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CATAPULT PLAYR Smart Coach Soccer GPS Tracker Vest

Introducing a GPS Vest and App to Track and Improve Your Soccer Game, works with iPhone and Android. Small, lightweight and charged wirelessly, the Playr Smart Coach tracker with built-in GPS and accelerometer sensors allows you to measure your key stats including total distance, top speed, power plays, sprint distance, load, intensity and heat maps.

  • FIFA authorized wearable GPS tracker designed to analyze and improve your soccer performance.
  • Detailing your speed, sprint, distance, power, load & intensity data and positioning via heatmaps, our technology gives you a total understanding of your game.
  • Compare your numbers against friends, the competition and professional players to see how you match up.
  • Transform your preparation, performance and recovery with expertise on training and nutrition from Premier League coaches.
  • Set up a team and invite your team members to monitor your team’s performance via the app.
  • Works with iPhone and Android devices

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Catapult Playr Training Tracker
Catapult Playr Training Tracker
Catapult Playr Training Tracker. Vest Size : Large Never Used.. Tried on once, disconnected from account. No longer attached to any account or person. Easy and simple connection with great customer support team to help with any issues...



PLAYR Smart Coach Soccer Tracker Vest
released on July 29, 2018


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With 1250 data points per second, PLAYR uses the latest GPS and sensor technology to track your soccer fitness and tactical positioning. PLAYR has been officially tested and approved by FIFA to meet the International Match Standard which means it is safe to be worn in matches. From casual 5-a-side, to competitive 11-a-side.

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The PLAYR SmartCoach system is the big brother to the PlayerTek soccer tracking GPS and smart vest. Both from Catapult Sports, the PLAYR SmartCoach tracker helps answer the question many serious soccer families are asking these days. How much soccer is too much?

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25 Reviews for PLAYR Smart Coach Soccer Tracker Vest

  1. Jonathan

    Great product , good to track your speed , power etc being able to improve on results is a key thing to me , small improvements leads to big improvements

  2. HWood

    I first used the C Catapult PLAYR in a friendly 7 aside game with footballers across different abilities so that I could compare myself against not only friends but people in higher leagues than myself. The accuracy of the readings were incredible! I was able to not only compare my stats against people around me but it compared my stats against the professional footballers that also use the football GPS vest. I now have signed for a high profiled local team in my area and through the heat map, stat readings and the comparison to professional football athletes, the vest has given me the drive to push harder and utilise the vest to become the best athlete that I can be. The vest helps me along every step of my journey and I didn’t know how much I actually needed one until I bought one!

  3. AA

    The Catapult PLAYR GPS vest is a must buy. This is a top tier product that is very comfortable and easy to use. The tracking of the stats helps you to see how you stack up against other competition. The battery life is really efficient and the product is very durable. Overall a great product!

  4. SDreview

    I have been playing soccer for over 30 years and no “tracker” on the market really had the athlete in mind – until now. When Catapult announced their PLAYR device I was very excited because as an amateur, I really wanted to get more information on the intensity of my workout. With PLAYR, the wearer is the sole analyst, and game metrics take on even greater importance. Right out of the box, the device is incredibly easy to set up – download the app, sync and set up your calendar of training sessions and games. The smooth, “pebble-like” pod slips into a pouch between the shoulder blades of an accompanying vest where the GPS device amazingly records up to 1,200 movements per second at an accuracy within about 3 feet. Once your session / game is over simply sync the device with the app, where it displays heat maps, sprint speeds and distance along with the essential metrics. Even though Catapults supplies similar devices to half of the EPL teams, PLAYR is clearly useful as a sports science educational tool for any serious amateur “footballer”.

  5. C Behan

    Great product. I saw this used by Sheldon Tweedie on his YouTube and it looked really impressive. Tells me how fast I go, my distance, a heat map, everything. Once I had the pairing sorted it worked like a charm. Works as a good motivator because you want to try and beat your stats every time.

  6. Ross Compton

    Absolutely love this product, couldn’t wait to use and wasn’t disappointed. It’s a great way to track my fitness progress on the pitch and highlight any weaknesses. The app and device is easy to use and don’t expect to encounter any issues.Well done Playr for developing this amazing product….

  7. Sebastian Morales

    This is the best thing that you can buy for improve your skills in football, I’m very happy and the delivery was fast!!!

  8. GC Vissers

    I had used something similar with our WNPL team, but was keen to get one myself as I’m going to a new club. Good way to track my trainings and matches. Does exactly what it promises. Box looks great!

  9. Clark J

    I had heard good things about this product prior to buying it so I have been excited to try it out. So far I am very happy with it. I feel like I get more out of my workouts now that I can see my stats. I would definitely recommend it.

  10. Nick

    After reading numerous articles on professional sports teams using data to assist coaches in training programmes to enhance elite athletes performance I was overwhelmed to discover PLAYR.PLAYR is a small and inexpensive way of bringing data driven decision making into my own sporting career (even if it is at an amateur level). The product itself is of a high build quality, small enough to fit in your pocket yet produces a WEALTH of information through its accompanying PLAYR app on iOS which is free to download!PLAYR analyses my movements on the pitch through GPS and also visualises speed and sprint analysis in an easily comprehendible way to help me improve my game combined with a comparison tool to show me how I compare with my team mates to add kudos and competition within my team to drive us further towards achieving greatness.Overall I am thoroughly impressed with this little bit of kit and I encourage any budding athlete to integrate PLAYR into their training regime to allow them to train smarter and not just harder.

  11. milan

    I tried this tracker at my local football club for a month and that month made me realise I had to buy it for myself. The Smartcoach and the stats make you feel like a real professional footballer and pushes you to want to become that, as well as helping you achieve that my showing you where to improve.I love it, and can’t wait to us my own.

