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GoBe2 Weight Loss Fitness Band by Healbe

This fitness band from Healbe can help you lose weight by monitoring 8 Key Health parameters: Calorie Intake/Burn/Balance, Hydration, Stress, Sleep, Heart Rate, Activity and Step Pedometer. The Healbe GoBe2 also has a great active network of over 40,000 users to help you improve your lifestyle with Healbe.

  • TRACKS YOUR CALORIC INTAKE/BURN/BALANCE AUTOMATICALLY – Our patented technology is scientifically proven by UC Davis Food and Health Institute. Research studies confirm that GoBe2’s technology has the highest accuracy of any noninvasive method. Healbe’s patented FLOW Technology constantly measures calories absorbed from the food you eat, net calorie deficit (which causes weight loss) and surplus (which causes weight gain) which is crucial for healthy weight management.
  • 8 KEY HEALTH PARAMETERS – GoBe2 is a little bit bulky, but it’s the price of so many modern sensors and AI inside. GoBe2 scans your cells and measures Calorie Intake/Burn/Balance, Hydration, Stress, Sleep, Heart Rate, Activity and Step Pedometer. FYI – if your wrist girth is less than 6 inches this item is not recommended.
  • EXCITEMENT AND CURIOSITY – It’s really exciting to see through the app how your body works and converts food into energy, just through your wrist, no food logging/diaries needed!
  • JOIN OUR GROWING COMMUNITY – join the network of 40,000 users and improve your lifestyle with HEALBE today!

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Healbe Gobe 2 Watch Calorie Tracker
Healbe Gobe 2 Watch Calorie Tracker
Healbe Gobe 2 Watch Calorie Tracker. Used. Well functioned. Usb included
Healbe GoBe2 Weight Loss Fitness Band Monitors 8 Key Health parameters
Healbe GoBe2 Weight Loss Fitness Band Monitors 8 Key Health parameters
Video: https://youtu.be/uk4xqjVrly4 GoBe2 is an efficient smart band to lose extra weight and improve wellbeing even without exercise.Unique featuresGoBe2 is an efficient smart band to lose extra weight and improve wellbeing even without...
GoBe2 Weight Loss Fitness Band Calorie Balance Stress Heart Rate Step Tracker
GoBe2 Weight Loss Fitness Band Calorie Balance Stress Heart Rate...
Menu Our Store Our Feedback All Listings Follow Us Contact Us GoBe2 Weight Loss Fitness Band by Healbe The time it takes for your digestion to complete will vary based on: what, when and how much you ate, your age, stress, hydration...



Healbe GoBe2 Band
released on February 12, 2018


GoBe2 – Healbe

GoBe2. General. Basic information about GoBe2. Hardware Issues. Hardware Troubleshooting Cases. Software Issues. Software Troubleshooting Cases. Product Accuracy. Articles about various accuracy issues. Measurements. All questions regarding GoBe readings are answered here. Healbe. English (US) ...

2021 Healbe GoBe 2 Review (Updated for 2019) + Coupon

Healbe GoBe 2 is a update to the original Healbe and if you are unaware of what Healbe is, it’s a fitness band that you wear on your wrist and it tracks your calorie intake/output and a wide variety of other health information.

HEALBE GoBe Automatic Body Manager Official Site

HEALBE GoBe2 smart band uses a unique FLOW technology to track your calorie intake, body hydration, sleep and stress level as well as pulse, steps, and distance. We use cookies to analyze web traffic


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5 Reviews for Healbe GoBe2 Band

  1. P. R. Elliott

    This is the most amazing product I have ever purchased. I have owned the body media fitness band and 3 fit bits. this beats them all. When I first read that this counts your calories by itself without you inputting what you ate or any info, I laughed. When i read it tells you when you haven’t drinken enough water and how much stress you have, i laughed. Then I started wearing this and wrote down all my calories to compare it. It has been spot on. The only thing a bit off was the individual counts of carbs, fat and protein, but the total calories were spot on. Unbelievable. It alerts me when I need to drink more water, tells me how much stress I am under and TAKES MY BLOOD PRESSURE! It tells me how much ive slept, how much I need to sleep based on my lifestyle. my steps, my heart rate etc. but the best thing about this is the energy balance. It tells you how many calories you burned vs what you’ve eaten. another words..not only does it keep track of what you burn, and how many calories you take in, but it shows you the difference so you know how many more calories you burned then you ate! After you eat, your body starts converting food into glucose.Insulin triggers your cells to absorb glucose and release water.The GoBe 2 measures these changes by sending high and low frequency signals through your tissue to determine the fluid volume of your cells.The FLOW Technology uses your body’s own information only..I love this thing to death, my mom is buying one as well. its genius. Oh and its water proof you can wear it in the shower! My only issue i have is the battery life. I charge it every morning but by the next day its almost dead so you have to charge every day. but other then that, I love it love it love it. no more counting calories EVER!

