Moov HR Burn

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Moov HR Burn Heart Rate Monitor and Audio Coach Chest Strap

Moov HR Burn takes the standard chest strap and advances it with new suction technology to keep it in place and worry-free while you concentrate maximizing your results. While the Moov HR Burn is compatible with most fitness apps, connecting to the powerful Moov App, you will get access to the only A.I. Coach that guides you through high intensity interval training based on your heart. Start training today and get the value your body deserves.

  • Moov HR Burn: Workout in the optimal zones, see calorie burn, overcome plateaus and crush your goals with first ever heart rate based coaching.
  • HIIT: New High Intensity Interval Training
  • Accuracy: New suction technology keeps the sensor in place while you stay focused
  • Connect your way: Smartphones, tablets, 3rd party Apps as well as many GPS watches
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Chest Strap

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MOOV HR Burn Smart Coach + HR Tracking Sports Strap
MOOV HR Burn Smart Coach + HR Tracking Sports Strap



ColorAqua Blue
Compatible DevicesMost smart phones, including iPhone and Android phone
Item Dimensions LxWxH1.1 x 8.9 x 0.6 inches
Battery Life6 Hours
Sensor TypeWearable
Moov HR Burn
released on March 20, 2017


Moov HR™ Collection – MOOV

On Sale Moov HR Burn | Heart Rate Based Coach $59.95 USD $39.95 USD On Sale Moov HR Sweat | Heart Rate Based Coach | Limited Edition $99.95 USD $49.99 USD Main menu

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Thinking about buying Moov HR Burn | Heart Rate Based Coach? Read our latest review of the product by Sayyed M. Sayyed M.: Overall it's a great experience..I am using both Moov now and Moov HR in conjunction and believe it's helping me out in meeting my goals.

How do I connect Moov HR Burn™ to my mobile device?

Moov HR Burn™ connects via Bluetooth directly within the Moov Coach app. It does not connect via the Bluetooth settings of the phone. To connect the Moov HR Burn™ directly to the Moov Coach app, please follow these steps: 1. Attach the Moov Core to the strap. Make sure that Moov Core is positioned correctly when snapped into the chest strap.


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8 Reviews for Moov HR Burn

  1. David E. Lawrence

    I really love using this to create interval running routines. My only complaint is that it sometimes has a tough time maintaining a connection with the phone. I can always solve this by rebooting my phone, but if this could be fixed the product would be perfect!

  2. Neil Q.

    This HR monitor combined with the phone app will take your cardio to the next level. Very impressed with the tech. I have been using it for only a short time and already noticing improvements to both my stamina and my physique.

  3. Jay

    So I bought the Official Moov program about 9 months ago to help train for my Air Force PT test. I never really trained using a Heart Rate monitor Changing my trading and going KETO has been a game changer. I have lost 30lbs and five inches in my waist I modified some of the Moov programs to meet my strength training need But wow this has been fun Thank you Moov

  4. Lauren M.

    Initially, it worked great. However, after 9 months, it started disconnecting while I was working out… Which was really annoying because the Moov robot voice kept saying “Heartrate lost” then Heartrate found” interrupting my podcast or music constantly. Also, it would shoot my heart rate up to 240 and then drop it down to 50bpm? I emailed customer service, they made me jump through a bunch of hoops by updating the app, Bluetooth testing it by downloading another app, and then submitting my feedback through the app rather than by email to prove that it’s broken rather than a user end issue. Finally, Moov sent me a replacement after about 20 emails back and forth. But they DID replace it so that’s cool. Thanks Moov, for standing behind your products, I will continue to recommend this and the wristband I also wear daily.

  5. Jason G.

    Don’t buy this. It won’t connect to the app and their support team was useless at first, sending me to a link that doesn’t help instead of addressing my concern, and now I’m being ignored.All my moov products are being returned.

  6. krickarby

    I found this HR monitor after increasing frustrations with my fitbit alta HR. The fitbit would stop recording during HIIT or when sweating – defeating the point of wearing it to track my HR during workouts. The Moov HR work WAY better. The two images show the tracking for the same HIIT workout. I took my HR manually a few times to verify and the Moov HR was always more accurate. I haven’t tried any of the workouts yet but I already feel like I am getting my moneys worth on this one.

  7. J. R.

    I had hoped that this thing would start working for me with heart rate monitor. Lots of color metaphors later, in box ready for return shipping. I hated this thing. It sucks.

  8. Marina U Valencia

    It came in may 2019 it’s only September 2019 and it stops working !!!!I couldn’t find a phone of customer service!

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