. FYI- I love the sleep tracking, it is pretty accurate, it tells you how many times, you wake up, at night, how many times, you are restless, when you went to sleep, when you wake up, I am truly addicted to fitbit.UPDATE-February 25, 2017-I am still doing at least 10,000 steps or more every day. I love the challenges within the fitbit community. There are friend requests and you or other people can challenge each other, to see who can do the most steps, in a day, a weekend, a week. I really love goal day, where each person strives to complete his or her goal. The challenges are really a great motivator for me, to continue to exercise. The challenges, drive me to do more steps.UPDATE-APRIL 28, 2017-No problems with my fitbit, still love my fitbit, still using it and still getting 10, 000 steps or more in a day:) no longer a couch potatoUPDATE-JUNE 30.2017-No problems with my fitbit, still love it, I have started to use the food log, which is on the dashboard of the app. The food log is great, you key in what you ate and it automatically pulls up the food and you add it to your log. It is good because it allows me to be more aware of all the food, I have eaten. It also tells me, when I have gone over the amount of food, I am allowed to eat for that, day, according to my weight. I have lost 20 pounds, still loving my fitbit:)UPDATE:SEPTEMBER 11, 2017-Fitbit still works great, no problems. I am still addicted to hitting my steps.UPDATE: NOVEMBER 18, 2017-Fitbit still works great, problem, fitbit didn’t reset itself one day, at, midnight, but there is a small button to reset it on the back of the charger. I am doing 20, 000 steps a day and still loving my fitbit. I actually got it wet, for the first time in the shower, I was too afraid before, but it still works fine. I really love it. This is my last post, hope it has been helpful to you.UPDATE: MAY 25, 2019-FYI-My fitbit is still working great, I still love it, the best purchase of my life:)

  3. suhas mane

    Inaccurate counting of steps.Not recommended at all

  4. Shi

    I bought it for sleep tracking, expecting it to have smart alarm. I wasn’t somehow interested in pedometer. But step counts on the day one told me I am far too sedentary. I started moving more despite the earlier mental block that I am too.tired. it motivates me to move every hour, move more. Now I don’t let go any chance to move. First I thought it might be initial craze . But somehow I am.liking it more and more each day.I have some battery issues. It lasts for 2 and half day hardly. silent alarm doesn’t wake me up. But Overall it’s good. Accurate.

  5. dwhite619

    Fact: this is just the tracker and you will open the app on your phone to see the details of your steps. That was fine by me. If anyone on here says you can look at this device and see your steps or the time, they are simply wrong.Fact: it comes with two adjustable bands, large and small, and ONE clasp that you attach to EITHER the large band, OR the small band. If anyone one here says it’s “too small” or “too large” then they’re confusing this product with a different one that doesn’t include two bands.What I love: the adorable accessories you can pop this device into to make it look like jewelry. Of all the fitbits, this has the cutest accessories.Additionally: I use the LARGE band around my ankle instead of my wrist. This tracks steps on stair master, eclyptical, etc, which gets around the issue of not getting credit for exercises on the machines when you’re not using your arms.I wouldn’t want any other fitbit. This is all I need.