  12. Ashley Bertrand

    So my friend has been wearing the Playr vest for a few months now, and every time I see him and it, we talk about it, so I thought I’d purchase one to try out. I play decent level of football but I’ve never been able to track my statistics the way professionals do. With this I get to see a proper heat map, all my stats: distance, speed, power and sprints, it helps me between training recover with the Smart Coach it has installed, and really i feel when I wear it, I push myself harder to compete with my previous sessions. Great product.

  13. Mike P.

    Bought this for my son to track his training and game performance. It provides great data that he uses to improve on the field. The best part is information is really motivating him to change how he plays. One example is overall distance vs. sprint distance. He found he was covering a lot of ground each game but wasn’t making many explosive acceleration type movements. Now he tries to make quicker runs into space all due to being able to see the data after a game. The app is a piece of cake to use as well. I highly recommend this for any competitive player. You are already doing the work 4+ days a week and now you can use the information to help your game. Would buy this again in a heartbeat.

  14. dong kyum yeon

    It works perfect.

  15. G. Sagrati

    The device works great but the phone app need some work. First of all is nearly impossible to find the app either in the Apple’s App Store as in Google’s. I even scoured their website hoping there would be a link to the app, there, but I found nothing. That should be a no-brainer, IMHO.What made things even worse is the fact that the Android version isn’t compatible with my phone although the phone is not even a year old and runs the latest version of the OS.We ended up installing the app on my son’s iPhone. The app is to the point. It is really good at giving the top stats of a game or practice session but I haven’t found a way to see all historic data in one view to see if I’m making progresses.

  16. Robin Segal-Gonzalez

    I bought this item for my son who plays soccer. It worked well, initially capturing all the training sessions and games. After about a week or two it sporadically stopped recording sessions and wouldn’t sync. I found it highly unreliable. The customer service was non-existent and unresponsive to emails and calls. There’s absolutely no information on the website to troubleshoot and no blogs for self help. I would not have purchased the item if I knew it was so unreliable and that customer support was unresponsive.

  17. Jenny

    Es verändert das Trainingserlebnis total. So kann ich fortan immer meine Daten messen und hoffe mich immer weiter zu verbessern. Hilft den technisch nicht so starken Spielern ihre Defizite durch ein top Fitness Level auszugleichen. Kann es nur empfehlen.

  18. Kerry

    War alles super. Sehr schneller Versand!Das Produkt hat mein Training wirklich verbessert, tolle Analysen und super Grafiken.Die App ist einfach zu bedienen und es hat sich alles super einfach Verbinden lassen.Kann ich wirklich nur empfehlen für alle die ihr Training optimieren möchten!Vielen Dank !!!

  19. Catherine Brewster

    I bought this vest for my son who plays competitive travel and high school soccer. After 4 games, we compared the stats and discussed his favorite parts about this equipment. His favorite option on this vest is the heat map, that gives him his “hot spots” on the field, (and compares it to a professional player). He says it’s light weight, easy to put on and take off and the quality of the product is professional. The pod charges quickly and the battery lasts well over the 80 minute games. Connecting to your phone is quick and easy. It would be nice if the app could convert the Imperial units (used to measure distance and speed) to other stand units of measurement. (It will convert the speed to miles per hour.) Overall, we would recommend this product because he says “it’s a must have, once you’ve used it.” He enjoys looking through the final stats and comparing each game.

  20. Stelios Demetriou

    Great equipment to keep track off your sessions

  21. Holger

    Habe die Weste geschenkt bekommen und war zunächst noch skeptisch, da ich mich eher zum Fußball der alten Schule zähle. Ich muss allerdings zugeben, dass mich die Funktionen der Weste absolut überzeugen! Eine präzise Datenauswertung berechnet auf dem bespielten Platz – ich bin begeistert! Auch die App ist sehr einfach zu bedienen.Meine Meinung, dass es sich um spielerischen Schnick-Schnack handele, habe ich schnell revidiert. Demnach durchaus auch für ältere Hobby-Kicker, wie ich es bin, zu empfehlen!

  22. Howard Collins

    easy to use, comfortable to wear and really helpful with training and performance

  23. TJ

    Brilliant – has really helped our son to understand his own performance and where he can improve. He loves it!

  24. justinj-

    Product was received quickly on time from Catapult, and i wore it for a training session the first time, and it was extremely flexible and comfortable. I barely even recognized it was there while playing. It’s also extremely accurate in terms of the data it provides. I love the feature where it compares you to pro players, or other people near you, since it shows how I compare, and what i specifically need to work on. And after I do improve in a certain area such as how far ive run, or my power plays, it limits me from overworking myself and gives me a little break to recover. If you have the money to spend, it is 100% worth it.

  25. Steve Stephens

    I bought my first playr Feb 21 2019 .. my year review is……… I have 174 sessions, 102 training sessions and 76 games on it. today is 2/20/20. It is a game changer if your into that … its keeps track of everything.. my child is soccer player , I can see what time of year he is conditioned well and what time of year he is slacking off , I can see when he has a bad day ,verses a good day . Its a great product . But you must learn it . once you learn the heat maps power , sprint , etc. and you can calculate it session by session its a breeze , my favorite part of it is kinda silly but that’s me , I like the Mapped image of wherever he is at a tourney , it will show everywhere he walks to runs to etc . kinda like dad I wasn’t over by the food court , yes you were I see it right there.. Busted OKCons……. been a year and im on here Buying my next one , But that’s technology a year and then some syncing problems that ok with me.. 200 bucks it cost less then a dollar aday . Over all Great Product But you have to have your heart in it and don’t miss sessions Im ordering again

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