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Moov HR Sweat Swim Tracker and Audio Coach

Get the most out of your workouts with accurate heart rate measurements. Moov discovered the best combination of technology and placement on the forehead for detecting the most precise pulse reading in the form of Moov HR Sweat. Moov HR Sweat uses heart rate detected to get users in their target heart rate zone and then pushes through actual audio coaching with HIIT workouts for optimal results. Moov HR was benchmarked for accuracy at a professional sports testing facility with results rivaling medical EKG equipment.

  • Workout in the optimal zones, see calorie burn, Beat plateaus and crush your goals.
  • First ever real-time heart rate based coaching.
  • Unique Sweatproof Pulsevision technology for unparalleled accuracy.
  • New high-intensity interval training [hiit]
  • Waterproof, swim tracker

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Moov Hr Sweat Heart-rate Workout Coach Sweat Band black Open package
Moov Hr Sweat Heart-rate Workout Coach Sweat Band black Open package



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FeaturesHeart Rate Tracker
ActivityCrossfit, Fitness, Gym & Training, Pilates, Running & Jogging, Walking, Yoga
Moov HR Sweat
released on April 15, 2017


Moov HR Sweat™ | Moov HR Swim™ - Moov™ Fitness Coach

Moov HR Sweat™ is a heart-rate powered sweatband made by athletes for athletes. It is sweat-absorbing, breathable, and quick-drying. Moov HR Burn™ takes the standard chest strap and advances it with new suction technology to keep it in place and worry-free while you work out.

Moov HR Sweat | Fitness Coach, Guided Exercise & HIIT ...

Moov HR Sweat™: Workout in the optimal zones, see calorie burn, beat plateaus and crush your goals. • First ever real-time heart rate based coaching. • Unique Sweatproof Pulsevision™ technology for unparalleled accuracy. • New High-Intensity Interval Training [HIIT]

What activities can I use Moov HR Sweat™ for? – Moov Support

Except to Start and Stop Workout, Moov HR Sweat™ doesn't require a mobile device with the Moov Coach app to be near during use. Moov HR Sweat™ core has the capacity to record up to 2 hours of heart rate data. Moov HR Sweat™ can be used for a wide variety of activities including but not limited to:


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3 Reviews for Moov HR Sweat

  1. Felix Wong

    I have to admit, at first when I received the device I didn’t fall in love with. The instructions, while clear, are a a bit inaccurate. For example, for mounting the sensor to the headband, it neglects to tell you to loop the connecting loop over the sensor after you have slid it through the slit in the housing dock. This is a VERY important step to prevent the sensor from falling out from the headband!Also, I was a bit confused about how to tap the device to activate it, particularly because there is no tactile feedback that, say, a physical button or haptic feedback motor provides. It turns out that you literally just tap it for a split second and the sensor detects a jarring motion. Do not try to press or hold down the front of the sensor like I initially did to get it working.But other than the above one-time quibbles, I really like the device now. This is why:- The heart rate monitoring is MUCH more accurate than any wrist-mounted fitness band I have worn, including both generations of the Microsoft Band and my current Garmin Forerunner 35. Not only do the numbers seem more accurate, but the device registers changes in HR much quicker. Perhaps it is easier to read HR from your temple than your wrist. The Moov HR Sweat also seems more accurate, or at least reliable, than the HR chest straps of yore, while being more comfortable. (The chest straps would either constrict my breathing or slide down my torso when I’d run.)- The coaching is awesome. It is much easier to do and keep track of intervals with the Moov app than to use a stop watch + Garmin like I used to. It also provides motivation like a human trainer barking orders would, but is more acutely aware of your instantaneous state due to real-time monitoring of your HR. You need to wear your phone for this feature, but that is something you should be doing anyhow during a run outdoors for safety reasons and emergencies.- It’s a super good value, only eighty-something bucks. Most fitness devices at this price are essentially toys, whereas this is a precision training tool that provides useful, helpful, and actionable information. It is even waterproof! (I have yet to try it in the pool, but from what I understand, it works well being worn underneath a swim cap.) I’d even consider it a convenient, inexpensive substitute for a personal trainer, since its app has so many coaching programs (running, cycling, swimming, cardio boxing, run and walking, and circuit training).In contrast to other fitness trackers (like my Garmin Forerunner 35) that are mostly only good for keeping track of your workouts, I feel like the Moov HR Sweat is an indispensible tool for improving the quality of your training through real-time coaching. I am looking forward to seeing how my speed and strength improve as I use the Moov HR regularly throughout the year.

  2. Turner Kirk

    I’ve really enjoyed using the Moov HR Sweat. I originally just thought it would be fun to get more data during my workouts, but this small device does so much more than just provide data. I primarily use it for tracking my heart rate while running. This has enabled me to visualize my performance during workouts in a new way, and provides a more wholistic view of my cardiovascular health/gains over time. The result of this is that I’m getting a better grasp on the connection between how I feel during/after a workout, and what my hear rate was actually doing to create that feeling. This has become very important to my progress towards becoming a master of my own body, but didn’t even know I wanted or needed to learn about this until using the HR Sweat.And that’s just scratching the surface. That just describes the benefits of using the Open HR Monitoring in the Moov Coach app. Beyond that, there are also a number of running workout routines (among other workouts like bodyweight, cycling, etc) where the app tells me when to modify my pace based on my heart rate so that I am always in the optimal heart rate “zone” for different portions of the workout. If I go above or below that target zone for a particular segment, the app will correct me by telling me to increase or decrease heart rate, which allows me to be more efficient. Again, this is really useful for gaining an understanding of how I feel in terms of how I feel while using energy and connecting that with what my body is physically doing. It’s hard to explain but it’s a really cool way to learn about my body/mind connection.Lastly, the HR Sweat is pretty low profile. I hardly even realize it’s on my head, and when my hair gets a little long, it actually functions as a headband to keep my hair out of my face. (Personally I don’t like sweaty hair smacking me in the face).The only negative thing I have to say is, sometimes it requires an adjustment or two (moving it around on my head and testing its ability to read my heart rate) for it to get a solid reading, but once it has a strong reading it works well. And this process only takes a minute or two so not really a huge deal.

  3. Rebecca M

    This device works really well as a hear rate monitor, it is comfortable against the head and monitors heart rate quickly. However, it is literally designed for you to lose it. The monitor is the size of a quarter and is all black which is very hard to see/find. The rubber device holder does not stay secured in the headband and is only held in by the tension of the band. This works decent while running, but the second that you take the band off it will slip out. It slipped out once while running and twice going to and from a run. The device was lost for good the third time that I lost it because i didn’t notice that I lost it as soon as it dropped. the all black color makes it nearly impossible to find unless you know exactly where it dropped.

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