  6. Roshan R Naganathan

    Okay, before purchasing the flex 2 i was researching quite a lot on swimproof fitness bands and everything seemed pricey and this is my first ever fitness band.Doing a lot of research i figured that my review when put up will answer all questions for the new swimming enthusiast looking for a tracker.If you are looking for a swimproof fitness band check for “waterproof” or “swimproof” check for waterproofing of IP68 or more,IP68 gives a 50m water resistance and is safe for swimming whereas IP67 is merely water resistant or splash proof ie only suitable for small splashes and to resist the normal day rains.The Flex 2 has a 50m water resistance and is thus the most affordable fitness band among the choices and since you are looking to spend money would easily compare it with the Garmin or Samsung counterpart.About the device:1.The Size : I was very satisfied with the size of the product it looks like a small transistor thing from the future involved in some high tech stuff2.The Band : It comes with two wrist bands , one big and one small and there are more options available online with many colours,it can also be worn as a pendant.3.Exercise Tracking : The flex 2 successfully auto recognizes most of the exercises that you do,i had no problem with this feature and seems to be working just fine as it tracked my cycling,swimming,walking,running and basketball.4.Easy to Use App : The Fitbit app is quite User friendly and designed so well that you take up challenges and tells you the number of hours slept and has a good inactivity tracker which gives a silent vibration after x minutes of inactivity , this x is a number you set in the app.5.Display: It has 5 dots with 4 white light dots and one colour changing dot which shows you your progress for the day which can be set calorie wise,step wise etc. also when you complete the goal for a day or alerts you when you get a call or a notification when connected via BlueTooth.6.Battery : This is one major drawback of the flex 2 as it can only last for a maximum of 4 days while the Mi band lasts for about a whole month.7. For the swimmer : Okay, if you are a swimmer , using the fitbit for tracking can be a “bit” confusing because it is initially inactive in your app and you have to turn it on for it to start auto-recognizing.Make sure you set the length of your pool in the app before you set out.Wear it tight around your wrist while swimming for better tracking.I had many problems initially regarding the tracking , this is solely because of 3 reasons1.The device only recognizes swims that are more than 10 min , pffft obviously, if you dont swim more than that do not buy this device as it is a waste of money for tracking your so called “Exercise”2.I think the recognition of pool lengths by the device is both by using the flip turn kick as one sign of covering a length while the other is by recognizing the stationary period + wall force. So if you are swimming 25 m in a 50m pool and stopping halfway and taking the next half after some time this miscounts as 2 lengths ie. 100m instead of 50m, this can be seen as half glass full because it is a motivation for you to decrease the stationary period spend in a pool. For example i had a huge miscount of 3400m while i actually just swam 1450m that day and as each day progressed the accuracy improved as i tried implementing the above.3.This device does not measure your SWOLF and mostly just recognizes front crawl and breast stroke, although i had a fairly accurate reading when i did my fly drills.Overall, the sleep activity,exercise,step count,calorie tracking is close to precise and the size of the device is an added attribute, if you do not have a problem with the battery issue as stated , go for it.

  7. chainmailgoddess

    This little gizmo that will tell you to move when you’re being lazy, and celebrates when you hit your step goal! It’s simple, it doesn’t have a watch because time is a silly wibbly wobbly ball of…stuff anyway, I like it. This is a lot of fun and has helped keep me from dying early from a sedentary lifestyle as a human battery powering the Matrix.

  8. Vanessa

    I decided to try the Fitbit Flex 2 after my beloved Fitbit Force stopped working. I went with the Flex because I am swim regularly and wanted a Fitbit that would register my laps. What a disappointment! It registered my laps and steps pretty accurately for approximately a week then everything went downhill. Example-a recent six hour visit to the aquarium resulted in less than 1,000 steps fir me according to my Fitbit Flex whereas my husband’s Fitbit registered over 6,000 steps. Don’t be fooled by the pictures. A full day at of beach of surfing, jumping waves, and playing beach games with the kids hardly registered any steps. Again-under 1,000 steps.Another fun tidbit, the Fitbit Flex alarm goes off at 1:36 am for no reason. It started about 2 weeks after I purchased the Fitbit. Trust me, I have never set an alarm for 1:36 am in my life. I need my sleep. I have tried to figure out if there is a pattern to this random alarm and the best I can figure is the alarm decides to go off when the battery gets low.This Fitbit was a complete waste of money. So disappointed in the Fitbit Flex.

  9. Ashwani Gaur

    Writing the review after using for 10 days.When you buy expensive fitbit over cheap MI band the least you expect is accuracy. It’s definitely not accurate. Even I am driving, it counts as step.Bettry life is 2 days which is a hassle you have to open and recharge it in every 2 days.

  10. Tool K

    Stopped charging. Customer support made up some story that a particular way if the bit blinks.. it means charging.. but app still shows empty battery!! You really cannot do much troubleshooting other than restarting. It has no buttons or screen to do anything! Ugh!!! Feels retarded.. Very bad experience and it happened right outside the return window… I want it replaced!!