  2. J. Dawg

    This wearable did not perform as advertised. I really really wanted it to work. I’ll break down my review into function and aesthetics.Function:-Calorie counter would not reflect calorie intake accurately. For example, a cup of coffee in the morning would reflect as 380 calories with an even distribution of fat, protein, and carbs. Sometimes when I would eat, it wouldn’t register the calories at all. It would attribute big spikes in calories in the middle of the night.-Their support person told me that it is really measuring calorie uptake, not intake, and that calories could be up taken up to 72 hours after intake. This makes some sense to me, but not enough to offset the wild discrepancies between what I was doing and what it was reporting.-Sleep monitor. I’m awake, laying in bed, looking at my phone, and the following day it says I was asleep in REM. Nope. Not even close.-Heart beat and blood pressure. This seems accurate.-Stress level – based on heart beat, so accurate enough as well-Hydration – A little erratic at times but overall a good provides a good reminder to drink-Steps – Counted less steps than Apple Health.Aesthetics:-It wanted to be so tight to my wrist to get proper readings that it hurt my tendons. This was not fun.-Battery life for the first day was a day and a half. Subsequently, it would last less than one day.-It’s big and bulky-Takes a long time to charge. They said 60-90 minutes. I found it was more like 2.5 hours.Bottom line:It’s a great idea and maybe it works for some physiologies. I’m trying to give it the benefit of the doubt here because based on other reviews, it obviously worked for other people. But it didn’t work for me and I returned it. I’m looking forward to a version of this technology in the future where this works a lot better (and is a lot more comfortable).

  3. frank peralta

    I have been logging my macronutrients into MyFitnessPal since 2014, then in 2017 I started logging my macro and micro nutrients into Cronometer. Then I learned of Healbe GoBe 2, and I was relieved that such technology was created, and existed to take away the work of logging my calories intake everyday for 4 years. The very existence of Healbe GoBe compelled me to purchase this watch, and put it to the test.I disable my Dietary Energy from MyFitnessPal app and Cronometer app In Apple Health, and enable only my Healbe GoBe 2 to write my Dietary Energy Data into my Apple Health app. Then I crossed tested my calorie intake with Healbe GoBe 2 and Cronometer to see if what I logged In Cronometer and what HealBe GoBe 2 read matched, and the results were amazing. Both the Cronometer calories log count and HealBe GoBe 2 calorie reading amounted within the same calorie range number each day. Certain days I ate within 1500, 1600, and 2000 calories and each day both matched the amount. So it works perfectlyly.However, The Macros, read by HealBe GoBe 2 was interesting to read in HealBe GoBe app because I logged my Protein intake into Cronometer – and Carbs and Fats were within matching range; But from all the protein shakes and meats I eat, which on some occasions amounted to 150 to 200 grams of protein, HealBe GoBe 2 read that my body only received 80 or 110 grams of protein. So it’s interesting to know whether all the protein in food and shakes I’ve ingested really have the amount of Protein it claims on its Nutrition Facts ( after I scan their barcode and log it), or is my body itself processing the protein differently. In a situation like that the best product to scan actual foods before eating are spectrometers food technology like SCIO or TELLSPEC.Nonetheless, HealBe GoBe 2 is a very highly recommended Wellness Wearable product. I wear my HealBe GoBe 2 on my right wrist with my Apple Watch on my left wrist, and I love the combination along with my other health and fitness products – like my Wahoo Ticker X for workout; my Withings Blood Pressure, My Withings Weight Scale, and My Skulpt Body Fat Scanner. All these health gadgets compliments each other in a huge way to graph all your health data into my Apple Health App – to live a cautious healthy lifestyle.Heal GoBe 2 is a product that unlike Apple Watch I can’t and wouldn’t live without. It keep me aware of my calorie intake, especially my calorie intake – that my body carries over into the next day – if I ate late at night before midnight. It keep me aware to drink water when I haven’t been drinking enough. It displays my stress levels when I’m having a calm peaceful day, and accurately shows hours of stress on hours that I was stressed.I also love the information HealBe GoBe 2 offers on my sleep quality, when I’m sleeping below my recommended hours of sleep, I make a precaution decision to sleep earlier. It’s a an AMAZING product. I certainly recommend it to anyone who cares about their health. Apple Watch offers heart rate reading, and standing time only in regards to health information that it’s reading, but when it comes to dietary energy, calorie intake, hydration levels, and sleep quality, Apple Watch has fallen way behind.And as a last note, before purchasing HealBe GoBe 2, I’ve read certain reviews about HealBe GoBe 2 causing skin irritation from its sensor, and it is true, IF you are wearing it extremely tight, it can cause irritation with Extreme Tightness, and to avoid that discomfort, it’s really a matter of tightening it enough – only that your Healbe GoBe 2 can read all the Information it’s reading. But from my experience Extreme Tightness has been the only cause of a few irritation occasion, and in those cases I’ve loosened the tightening pressure, and moved the HealBe GoBe 2 Watch a little above my wrist, or just switched wrist, and afterward it’s all normal and no irritation. It’s just a matter of adjusting to your comfort zone.

  4. Heather M

    This device takes out the guess work and the stress of dieting.In future versions I am hoping for:Better battery lifeAbility to manually add exercise done when not wearing deviceAdd pictures of what I ate, to corrolate with energy balance

  5. Leyla Verdier

    After wearing the device for about 3 weeks I got a rush under the metal part. It was getting worse with every hour so I had to take the device off. I did not wear it for a few days, then tried to wear it again. As soon as rush re-appeared, I turned them to the bottom of my wrist and wore like that for another week, until rush appeared there as well. Now, I cannot wear this expensive device and they also do not refund it if it is past 30 days. The metal part itself shows some discoloration so I am not even sure it is safe to wear it. Extremely disappointing, especially given the price.

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Healbe GoBe2 Weight Loss Fitness Band Monitors 8 Key Health parameters
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