  11. popquizkid

    This is my 3rd Fitbit Flex 2, and the first one I’m buying in India because the price drop now makes it the same as the US price ($55 approx). Love the form & different ways to wear it, the waterproof functionality and the long time between charges. Kept replacing my Flex 2 because I missed not having one and preferred this to the Apple Watch. Also great customer service story – I lost my first Flex 2 (note: don’t try to track your outdoor cat’s movements by putting a Fitbit collar on her) and Fitbit offered to replace it for free!

  12. Somit

    Worst device ever. The product is barely 2 months old, has setting up and syncing issues with the app. Since gurantee is for only 45 days, can’t even return this piece of crap. Don’t know what to do.

  13. Rowan Sims

    I bought this for silent notifications and a silent alarm and neither of those functions worked. The notifications from my phone (FitBit supported model) were so delayed that I missed phone a number of phone calls. The vibration is so weak that I can hardly feel it on my wrist. The silent alarm is pathetically short and weak, so didn’t wake me up at all. There is no option to customise the vibration or snooze time. When I reached out to FitBit support, the solutions they offered did nothing to improve the issues. Then the notifications virtually stopped working altogether. FitBit were extremely unhelpful. Returned to Amazon and will not be buying another FitBit product again.

  14. Lynn M.

    I love this product. The fitbit flex 2 is simple and easy to use. It keeps me motivated to move and walk around during the day. The charge lasts for about 4 days and then you have to charge it again.. which is the only down side to it because some fitness bands last for about 2-3 weeks wihout charge. Thats the reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5. Other than that… amazing product.. I’d definitely buy it again. Additionally, the price drop made it totally worth it.

  15. Sajawat

    Great product. Does what says very efficiently. App could get a little better. As it takes a lot of time to sync with tracker. Battery is 3-4 days. Veey comfortable n ergonomic to wear. Overall quality is great. Not like other cheap trackers. Its for people who want most from least n like things that do their own job. It won’t tell you time because its a tracker not a watch.

  16. Yoshi

    It’s not even a year and my fit bit is not working . Is this an original Fitbit ? I used it in the pool during my swim for the 1st time last week and it doesn’t work now ?It says its for swimming . I brought this trusting amazon and in 1 swim its just gone . It also ensures on the product 100% Amazon protection Purchase ? whom do i blame Amazon or Fitbit.I have to think twice before making a next big Purchase . Really unhappy with my purchases of late with AmazonHello can i get a response for this please .Or is the usage of Fitbit not allowed in water ? but it is made for swim .

  17. VINOTH

    Here are the points for low rating on fitbit flex 2, as why it is not a good product from my opinion.1. The band developed a small crack while securing the flex2 after the second recharge only.2. With in 2 weeks the flex 2 ‘s face accumulated a lot of minor scratches.3. Battery holds only 3-4 days.4. Hoped, the flex 2 will not count my driving as steps, but yes, it did.In my personal opinion the Xioami MI Band2 or any other lenovo, fasttrack,etc cheap band will give a better satisfaction than this overly goofed up and priced up piece of junk.Only one good thing i would appreciate is:-It serves as a great casual wrist band rather than any fitness band out there in the market as of now, due to its seamless and tiny look.

  18. Nicky

    I wanted a low cost fitness tracker mainly for counting my steps & movement. I don’t have the need for tracking heart rate & a million other features that people don’t really use. I tried MI & Goqii & they were extremely inaccurate. I would walk 10 steps but they would show 30-40. Or increase the step count while riding or moving. I found most Fitbit products expensive but thankfully found this one! It’s water proof too, so can be used for swimming.

  19. Manoj

    I wanted some smart tracker which will count my steps and sleep only. One of my friends gifted this on my birthday and I loved it. It is so lightweight and it also tracks other activities too like running, walking, cycling, elliptical. It would be better if it could last for at least 2 weeks but unfortunately, it’s battery dies after 5-6 days. And one more issue is, you have to do the activity minimum 10 mins or more than that to get it identified. Suppose you run for 9 mins it won’t be recognized as running but it is considered in the footstep counts.

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